iFanboy hits WonderCon in San Francisco, CA – Parties, Panels and More!

Comic book convention season is rolling on, and iFanboy will be there to cover the second big convention of 2009. We’re headed to WonderCon in San Francisco from February 27 to March 1!

This year promises to be memorable. We’ll be hunting down interviews and having fun all weekend, so you can look for a video show before too long. If you’re at the show, please do not hesitate to say hi to us. We’ll hit you up with some freebies, and prove that in real life, we’re generally affable fellows.

But if you don’t run into us on the floor, we expect to see as much of the iFanbase as possible at any or all of the following events, that you will not want to miss:

On Friday February 27 at 9:00pm, it’s the return of the Tiki Tour! Co-hosted by Isotope the Comic Book Lounge and iFanboy, it’s an alcohol-fueled crawl through as many of San Francisco’s many Tiki Bars as our livers will allow. You might recall that two years when we cohosted the last Tiki Bar Tour with writer Adam Beechen, this year the special guest is artist Darick Robertson!  Let’s hope that unlike Adam Beechen, Darick Robertson doesn’t just totally disappear about halfway though the tour, never to be seen again. All the action kicks off at the Tonga Room at 9:00pm and it ends when you drop. The Tiki Tour is for 21 and over.

For all you Alex Robinson fans out there, Josh is moderating the Spotlight on Alex Robinson panel on Saturday from 1pm to 2:00pm in Room 232/234. It’s possible they might talk about their dogs. That’s just a fair warning on our part.

On Saturday February 28 from 5:00-6:30pm,  it’s the Comics Podcasting Extravaganza, featuring all three iFanboys and Lene Taylor & Logan Hall of I Read Comics. This year we’re doing things a bit differently than the standard Q&A. We’re recording a live podcast with audience participation! So if you want to get in on the action and join us on the dais to talk comics get yourself to Room 220 in Hall A and bring your A game with you!

The fun doesn’t stop! On Saturday February 28 at 8:00pm, iFanboy and Isotope the Comic Book Lounge are co-sponsoring a party in celebration of 100 issues of 100 Bullets featuring Brian Azzarello and Dave Johnson! Come to Isotope, meet some folks, have a drink, hang out (if you’re over 21). And in the grand tradition of iFanboy/Isotope parties, there will be commemorative pint glasses available for purchase at the party! Check out the awesome pint glass design by Dave Johnson:

And finally, as luck would have it we’ll probably have a few of the special edition HURM shirts with for sale while we’re on the con floor (although not at the parties, most likely). So if you were thinking about picking up a HURM shirt and you’re going to be at WonderCon, you’re in luck!


It will be a weekend jam-packed with fun and more comics and creators than you can handle. We hope to see you there, and if we can’t, we’ll bring you back something good to see.

If you haven’t, bone up on iFanboy’s 2007 coverage of WonderCon, featuring such gems as Conor being able to feel his socks, and drunken Civil War rants.

And then check out iFanboy’s 2008 coverage of WonderCon, in which Conor goes missing and Josh nearly dies!



  1. Damn my age! The Tiki Tour sounds so fun. The party on Saturday will have to suffice.

  2. I hate to be such a dick, but will I be able to wear my hurm shirt in time for wondercon?  

  3. CRAP! The Tiki Tour has to be the same night as a party my brother invited me to.  I’m torn, pub crawl or party with a bunch of people from Rev3 and Digg.  You clever rogues iFanboy!  Why must you make me choose?

  4. Um, which one’s which?

  5. I’m starting to get nervous if I’ll get my ‘hurm’ shirt in time for the movie…

  6. @Gabe: You won’t have it for Wonder Con unless you buy one from us on the floor.

    @DarthDuck: It may or may not happen.  Unfortunately, the week delay when the manufacturer’s equipment broke down severely delayed us and there was nothing we could do about it.

  7. not blaming you guys at all, I look forward to it regardless of arrival date.

  8. Damn, partying Friday AND Saturday?!?!?!  Good stuff.  I wasn’t planning on doing anything Saturday night, but I would love me an iFanboy pint glass.  I’ll have to think about this one.

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but can anyone come to the tiki tour and 100 bullets parties?  I have friends in the city that always enjoy a good get together, they even went with me to an Isotope party before.  And I’m assuming the tiki bars are all within walking/stumbling distance of each other?

    Can’t wait, should be a good time.

  9. @drakedangerz: Anyone is welcome at either event.  Two years ago at the last TIki Tour we added random strangers that we met at the bars to our group.  As for proximity… *some* of the bars are in walking distance (some distance longer than others), but for the most hardcore of Tiki Tourers there were taxis involved near the end.

  10. All are welcome to all events! 

  11. @Conor and Ron-Yay!  Thanks!

  12. Is there an age limit for the isotope party?

  13. Looks like I’ll be staying in a hotel instead of trying to commute up in the mornings.  Was hoping to save that money to spend at the con, but oh well.

  14. @Gabe: As I said when you asked this over in the POW Pocast discussion, yes you have to be 21.

  15. @conor: If it’s okay, I’ll just bring my fake ID (which makes me a 40 year old Arab man named Achmed) and just let me get in. You would be the greatest friend ever.

  16. What is the approximate duration of Tiki stops and is there a planned course I can follow? I ask because i’m planning on coming from LA and traffic may cause me to miss the 9 o clock start time, but i’d certainly love to hop on (off?) the wagon along the way.

  17. @ShowMeYourWits: There is a planned course – though what it is I don’t know – but there is no rhyme or reason so how long we stay at a bar.  Some bars were quick stops, others we dug in for a while.  I imagine we’ll be twittering our locations.

  18. @ShowMeYourWits – how long does it take you to vomit?

  19. Glasses! Hurm shirts! Tiki Tours! How come you guys didn’t do all this stuff for NYCC?!?!? It sounds like this will be A LOT of fun

  20. What you didn’t have fun in New York?

  21. I have to say, if I ever have a chance to make it to a West Coast con, Wondercon sounds more up my alley than San Diego.  It won’t be this year, but it sounds like you guys have awesome stuff planned.  I’m looking forward to the coverage, and I hope everybody has a great time (and minimal plague).

  22. This might be a silly question but, what is tiki?

  23. @MeanOldPig-you’re not old enough?  haha.  From your name I would have guested that you were…well, a mean old pig 😛  Can still meet and greet at the actual con though.

  24. @Pompster: Tiki

  25. @josh you can count Maja and I in for every NYCC iFanboy meet-up from here on out. i just wish we could afford to go to the Cons in the warm states! NYC in February was DAMN cold!

  26. @drakedangerz: Yeah, I turn 21 next year so I will just have to wait. San Francisco will offer me plently to do at night though.

  27. Looking forward to knocking a few back with you guys. It’s been about 3-4 years since I had the pleasure of getting sauced at the Isotope (the last time was at APE quite a few years ago). Maybe I can regain memories I lost the last time…

  28. I’m excited to go to the con, but bummed I can’t go on the Tiki Tour quite yet.

    I turn 21 on May 5th, oh well theres always next year.

  29. Also are the panels worth checking out, or should I try to get all my news later online? First con here.

  30. @Ruo21-These specific panels?  Or any panels in general?  Either way, panels are fun.  I find them informative and fun, especially since this is smaller con.  More, dare I say, intimate interaction with the panelist.  Just prioritize your time before hand so you know what you want to go to and all that

  31. it’s probably 21+ for both events huh?

  32. If you’re a member there should be a beer smuggling program available. You get a walkie talkie, a coat and drinks from time to time.

  33. Good news, everyone!  Josh and I mailed out all the HURM shirt orders today and it looks like they *should* arrive for most of you before Wonder Con.

  34. @conor any left? i was late to the game 🙁

  35. I’ll be there, no doubt.


  36. D’oh!  Thanks for the notice Conor!  Embarassed.  *blush*

  37. @mikegraham6: Yep, there are shirts left.  If you want them before the movie comes out you better order them before Wednesday.

  38. Yay hurm shirts!  So… if I am under 21, would there be any way for me to get one of those nifty pint glasses?

  39. @Gabe: Maybe.  If there are any left over after the party we’re going to sell them though the iFanboy store.

  40. @conor  Thanks a bunch, hate to be a bother.  Thanks for sending out the Hurm shirts, very excited!  Although I live in CA, so mine might take a little while to get here.  

  41. "I’m not one for speeches so I’ll just say thanks!"

  42. If all goes well, my liver and I will be there.

  43. I prefer: "What are these prices? You’re not even worth my spit, but because I’m known as a generous man, here *spits*"

    It doesn’t really belong here, but it’s a cool video game 🙂

    Sadly I couldn’t find the video, so here’s something else from that PC game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmFMC8V7JKQ 

  44. @conor WICKED! i just ordered mine

  45. If you were thinking at all about attending the Tiki Tour, you should definitely not miss it.  It seems possible that this might be the last year for the Tonga Room, simply one of the best bars I’ve ever been to.  An indoor lake!  It rains inside!  Don’t miss it!

  46. I hope that ‘100 Bullets’ shot glass turns into a shirt at one point. That looks great.

  47. @Conor-aww, that place looks so awesome.  I can’t wait to check it out.  Sad if it ends up closing shop for damn yuppies in SF.  Damn you yuppies!

  48. The Tonga Room was the highlight of the last Tiki Tour… I’m kinda surprised we are starting off there this year.  Drinking, dancing, a band that plays on a floating platform on the indoor lake… what’s not to love?  More info and pics here.

  49. @conor, Ah so that’s Tiki. God bless your livers one and all

  50. I remember losing Conor, that was all kinds of wackiness. SF can be a…sticky place to get lost in. Fortunately, I seem to recall it ended up being a pretty good displacement. How was breakfast, Kilpartrick?

  51. Uh oh, looks like the Tonga Room may not be around much longer: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/02/25/BAS1164CAH.DTL

    Wish I could join y’all on Friday but I have to catch a 6 am flight (to Mexico, at least) out of SFO the next morning. I’ve always been curious about the famed Tiki Tours.

  52. Oops, Conor’s already all over it. Sorry for the repeat, folks.

  53. Yay, got my Hurm shirt today!  

  54. I’m going to miss out on the Tiki Tour (arriving in SF late Friday night) and the Isotope party (meeting up with relatives)!!  Oh well.  I intend to catch you guys to get a HURM shirt.  Will you guys be hanging out at a particular booth when you’re not running after creators for interviews?

  55. whoo!

    just got my ticket, I am going! 

    Hang on tight, I have a Tiki shirt all ready and everything…



  56. What?  We need tiki shirts?!?!  Damn, better go wash it before I head out in a few hours!

  57. try to make it without me boys

  58. I just came back from the WonderCon today and saw someone with the HURM shirt.  When I saw who it was, it was Coner.  He was sprinting pretty fast with Ron, Josh and a camera man.  Since I just started watching your show and listening to your old podcasts, seeing the 3 of you was like seeing old friends.  I felt like calling you guys out, but I’ll just appear like a fanboy of iFanboy.

    Love your show! 

  59. When today is over I’m taking half a bottle of painkillers and sleeping for 12 hours.  This con has offically kicked my ass more then any other con.

  60. Sorry, I couldn’t end up making it to the Isotope party last night.  Lets just say that any husband that thinks he is in control of his own life is only kidding themselves. 

    Still, fun to meet you guys and get up on stage during your panel.  Was that being recorded?  

  61. I hope Ron has a comfy couch – with a foot of snow headed to NYC I don’t think you’ll be getting home anytime soon guys!

  62. Wow, my back hurts.  It hurts real bad.

  63. BTW Gabe awesome job at the Podcast panel!

  64. The Tiki Tour was awesome!  I was sick when the Azarello thing went down at Isotope…  I absolutely enjoyed the Podcasting panel (even now I said "iFanboys" were the "worse kind of fanboys").

  65. Does anyone know what the (Image) compilation of comic books DONE by PIxar employees or people from pixar (not Pixar licenced properties)?????

     Someone; i don’t know who exactly, talked about it up on the panel.  He wasn’t from iFanboy or I Read Comics — just a fan, I belive he posts here on the forums…

  66. @AleSanch – It actually was someone from both the iFanboy and Isotope community, he’s Haupt on the forums.  If someone else doesn’t know the books you might be able to contact him through his website goingtrain.com.

  67. Thanks to everyone who came out! It was great to see everyone at the parties, the panel, and the con.  It was so cool to see folks wearing iFanboy and HURM shirts at the con…you guys make what we do worth it