iFanboy Upstarts: Kim Jacinto

deadpool_by_kimjacinto-d58ibxyEvery week iFanboy Upstarts picks out young artists making their first stabs at a career in comics. Some have been working their way up the ladder for a couple years, while others just made their debut. But this week’s Upstart is someone who hasn’t even debuted in comics yet.

Pinoy artist Kim Jacinto will make his comics debut tomorrow, July 3rd, when Marvel releases Venom #37. Written by Cullen Bunn, this new arc sees Flash Thompson — aka Venom — setting up shop as Philadelphia’s resident superhero and quickly coming at odds Philly’s criminal underworld. And oh yeah, a new symbiote named Mania!

Jacinto got this plush first gig after being recruited by Marvel’s talent scout C.B. Cebulski during his visit to the Philippines in March 2012 for the “Be The Next Comic Marvel” Contest at the country’s National Book Store. Jacinto was amongst 34 artists Cebulski reviewed out of a pool of over 200 aspiring Marvel creators, and his skills were put to the test illustrating a test script for Ghost Rider. And it looks like Jacinto wowed the right people, as he was quickly ushered into drawing tomorrow’s Venom #37 along with the next two issues.

In an interview with CBR, series writer Cullen Bunn describes Jacinto’s work as “wonderful grittiness,” especially when dealing with the “nuttier” aspects of the arc. That’s an apt description, as Jacinto’s work has that tight composure with rough sketchy line-work similar to previous Venom artist Declan Shalvey.

Below is a variety of Jacinto’s artwork, starting with a four page preview of Venom #37 and then going into various sketches, commissions, and test pages for other comics he’s done in the past. Those weapon and Pokemon-style monsters are a bit out of left field, but I love their creativity and cartoonish-ness.

Venom #37 1Venom #37 2 Venom #37 3 Venom #37 4 weapon_stash_by_kimjacinto-d5tcg32 zapgator_by_kimjacinto-d5tc8am frostbolt_by_kimjacinto-d5tvzvc spidey_searching_by_kimjacinto-d5655od the_golden_one__black_panther_by_kimjacinto-d4wglqk spitter_bug_by_kimjacinto-d5smdz3 sharphead_by_kimjacinto-d5ttusp tiger_by_kimjacinto-d4whsi5 punisher_page_by_kimjacinto-d561i8e punisher_jumps_by_kimjacinto-d5ccdoh razor_commission_by_kimjacinto-d4wkl84 quick_kevin_durant_by_kimjacinto-d5rgrd2 juggy_by_kimjacinto-d4io80j im_back__by_kimjacinto-d5iogar larva_commission_by_kimjacinto-d4wk67p logan_by_kimjacinto-d58npk2 mech_zangief__by_kimjacinto-d5dw1el mustang_makeover_by_kimjacinto-d4j8n9x gambit_colored_by_kimjacinto-d55dxgs ghost_ridah___by_kimjacinto-d5a3y2w ghost_rider_sample_page_by_kimjacinto-d5aj5rj page1_kung_fu_panda_by_kimjacinto-d3apsbo wolvie_by_kimjacinto-d5tzqrx tiger__by_kimjacinto-d4mrdxi thorsday_by_kimjacinto-d56s491 punisher_for_christmas_by_kimjacinto-d4inrro my_first_2013_artwork_by_kimjacinto-d5q9s2r commission_by_kimjacinto-d4optrr commission____________by_kimjacinto-d4p5dpi colored_by_kimjacinto-d5waoi5 bp3_by_kimjacinto-d4qg30o batman_habagat_by_kimjacinto-d5ap91h banshee_by_kimjacinto-d5vswfr colored_version_by_kimjacinto-d554st7


  1. Pretty cool. I definitely prefer the rough stuff to the more graphic computer work.

    I see a little bit of Sean Murphy with a dash of Jock influence as well.

  2. Yeah I’m seeing some Sean Gordon Murphy and some Matteo Scalera influences in there, two artists that are must-see in my opinion, so I cant wait to dig into Jacinto’s stuff.

  3. Kinda reminds me of Metal Gear Solid concept artist, which is pretty high praise. This is some great stuff. Very kinetic.

  4. Get this guy on a Punisher title, STAT!!!

  5. The more CG stuff you posted look really rough. Not sure he should keep going with that.

    But the sketches and pages for Venom showcase some pretty cool images. Not perfect, but he’s off to the right direction and hopefully he keeps getting work.

  6. Very nice. Another reason to be excited about getting Venom tomorrow.

  7. Wow