iFanboy Upstarts: Mitch “King of Everything” Gerads

the_activity_memorial_day_tribute_by_mitchgerads-d66roctSome people will do anything to break into comics. Some break in by working as assistants to others, some by becoming editors, and some even by working in the mailroom (just ask Chris Claremont!) But this week’s iFanboy Upstart did it by taking a new route: coloring.

Mitch Gerads didn’t plan to start comics by coloring. After working on his self-published series Johnny Recon with writer Scott Dillon in 2009, Gerads got his first paid work doing colors on the Boom!/Stan Lee title Starborn over artist Khary Randolph. While working away on that, Gerads partnered up with the enterprising artist blogging group ComicTWART and found his linework on the virtual desks of comic editors across the world. After doing a couple covers for Boom!/Lee’s other title Soldier Zero, Gerads branched out to Doctor Who over at IDW and even a series of unique gigs for Adult Swim and the cereal company Malt-o-Meal. While those latter two projects didn’t get much traction, all of these brought him to the attention of fellow up-and-coming comics creator Nathan Edmondson.

Touching upon their shared love of special forces and espionage, Edmondson and Gerads created the spec ops Image series The Activity. The series, which is well into its second year, proved to be a coming out party for Gerads and has seen him hone his work by leaps and bounds over each issue. In addition to The Activity, Gerads has snuck in time to work on Jim Henson’s The Storyteller anthology as well as a short for Bandette and some great commission work that has popped up online.

Here is a sample of Gerads’s most recent pages from The Activity, as well as other odds and ends from the course of his career — including that cereal work.


the_activity_14_preview_2_and_3_by_mitchgerads-d6gsrjc the_activity_14_preview_4_by_mitchgerads-d6gsrw6 the_activity_14_preview_5_by_mitchgerads-d6gss6n the_activity_14_preview_6_by_mitchgerads-d6gssdm the_activity_16_wraparound_cover_by_mitchgerads-d5vv4wi winter_soldier_eccc_2013_by_mitchgerads-d5wdunr wwii_captain_america_by_mitchgerads-d68vdq3 stan_lee__s_starborn_1_variant_by_popgunpulp-d33dq9a soldier_zero_7_cvr_by_popgunpulp-d36a6lw popeye_in_color_by_popgunpulp-d2zbuu5 plastic_man_comictwart_by_popgunpulp-d3afx1b TINTIN_ComicTWART_Final_by_PopGunPulp planet_of_the_apes_vs_the_terminator_eccc_2013_by_mitchgerads-d5wap9i planet_of_the_apes_10_cover_b_by_popgunpulp-d4ez8c6orphans_3_variant_cover_by_mitchgerads-d5y3u7v  orphans_2_variant_cover_by_mitchgerads-d5y3ttv NICK_FURY_Sixties_TWART_by_PopGunPulp Jango_Fett-HEROEScon2013_commission malt_o_man_by_popgunpulp-d3bl66r MG-Fables_illo-3 monsters_and_dames_eccc_2013_by_mitchgerads-d5rphr8 doctor_who_comictwart_by_popgunpulp-d2yg1xj doctor_who_annual_pg_02_color_by_popgunpulp-d4941wc doctor_who_annual_pg_01_colors_by_popgunpulp-d4941qe  doctor_who_2012_special_preview_2_by_mitchgerads-d5eeqgn doctor_who_2012_special_preview_1_by_mitchgerads-d5eeqc0 captain_marvel_twart_by_popgunpulp-d2y9san captain_america_commission_by_mitchgerads-d6f3rb5 ca__the_fighting_avenger_color_by_popgunpulp-d3fgbwi  bandette__urchin_stories_page_1_by_mitchgerads-d6fl9xi

bandette__urchin_stories_page_2_by_mitchgerads-d6flbck agent_venom_by_mitchgerads-d677vnk Asterix_Vs__Thor_by_PopGunPulp



  1. Wow! Love those images. It’s great to see him drawing something other than The Activity, as much as I enjoy that book.

  2. Mitch is fantastic. I saw his original art at Fables Con, and as awesome as The Activity pages are in print, the original art is just mind-blowing.

    • I was at Fables Con as well and got to see that art, simply beautiful. I got the first two trades of the Activity at that con and just love that it’s just a strait forward modern military comic. Great stuff, and you know this guy will have a long career in comics.

  3. This is impressive stuff! His ComicTwart stuff was always among my favorites. I really miss that website.

  4. He’s great. Him & Edmonson are great on activity.

  5. I would love to see Gerads on Brian Wood’s The Massive!

  6. He can pull off SAGA if ever Fiona Staples quits. Hope not though.

  7. Can anyone tell me what comic the drawing of Cap tying his boot is from? I’m hoping it’s an actual story.

  8. That Venom piece is fucking cherry. Also can someone please tell me that Matadori is something I can buy from somewhere.