iFanboy Upstarts: Agnes Garbowska

garbowska_doc_who_by_agnesgarbowska-d5u8vkcPulsing biceps. Gritted teeth. Bloody blades. There’s more to comics than its most angst-y and bloodthirsty aspects. Fans found that out when Skottie Young made his star turn with his work on the Marvel Oz books and his recent tour de force of covers. Proving there’s a place for all-ages illustration in superhero comics, another artist is entering that fray: Agnes Garbowska.

Agnes Garbowska is a frequent face at comic conventions across North America, as well as online with a number of webcomics over the years like Imagination Station, Waking Up Abbey and You, Me and Zombie. Garbowska also illustrated a series of children’s books called Yogurt the Ogre that is worth tracking down if you have kids. The Poland-born artist has been chipping away at the superhero mainstream with shorts in Marvel’s Girl Comics and Spider-Man 25th Anniversary Special, but she’s currently working on a project that could give her the popularity those never did. Garbowska is currently working on a new comic strip titled Peach and the Isle of Monsters with Teen Titans’ Franco as part of the “Aw Year Comics!” project Franco and Art Balthazar kickstartered earlier this year.

Agnes’ work has the short-statured cuteness the evokes the Japanese “Super Deformed” style, but the Canadian-based artist has made it her own with a playful and intense awareness of the quirks of American superhero fiction. Like the aforementioned Skottie Young, she may not be drawing the next Marvel or DC event book but when the right publisher finds the right project to use her talents, she could be a real player in comics.


Spider_Ham_Colour_Pg_1_Ver2_Small Spider_Ham_Colour_Pg_2_Small Spider_Ham_Colour_Pg_3_Ver2_Small Spider_Ham_Colour_Pg_4_Small tumblr_mh1p0iN06u1qd8fqbo1_1280 tumblr_mismc2BifH1qd8fqbo1_1280 walking_dead_cover_by_agnesgarbowska-d5n9m68  Rocketeer

Garbowska_JLA_Hero_Cover Garbowska_WolverineCover_1 Garbowska_WolverineCover_2 CMYK_Print_2012_1 Garbowska_SwimSuit Garbowska_Aspen  Edie_Agnes F_V_Colours_Pg_1_Small2 F_V_Colours_Pg_2_Small F_V_Colours_Pg_3_Ver3 F_V_Colours_Pg_4_Small_Ver2 F_V_Colours_Pg_5_Small_Ver2 F_V_Colours_Pg_6_Small F_V_Colours_Pg_7_Small AgnesFinal Blackest_Night_by_Evilwabbit



  1. Agnes is great, I’ve picked up a few commissions from her at Fanexpo and Montreal Con over the years

  2. She is really professional and great to work with. I commissioned some stuff from her too. Sent the reference pics to her email and had some really cute watercolor pieces in a few hours.

    Images here if you can see them:
    My son and my dog (Batdog and Ethan)

    An extra Cat-ptain America

  3. Love how Green Lantern is making a surfboard for Aquaman in the Justice League painting!

    Also: Doop!

  4. I love Agnes. I got an awesome Captain Marvel & Spider-Woman commission from her last year at FanExpo.

  5. I would totally buy a Man-Thing book if Marvel hired her to draw one, so adorable.

  6. Agnes did a sweet sketch for me of Molly from Runaways.

  7. Really cute stuff! Love to see an ‘All-Ages’ book by her if she gets a shot.

    Or I see a ‘Strange Tales’ type of anthology work for her if Marvel/DC does one again.

  8. Agnes is great… wonderful at conventions and appearances, and her art is wonderful. She did a Superman for me on my Justice League jam piece last year at FanExpo

  9. She’s so awesome, my gf and I love her work plus she’s with Francis Manapul so they are one of the coolest couple in the industry.