iFanboy Upstarts: George Kambadais

430206_486986564662199_1170500506_nRemember when comics were fun? I’m not talking nostalgia, I’m talking actual giggle-to-yourself-and-then-share-with-a-friend fun. This week’s iFanboy Upstart George Kambadais  looks to be chock full of fun, and he’s pining for a chance to share it with others.

Kambadais is a Greek artist who grew up watching Disney movies and reading comics. In 2009 he got his comic start doing anthology work for his home country’s Comicdom Press, in addition to doing a short-lived webcomic called Black Days. In 2011 he began sharing his work with people outside of Greece with the internet, chalking up some acclaim with his fan-art and original work posted on places like Project: Rooftop. He’s done a series of super-hero fan comics, ranging from a snow-centric X-Men short and also one celebrating Spider-Man’s birthday. That online acclaim turned into his first major work in early 2013, drawing the graphic novel Champions of the Wild Weird West for Arcana. Although he’s shown himself an expert in both drawing and coloring, in 2013 Kambadais is focusing on refining his linework with his new webcomic, The Double Life of Miranda Turner.

Kambadais’ work reminds me of a very early Tomm Coker, with some of the raw cartooning skills of Jeff Smith. Although he may not be drawing Marvel or DC’s event books anytime soon, Kambadais seems a shoe-in to do superhero work if that’s truly what he wants. Look over his various samples we’ve accumulated below, and let us know where you think Kambadais would fit in well.

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  1. Holy crap. Give him something, Marvel! Mockingbird would be great, or an all-ages Spidey book.

  2. I’m not a huge fan of the cartoony art style for the most part, Micheal Oeming being one exception. This guy has something to his work though. His pin-ups, especially the FF one and the singer are very cool.

  3. Cool stuff, that X-Men and Churches ones are really nice. Hope he keeps on refining his style.

  4. ChrisRobinson (@chrisrobinson) says:

    The colors in that first story are pretty rad, too.

  5. This is a really nice, cartoony style I don’t think I’ve seen before. It seems original cause I can’t see any influence in his art. Would love to see him in an ‘All Ages’ book for Marvel (or DC if he wants too).

  6. I love his style but I think he needs to take more risks during his action sequences, they leave a little something to be desired IMO. Would love to see him on an all ages book that we would all cry for and only some of us would buy.