iFanboy Upstarts: Ming Doyle

Have you ever had a comic book artist sneak up on you? I’m not talking about them sneaking into your room or surprising you at a convention (although that might happen too!), I’m talking about an artist popping up in the most unexpected of places. They’re surprising for being there, but also surprising for just how perfect they are for it. For me, artist Ming Doyle fits into that like a hand in glove. And that’s why she’s this week’s iFanboy Upstart.

Boston-based cartoonist Ming Doyle first came to my attention in 2007 when she began submitting to the superhero fashion site Project: Rooftop, which I run with Dean Trippe. From her first submission of Robin to her award-winning redesigns of Iron Man, Superman and others, she grew from an artist with a lot of potential to an artist delivering time-in and time-out. 2007 was also the year she graduated from the prestigious Cornell University, and a year later she began her climb into comics with short stories in three anthologies: Tori Amos’ Comic Book Tattoo, Popgun Vol. 2 and Zombie Tales #8. 2009 saw Doyle do more anthology work with Outlaw Territory Vol. 1, then doing a segment of Boom! Studios’ adaptation of the movie Jennifer’s Body. In 2010 this Boston-ite got her first major break when she was asked to illustrate a story for Marvel’s Girl Comics #1, and while it took two years to follow up on that chance she did so with aplomb when in 2012 she was tapped to illustrate part of Jonathan Hickman’s epic Fantastic Four #600 in January 2012. In the time since, Doyle has contributed a story to two more anthologies, this time writing and drawing for DC’s Mystery In Space #1 and IDW’s Womanthology: Space #1. In the final Wednesday of 2012 Doyle will be up for her biggest challenge yet as she does her first full-length comic book when the Image miniseries Mara launches with writer Brian Wood. This future-set sports book is an interesting book for Doyle and the potency possible with a collaboration with Brian Wood looks to be serving the artist up a soft ball for a potential home run.

Although a majority of Doyle’s published comics work is unavailable online, we’ve assembled a menagerie of items from interior pages to convention sketches, covers and miscellaneous works. Take a firm look at what Doyle can do, she’s a name to keep your eye on!




  1. Ming Doyle is super talented and definately a rising star. Here is a comission she did for me of Mara in NYCC this sure. It RULES!!


  2. Ming did an awesome piece in my Charlie Chaplin sketchbook at the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo a few weeks ago. Love the look of her work, she’s definitely an artist whose sequential stuff I’ll start picking up when I see it.

  3. Here it is from her instagram page (I favorited the heck out of this tweet). I need to post all of my Chaplin sketches some day, I’ve got some really nice ones.