THE ACTIVITY is a Go for Memorial Day

Yes, I know it’s a day late, but things were busy yesterday. Still, I liked this and I like Mitch Gerads and Nathan Edmondson too much not to share this piece of art they sent around.

I know it’s ostensibly an ad for a book, but at the same time, I think it’s very hard to read about, study, and write about service men and women with any regularity without coming to respect them enormously. The very best of military fiction is chock full of things that are real, and standing behind the stories we love best are the stories of real people, brave soldiers, and folks who make a lot of sacrifice for a lot of people they don’t know.

I hope you had a good holiday, Americans.


  1. i’m glad they put that tribute together. With all the BBQ’s, ball games and holiday sales, its easy to forget what its all about.

  2. Thanks, Josh, I hadn’t seen this. Much like Joe Kubert’s work, the respect for soldiers comes through every page of The Activity.

  3. They are the reason for the holiday, a deserving tribute.

  4. I have saved this picture to my work PC background. Would love to have a copy of it to hang up in my office.

    Thanks “Activity” folks for your efforts to support our troops.