iFanboy at San Diego Comic-Con 2009!

The San Diego Comic Con is upon us!

Beginning this Wednesday night July 22nd through Sunday July 26th, hundreds of thousands of people will be descending on the beautiful city of San Diego for comics, movies, television, video games and all the other forms of entertainment that can be crammed in that ever growing convention center.

The iFanboy crew, as we have for the past 8 years (minus 2003), will be at Comic-Con in full force! We’ll be there shooting for our show, iFanboy, but in addition to that there will be a bunch of events and happenings where you can come meet us and hang out.

This year there will be an unprecedented number of iFanboy staffers on-hand! In addition to Josh, Conor, Ron and Gordon The Intern, staff writers Sonia Harris, Mike Romo and Jim Mroczkowski will all be in attendance! We’ve met a ton of great people in San Diego over the years and we hope to meet all of you this year!

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    iFanboy Events
    If you’re attending the convention, there are a bunch of places you can see us.


    Thursday – 7/23
    All-Stars of Comics Podcasting — Comics podcasting has grown from a novelty to a force within the industry, providing an outlet for reviews, interviews, news and general entertainment for comic book fans. Comic book podcasting veterans Jimmy Aquino (Comics News Insider), Charlito (Indie Spinner Rack), Brian “Pants” Christman (Comic Geek Speak), Bob Bretall (Comic Book Page — who will be giving away comics to the first 200 people to attend the panel), and Ron Richards (iFanboy) discuss the future of comics podcasting. You never know what may happen in podcasting, so be sure to come as some surprise guests may be appearing! Plus this is your chance to meet and talk to your favorite podcasters! Room 32AB

    MEETUP with iFanboy & The Totally Rad Show

    Like last year, we’ll be joining our friends from The Totally Rad Show for a meet/drinkup!


    Friday – 7/24
    Tivoli Bar & Grill
    505 6th Avenue
    (between Island Avenue & Market Street)
    San Diego, CA, 92101


    We have our own area in the bar for 8-11pm, but we’ve yet to have one of these parties where we didn’t close down the bar!

    You can RSVP for the party here, though it’s not mandatory — we just like to see who’s coming!

    Hope to see you all in San Diego! Remember to bring water and wear comfortable shoes!

    Check out pictures from San Diego Comic-Con 2008 here and here!


    1. one of these days i’m gonna make it to SDCC. one of these days

    2. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Everybody ‘cept me is going? You know what that means, right

    3. sorry you won’t be going, Paul.  Was looking forward to saying ‘hey’.

    4. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Somebody has to run the shop while they’re off working on their tans.  

    5. I will not lie, there will be pool time. We love that pool.

    6. Jeff Reid Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

      @Paul: Yeah!  And then all of us who aren’t going can just hang around here and talk about our fun weekend plans that we’ve got going on.  I mean, who wants to fly all the way out to San Diego just to spend four and a half days doing nothing but talking and thinking about comics?  … *sob*

      Seriously though, I hope everyone who’s going has a great time.  I haven’t been since 2005, but it was great!  Have fun, iFanboys!

    7. Sorry your not coming Paul, but im really happy to hear Jim will be able to come.

    8. rules for the party: everyone must dance, no magic?

    9. you dont want to see me dance, My friend Alex might, you couldn’t stop im at last years party.

    10. @Paul – I feel your pain.  I would love to attend, but can’t make it.  Perhaps we can spend the weekend posting derogatory comments about the iFanboy/TRS guys.

    11. @Connor, @Ron and @Josh:Warren Ellis is coming to San Diego Comic-Con on Friday!


      I’d start a fund so that Mr. Ellis can drink all booze and Red-Bull he wants at the iFanboy party!  🙂

    12. I really wouldn’t hold my breath for him showing up to our party.


    13.  @josh Heh…  I know a crazy idea.

       If you got Darick Robertson in NYC Comic-Con, why not get the other half of the Transmet team at SD Comic-Con 🙂

    14. They are very different people.

    15. Too busy for Con this year, but I might have to drive the two hours for the Ifanboy party. 

    16. @PaulMontgomery hooker time?

    17. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Isn’t it always? 

    18. i wish san diego was closer to detroit i could never afford the trip. but if i start walking right now i might make it in time. thrash hard at the party!

    19. I wish I could go, but can’t afford the flight/accommodations/every thing else this year…or most years for that matter. One of these years I plan on going, though!

    20. So can’t wait til next week. Looking forward to the meetup. 🙂

    21. oh, crud, I’m actually going to meet some of you people!

    22. Me at SDCC….I wonder how that would go?

      *imagines eating at an In & Out Burger*


    23. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Maybe the guys can bring one of the 8×10 glossies I got them for Chistmas and sort of sit it at an empty place at the dinner table and….

      I promised I wouldn’t cry again… 

    24. Been living here in SD for 11 years and STILL haven’t been to Comic Con.  Maybe next week, who knows?  Or maybe I’ll just ride my bike to the beach.

    25. Won’t be at Comic-Con, but I will be comin’ to the party! I mean, shit, it’s only a two-hour drive. 🙂

    26. I might have to end up working at SDCC. That’d be kinda cool, spending money while making it!

    27. One of these years I full intend to make the trip out from Britain to San Diego. This is not the year, sadly.

      I’ll make sure to look in on the Twitter feed, though. Good luck guys. Hope you have a blast.

    28. I’d love to meet up with you guys, but it all depends on how likely I’ll have to stumble all the way back to Coronado Island afterwards.

      I think I’ll buy a few X-Men Forever issues for Ron to sign.

    29. Yes, I will be there. First time at the big con! Looking forward to catching some brews and mumbling some words.

    30. Man, that sounds cool. I’ll try to make it. It will be my first time there (at both comic con and the get together). Is it true that its impossible to get anything to eat at night? There is a pizza place I wanted to try out that I saw in some Yahoo Article.

    31. @LanceF: There are a ton of restaurants in the Gaslamp District. Some places are more popularthan otehrs and there might be a bit of a wait, but I’ve never thought it impossible to get food at night.

    32. @Connor: Thanks Conor for the info.

    33. The Field is a good Irish Pub down town that i can personally recommend. Its a short walk from the convention center.

    34. LESS THAN A WEEK!! Geeking out already… This should be good. 

    35. Anyone looking forward to a specific thing this con? A Certain Panel, getting a sketch, meeting a creator?

    36. @English

      I have a goal of getting a sketch of either Doctor Doom or The Hood by Ben Templesmith.

      Plenty of panels planned – at this rate, I’ll be camping out in Hall H for Saturday – but that’s all subject to change with friends and lines.

    37. For those SDCC veterans, are there any "must do’s" us first-timers should know about?

    38. @NaveenM Yeah, man. Have fun. Just do that. I think io9 posted a great article to tell you what’s up…

      Right on. Here it is.

    39. @NaveenM – there’s a video show about conventions or stuff related to conventions – like a sketches show, and there’s this:

      http://www.murmur.com/lifestyle/how_i_survive_a_comic_con.html and the earlier article: http://www.murmur.com/lifestyle/surviving_wondercon_2009.html

      the sketch show: http://revision3.com/ifanboy/sketch , there are some bits and pieces of advice in the convention video shows.


      If I would have gone I would try to get a Victor Van Damme sketch. Doesn’t really matter from which person.  

    40. I don’t have a facebook account so I can’t officially rsvp but I’ll be at the party.

       On a separate note, glad to see that Jimski, Mike and Sonia and all going to be there as well.  Looking forward to seeing some of them again and meeting others for the first time.

    41. @GungaDin and chlop – Thanks.  I think this time around I’m just gonna have to try to absorb it all. I have a feeling I’m going to be overwhelmed, just bouncing from what catches my eye to the next, while trying to make it to whatever panels I can.

      This is my third con, each one getting progressively bigger (WWPhilly last year, NYCC this year, and now the biggest of them all).  But from what I’ve been told, there really is no way to prepare for this one.

      @JGG – Glad to know I’m not the only person without a Facebook account. 

    42. @NaveenM i would suggest walking the floor from one side to the other at least once.

    43. Totally pumped for my first SDCC and the Friday meetup!

    44. @English – That was actually my plan…I’m just figuring I’ll get distracted a lot along the way!

    45. @NaveenM You’ve been told correctly.  There really is no preparing for this.  You just hope to survive.  Might I suggest gold bond and mole skin. 

       @Jimski Is it a bad thing to meet some of us?:)

    46. Argh! Just found out I am going to be LATE for the party that night (I have a good excuse, really, I will explain when  get here (it reeks of Hollywood lameness but it’s really not) but I will be there by 9:30/10!!

       I’ll be there Wednesday night on, so looking forward to meeting all y’all wherever we end up ..

    47. Are you guys gonna get all the exclusive Hal figures, or just green

    48. I didn’t read any posts, but is the party 21 years only? 

    49. Jeff Reid Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

      I just realized that Conor is going to be in San Diego this Wednesday. Obviously, getting all the books on your pull list shouldn’t be THAT hard to do in that environment, but how the heck is Conor going to have the time to read them all then post a review of his POTW by Wednesday night? I’m assuming a little bit more leeway is expected this week. The same goes for the actual podcast. Is it just going to be Paul talking to himself this time?

      Just curious. I only started following iFanboy since Feburary, so I’m not sure what was done in the past.  Good luck on the con, everyone!

    50. @Gabe – Damn, man. You just made me feel so old by asking that question.

    51. @Gabe i think so if its at a bar.

    52. Hope everyone who is going has a great time! I can barely afford my comics these days. One day I’ll make it out there…..

    53. Just got to meet Connor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon at a bar here (along with a couple other fans) thanks to the magic of Twitter.  They were all friendly despite a busy day, jet lag, and slight inebreation.  Glad I was able to meet them in person and thank them for helping get me back into comics again.

      Hope I can sneak away from my company’s booth long enough to see their panel.


    54. Can I buy a power responsibility shirt at the con if I see any of yous?

    55. Just got back to the hotel after my first day at the con. Wow! Carve out 1/4 of this space and you have NYCC (and that might be generous). At times the crowd is overwhelming though. Looking forward to relaxing with some beers.

    56. It’s been great meeting everybody,even the 80% of you who had no idea I worked on the site. It has been a universally lovely experience. And now to sleep forever.

    57. Standing in line to get on the exhibit floor for the final day as I type this.

    58. Geoff Johns is bring the JSA to Smallville

    59. So, I have been following the Comic Con coverage on various sites, and it’s all about movies. There is hardly any comic related coverage compared with the amount of movie stuff. Why don’t they rename it Movie Con with a corner for comics? Seems more appropriate.

      To you guys at the Con, what is the view from the ground? More movies than comics, other way round or are the movies just getting more coverage outside the Con?

       I hope one day I can go-(all the way from UK). One day…if it hasn’t turned into Movie-Con.

      Hope your all having a blast you lucky B*****ds!

    60. Well, no doubt there was a big movie presence. And yes, a lot of it is centered around that stuff (movies and TV).  On my flight back I talked to a couple of people who had come out exclusively for the movie/TV stuff. They don’t read comics at all. But they still walked around the exhibit floor and seemed to come away with an appreciation for comics they never had before.

      OTOH, I was immersed in the comics side. The movie/TV stuff was interesting but I wasn’t there for that, and spent a lot of time on the exhibit floor and in some panels.

      So really, it comes down to what you want to focus on. the movie/TV stuff is what the general public is interested in, so that is what’s going to get reported outside of comic-oriented sites.  But if you’re there, you can get lost in the comic stuff alone.

      Around town it’s billed as a convention for "popular culture", which is what I guess it has become. Personally, I don’t really see anything wrong with that.

    61. Nice one NaveenM. Good to know it’s not been overtaken by the movie industry. Gotta get myself there.