iFanboy Members T-Shirt! The First Limited Edition iFanboy T-Shirt!

The wait is finally over! We’ve been talking about the iFanboy Membership program for a while now and we’ve told you we’ll be making a special, members only t-shirt for those of you who sign up for the $10 a month or a $100 a year options. We’re proud to announce that not only do we have the design of the shirt, but they’re being printed and should be shipping to members in the next few weeks! Check out the design:

And it doesn’t stop there! We’re also proud to announce the very first limited edition iFanboy T-Shirt design. The plan is to make these shirts available to members first but this shirt is so cool, we wanted to open it up to everyone to buy in time for the Watchmen movie! The print run is limited to just 250 shirts, so be sure to order yours today before they sell out!

The HURM Shirt is just $15.00 and can be purchased in the iFanboy Store!

We hope you dig these t-shirts as we’re super excited for them, and this is just the beginning, you can expect more limited edition t-shirts from iFanboy in the future, so be sure to keep coming back to iFanboy.com, and don’t forget, the best way to get the first dibs on all the cool limited edition stuff as well as the other specials and giveaways we have is to be a member, so head over to the iFanboy store and sign up today!



  1. I dig the HURM shirt.

  2. Rorschach would be so proud (actually he would probably be completely indifferent).

  3. lovin the watchmen parody



  4. Does this mean we will have member t’s in time for NYCC?

  5. Okay, I’ll be the one to ask the stupid question.

    What does "Hurm" mean?

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It means "Hmm" as distorted through an ink blot mask of dual layer latex.  

  7. @ohcaroline Clearly you haven’t read Watchmen.  For shame.

  8. man the members shirt looks sweet! i cant wait to get mines. i was wondering if you guys offer XXL. cause i put XL on my order but im kinda a XXL.

  9. @josh  I just reread Watchmen a month ago!  Didn’t notice the idiosyncratic spelling, apparently.


  10. @ohcaroline: i had no idea either… what hell is josh talking about?

  11. Will think about getting the watchmen one. Now where’s the old credit card?

  12. Goddamn me and my starving artist life. I want that "Hurm" tee, too. Despite not knowing what it means either.

  13. And, just to cover my ass, I read my uncle’s copy of the trade when I was in middle school and remember nothing of it except the characters and the fact that it was the first time I saw drawn junk in a comic book. Thank you for the anatomy lesson Dr. Manhattan.

  14. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Page 8.  Last panel.  

  15. Shame! On you guys for not catering to fat @$$es of the world.

  16. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Haha, "catering."  


  17. So excited I’m a member

  18. Is page 8 the same in every edition of the Watchmen?

  19. "Hurm…."

  20. The page numbers are hand-written in the bottom corner panels. 

  21. i want the rorscharch t-shirt!!

  22. I would definitely buy the Hurm t-shirt if it came in XXL.

  23. Thanks for offering ladies sizes! Would it me totally lame if I wore the HURM shirt when I go see the Watchmen movie?

  24. @WonderAli: I think it would be awesome.  I will be wearing it!

  25. Ha! I dig the Watchmen shirt so much, you have no idea. Very cool new iFanboy Member threads, too. Kudos to whoever did them.

  26. Hurm…shipping kills the deal for me. I love the shirt thought! Nice Job!

  27. Cool designs, guys, really awesome! Can’t wait for the members Tee.

    Saw the ‘Hurm’ Tee… Loved it… Ordered it! Best website ever!

    Let’s all peeps who get a Hurm Tee wear to Watchmen’s opening night – if you see a fellow Hurm go greet that person, give them a hug. Let’s celebrate this film finally coming out!

    Awesome work, iFanboys! 🙂

  28. Holy crap, Watchmen will be in theaters any day now! I had better order many "HURM" shirts right away, to be on the cusp of this cultural phenomenon!

    (Not really a plug; more bemusement at the fact that the long-hypothetical Watchmen movie is actually taking place in a couple of weeks. As you were. Inna final analysis.)

  29. I second Samuelson’s cry of not catering to the fat Ination! Guess I’ll need to sweat some pounds off…

    (starts lifting medicine ball and sits in sweat box)

  30. Yay, my kick ass shirt is on the way.  I’m going to totally wear it to Wonder Con this year.  Not every day though, then it would stink.

    HURM…have to think about that one.

  31. And if the movie sucks you can always convince the people you took to see that, that you bought the shirt because of the comic book and not the movie, and that you wearing it on the day you saw the movie was a coincidence…

    And if that doesn’t work, use misdirection and put on a Transformers shirt – that movie seems to get a 50 50 lovers haters  ratio and there is a comic and a cartoon (several) so you’ll be safe.

  32. Awesome shirts!  I’m a little disappointed that the Watchmen shirt doesn’t quote the Comedian after that pregnant Vietnamese woman cuts his face with the bottle, but "hurm" is pretty good too.

  33. @horatio – a little electrician’s tape can fix that…

  34. t-shirts being shipped to members, do we get to pick a size? or is it one size fits all?

  35. When you sign up it asks you your shirt size, if I remember correctly.

  36. That is correct.  But only $10/month or $100/year people get shirts.  If you signed up at the lower level…no shirt for you!

  37. Help! Whenever I try to log into the store it tells me my username and/or password dont exist. What? Im logged in at the regular site?

  38. @AlanRob and anyone who may have login troubles in the store – your site login should work in the store, but sometimes problems happen…if you are having login problems – please email bugs@ifanboy.com and we’ll take a look and see if we can fix the issue ASAP

  39. Coolest tshirts ever! I will wear them both proudly!

  40. ‘Hurm’ shirt is very cool…

  41. limited run? i’m getting mine slabbed.

  42. ahhhh, i need money!!

  43. WonderAli: “Thanks for offering ladies sizes! Would it be totally lame if I wore the HURM shirt when I go see the Watchmen movie?”

    Conor:  “@WonderAli: I think it would be awesome.  I will be wearing it!”


    Conor’s going to be wearing WonderAli’s shirt to see Watchmen?  Scandalous!  I suppose you guys really do like to reach out and touch the iFanbase…


    @TehDave: “limited run? i’m getting mine slabbed.”  That made me laugh out loud.  Thanks!

  44. Wa-hoo! I’m back from my vacation, and am so glad to see the shirts!  I can’t wait for my members t-shirt!

  45. I hope we get them in time for NYCC! 

  46. Absolutely love the HURM shirt, a must have!

    Any chance on these bad boys being shipped in time for NYCC?  I’ll be in attendance this year.

  47. To be honest, you’re not going to see them before NYCC.  We’ll be shipping them out as soon as we can after that, but there’s too much going on before the Con.  But we do really wish we could.

    But the goal is to have them to you before the movie.

  48. No worries Josh, was just some wishful thinking.

    Can’t wait for the Con nonetheless.  I take it iFanboy will be in attendance as well?

  49. Oh hell yes.

  50. Hell yeah, I purchased the weekend pass.  Will be there 100% Saturday and Sunday, not sure about Friday.  If I see you guys around, I’ll be sure to stop by and say hello.

    Hope you all enjoy the Con.

  51. How long does it take to ship the HURM shirt? I just ordered it today, and im hoping for it to come in by march 6th.

  52. …I just saw an ad for this on Facebook!


    What the heck?  

  53. ok so i bought the hurm shirt like over a week ago. so will it ship the same time with my ifanboy members t-shirt? or will it be 2 seperate shipments?

  54. Look under your floorboards…

  55. So… I placed an order for a hurm t-shirt last week, but I want another one for March 6th, do you combine shipping cost (I’m from Mexico).

  56. @baggo – sorry for the long response time.  Right, now I can tell you, we’ll try.  The system’s a bit new, and if we can sort it out, we will.