iFanboy Upstarts: Juan Gedeon

The World English Dictionary defines “upstart” as “a person who has risen suddenly from a humble position to wealth, power, or a position of consequence.” When it comes to the iFanboy Upstarts, we see it as artists who are rising from a humble position and have the talent to break through to a high level of popularity and skill in comics. And this week’s iFanboy Upstart has a long way to do.

Argentenian artist Juan Gedeon (real name: Juan Pablo Cuello Villanueva) has completed a variety of comics over the years since he graduated in 2005, but he’s yet to get a single one published. These comics he’s done with various comic writers as pitches for full blown series, but one one reason or another has never found traction with a publisher. Gedeon points to Chris Bachalo and Leinil Yu, Mike Mignola and Sean Murphy as prized influences, and in his work I see all those coming into play as well as others like Stephen Platt, Trent Kaniuga and a bit of Andy Clarke and Tomm Coker. To make a living, Gedeon works as a storyboard artist and illustrator for animated films and video games. The artist is currently living and working in Mexico for Riviera Maya Studios, but I can see him still chomping at the bit to get his chance in comics.

In my opinion, Gedeon’s still rough around the edges but no more so than his inspirations Bachalo or Yu were when they were breaking in. What helped them was on-the-job training, that is getting lower tier work that helped them find what they were lacking and find themselves in doing alot of comics. As he is now, I could see him being roped into do a creator-owned book at Image or perhaps even some licensed work for Dynamite or IDW. Look over Gedeon’s work and tell us where you think he should ply his skills for comics, and even what he should work on to become a well-rounded comics creator.



  1. Wow! There is some cool stuff in there…Love the three-panel Dredd and the Hellboy sketch looks amazing! Also, his composition within the panel sequences are nice.

  2. Its like somebody mixed Scottie Young, Chris Bachalo, and Lenil Yu into one

  3. Excellent stuff! My favorite is the Hellboy…….

  4. Can you say PERFECT LOBO ARTIST MUCH!!!

    I see quite a bit of Bisley in there =D

  5. It feels like he’s channeling a bit of Simon Bisley and I’m completely okay with that. Good stuffs.

  6. It’s like Skottie Young meets Sean Murphy!

    His art is a bit rough but that Hellboy page shows how he different he could be from the others.

  7. This style is not to my tastes, but MY GOD! that hellboy with the staff…So loving that! I can certainly apreciate his ability to convey frantic motion as well…it comes across really well.

  8. Hey guys, first of all, thanks for the lovely article and the comments:) I’m quite amazed by this. Love the Tomm Coker and BIZ references, I love those guys!

    I’d like to add some stuff to the article: my first official work was for Bluewater comics: Vincent Price presents (I named the pages as Western Carbohydratus), but I never got paid for it, nor received a copy of the issue. You can check out a journal about that here: http://juantomajok.deviantart.com/journal/?offset=1#/d3pv3rr

    And thank God, things started to happen:

    I’m working on a full issue of “Loaded Peacemakers” with Luke Flaherty. It’s a Watchmen+Umbrella Academy thing, fun stuff to draw. Also, I’ve just finished a comic for Darkhorse that’s coming out in march 2013. I handled inks, with my brother Nicolas Daniel Selma (http://www.nicoselma.blogspot.mx/) doing pencils. Can’t say much, but it’s a very famous videogame franchise. We’re very happy with the result:) And the animated movie is coming out in about 2 years. It’s looking good! It’s a Disney’s Tarzan+Ice Age+Nickelodeon’s Avatar-thing in the Mayan world.

    Thank you Chris for the article, and all of you guys for the comments, again!