iFanboy at New York Comic Con 2010!

It's that time of year again – it's time for the great, big ol' comic book convention right here in iFanboy's own back yard! It's time for the New York Comic Con!

We will be all over the con this year, running around, as is our want, like camera toting fools. We'll be covering the action, talking to some folks, and soaking it all in. And we'll be recording the action for all of those who can't attend

If you're attending the convention, there are a bunch of places you can see us.


Location: Booth #1751 (right in-between the Image and Marvel booths)


We won't be at the booth the entire weekend (someone's got to shoot those interviews!) but because there are chairs on which we can sit you'll probably have a good chance of finding us there at some point during the con. Come by and say hi! There will be swag! Even if we're not there come by and say hi to the nice Graphic.ly people. Thank them for allowing iFanboy to live on, and while you're there learn about digital comics! Oh, but that's not all: there will be creator signings at our booth!

Booth Signing Schedule


FRIDAY – October 8
2:30 PM – Mark Sable – writer, Unthinkable (BOOM!), Hazed (Image), Two-Face: Year One (DC Comics)
4:00 PM – Brea Grant (Heroes), Zane Grant, Kyle Strahm – Creative team of We Will Bury You (IDW)
SATURDAY – October 9
11:00 AM – Jon Price, David Norton, Rebekah Isaacs (DV8, Ms. Marvel) – Creative team of Magus (12 Gauge Studios)
12:00 PM – David Petersen – writer/artist, Mouse Guard (Archaia)
1:00 PM – Nathan Fox – artist, Bleedout (Archaia), DMZ (Vertigo/DC) 
2:30 PM – Phil Hester – writer/artist, Days Missing Vol.2: Kestus (Archaia), The Anchor (Boom), The Darkness (Top Cow), Firebreather (Image)
3:30 PM – Phil Jimenez – artist, Astonishing X-Men (Marvel), Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel)
4:30 PM – Ron Marz – writer, Artifacts (Top Cow), Witchblade (Top Cow)
5:00 PM – Nicki Clyne (Battlestar Galactica) & Matt Pizzolo – Godkiller (Halo8)
SUNDAY – October 10
12:00 PM – Peter David, writer, Fallen Angel (IDW), X-Factor (Marvel)
1:00 PM – Jamie McKelvie & Kieron Gillen – artist & writer, Phonogram (Image), Thor (Marvel), 1 Month 2 Live (Marvel)
2:00 PM – Jimmy Palmiotti – writer/artist – Jonah Hex (DC), Time Bomb (Radical), Power Girl (DC)
2:30 PM – Ben Templesmith – writer/artist – Choker, Fell (Image), Wormood: Gentleman Corpse, 30 Days of Night (IDW)

Come on by the booth for the creator signings, and you can even watch us interview a few of them!


Saturday night we're going to have our third annual New York Comic Con iFanboy Meet-Up!



Saturday – 10/9

Bergen Street Comics
470 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Hang out with the iFanboys… and SPECIAL GUESTS GEOFF JOHNS AND FRANCIS MANAPUL! There will be an open bar (tips are always welcome), and when the party ends there are lots of local places to head out to after!


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Ohmygod, Brooklyn! Scary!
It's actually super easy to get from the Jacob K. Javits Center to Bergen Street Comics! The detailed directions are below but all you have to do is walk over to 7th Avenue and hop on the Downtown/Brooklyn bound 2 or 3 trains. Take the subway to the Bergen Street station and when you emerge from the station you'll be literally steps from the store. If you're a Long Island resident, the store is also a 5-7 minute walk from the Atlantic Terminal Long Island Rail Road station.

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Head over to twitter.com/ifanboy and subscribe to iFanboy's Twitter feed or to this handy list of everyone from iFanboy @ New York, or check here for the latest Twitter posts from the on-site staff LIVE from New York!



One of the coolest things going on at the New York Comic Con can be unlocked by following Graphic.ly on Foursquare.  We recently worked with our pals at Foursquare to give you the tips to all the cool comics spots in New York City while you're at the con.  Make sure you check out all the tips we've posted and when you're in New York, be sure to check in to as many places as possible, including the con itself, to win exclusive and limited badges and other cool ways to win real world stuff – stay tuned for more info!


Hope to see you all in New York! Remember to bring water and wear comfortable shoes!



  1. Cool guys, wish I could make it!

  2. Brooklyn!?!?  Damn.  I’d love to go, but I don’t know if I’m going to feel like driving to brooklyn after the show.  Its actually not far from my job.  If the con wasn’t happening I would be getting off work at 8, and I would go straight there.  Hopefully I can make it.  I just wish there was a store in brooklyn you guys picked instead 🙁 

  3. I meant a store in manhattan obviously.

  4. Oooh, this’ll be my first time in Brooklyn.

    I assume the trains can get us back to around the Javits well into the wee hours of the morning?

  5. @gobo: Trains run 24 hours.

  6. I’ll be there!

  7. Bergen Street Comics party? Excellent!

  8. @conor That’s what I thought, thanks for confirming!  Hopefully I can stay later and drink more this year than I did last year.

  9. if anyone if around I’ll be at the Vampire Cowboy Theatre Company booth doing Fight Demos, not sure of the times yet.

  10. WOOOO!!!!

  11. I’ll be there mate.

  12. I couldn’t be more excited for this party! I’ve been meaning to check out Bergen St Comics for awhile now and this is the perfect reason to go there!

  13. Also, for those wondering about the transportation afterward, in addition to the LIRR, Atlantic Terminal also has subway lines 4/D/N/R/B/Q, and it’s only another couple blocks from Atlantic Terminal to a G stop or an A/C stop.

    And for good transit directions, try http://www.hopstop.com to check your routes and times — I swear by this site when trying to getaround on the weekend, which is Service Interruption time on MTA subway lines.

  14. I agree with @cmwnyc on hopstop.com – keep that handy when walking around that weekend.  Looking forward to catching you guys at the con!

  15. Awesome. Thank you for getting this info to us so far in advance.  I look forward to seeing all of you there.  I’m very excited.

  16. I am going to be all over this con/party!!!!

  17. AWESOME! Looking forward to this!

  18. See you there! Ron had better be wearing a LIHC t-shirt. 

  19. Sounds fun! I wish I could go just to meet Ron 🙂

  20. 100% Awesome.  Best shop in NYC and best place for a party.

  21. I’m thinking about making a last minute decision and flying to NY that weekend. Do you guys think it will be hard to get a hotel?

  22. After party in Brooklyn, eh? I elect that we all get some pizza from Spumoni Gardens (aka: the greatest thing EVAR!!!) afterwards!

  23. I’ll Be at the con and really hope to make the party. Sounds like a blast.

  24. Open bar? Awesome!

  25. Definitly gonna be at the Con, and I’m definitly gonna try to come to the party….especially if theres an open bar……

  26. There is no try… only do.

  27. @Josh: Oh how can I say no to that Obscured-by-Comic Face! Yeah I’m coming.

  28. I’ll be there!

  29. I’m in.  Can’t wait to see everybody.  Don’t know how easy it will be to get back to penn station with a few tied on, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

  30. OPEN BAR! WOOHOOO! I’ll be there.

  31. i will only go if there is a 50% chance or better that ron will attend and film the speed dating portion of the con

  32. You guys got to come down here to South FLorida!!

  33. Is this happening at the same time as the podcast dinner?  Hrumph!  We need more than 24 hours in a day while we are in New York.


    the Tiki 

  34. I will definitely be there. It will be a long trip home to the Bronx, but sweet alcohol eases the pain.

  35. WOO!!!

  36. he if anyones interested and since well all be in NYC anyway, there is a free screening of the new john lennon documentary taking place in central park friday, oct 9th, i heard it starts at seven.

  37. Just an fyi to LIRR travelers, there is no over night service to/from Atlantic Terminal & Jamaica anymore, last eastbound train from Atlantic is 11:55pm with trains starting up again around 5:30am.

  38. Updated with our special guests for the party at Bergen Street.

  39. What? Couldn’t get the ghost of Jack Kirby?

    I guess this will do.

  40. On the one hand, there’s iFanboy. On the other, there’s Brooklyn. Hmm… what is a Manhattanite to do? Debase oneself in the outer borough?

  41. Awesome guests.

    Well done, Conor and crew. 

  42. jeez. I am freaking out. I don’t think I can make this and it is KILLING ME.

  43. @mikeromo – NOOO! you have to go!

  44. NO MIKE!

    You will all be there!  I won’t hear any whining about it being in Brooklyn.  It will be GOOD TIMES!

  45. I’m probably not going

  46. Can i just say, I have my own film playing at NYCC and I’m flying all the way from Australia to introduce it, and it’s my first time even in freaking New York… – but the iFanboy Party is far and away the thing I am most looking forward to!  I mean, "the Statue of what?", it can wait; Bergen St Comics is going to be where it’s at for me, this trip.  Can’t wait to meet you guys!

    But you should all definitely come see my short film Street Angel, too.  It’s based on Jim Rugg & Brian Maruca’s awesome comic, featuring art made by Jim exclusively for the film.  We’re playing at 2:15pm on Friday 8th in Rm 1E14, with a Q&A following the screening hosted by Mr Chris Neseman!  And we’ll have free stuff to give away.  What’s not to love? Here’s the trailer.

    (ps if you’ve already checked out the programme, you might have seen us previously listed as part of the Short Film Fest with some other films at 3:30 on the Friday.  But we’ve now been moved to a solo session, so disregard those details.  I’m assuming the schedule will be updated shortly.  The Street Angel screening and Q&A is definitely now on at 2:15 in Rm 1E14.)

  47. TOTALLY GOING!!!!!!!!!!

  48. I am a terrified little Seattle-ite who has never taken the Subway.

    If I can’t make my own website’s party due to my quaking like a leaf, I’m going to be pissed.

  49. Perhaps we all need to group up and hit the Subway en masse, Molly.  Like the Guardian Angels.

  50. i am leaning towards going to this but have to see if i can get a group together to brave the subway. if it’s anything like the Challengers Party at Windy City it should be a great time.

  51. Guys, the subway isn’t scary! 

  52. You know who’s afraid of the subway? My mother in law.

    Sack up!

  53. it’s not that it’s scary i just hate the subway period. i’m a cab man myself but seeing as how cab fare would be over $20 each way, subway it is.

  54. Ok you got the Noob. Listen up folks.. I am driving in to the city for this and I will probably have, at least, one seat available in my car for those going from the city to Brooklyn. After that I have not decided if I am driving back to Connecticut that night or if I will shack up in Queens. Give me a yell if you are interested in the follwing…

    A ride to Bklyn from Manhattan
    A ride to Connecticut from the party
    A ride into the city from CT on Friday and/or Saturday and Sunday

    Reach me at noob@newtocomics.com

  55. i have me and all my friends coming. get ready!!

  56. I plan on being at the con until like 10 or so on Saturday.  Realistically how long will this go till?  And is there going to be enough alcohol to keep flowing for a while?

  57. @Rchapotaeu: There’s honestly no real way to answer either of those questions. The size of the crowd will have a lot to do with the answers.

  58. The subway is a breeze.  Easiest mass transit in any major city I’ve been in.  And TOTALLY worth it for Johns and Manapul.  I have to work Sunday at 9 AM but I dont give a damn im gonna be there!

  59. and I’ll be glad to escort anybody who’s nervous about it.  my twitter handle is the same as my ifanboy one: NJBaritone

  60. We’ve updated the article with the iFanboy / Graphic.ly booth signing schedule.

  61. I may have to make a game-time decision this Friday night …

  62. Thanks for hosting this awesome event.  My wife used to work right down the street, and I haven’t been to Brooklyn in years.  Definitely there, unless the subway breaks down… oh wait, that’s DC.

  63. Hey, look at me, I’m Douchey Vocabulary Guy!

    I believe it’s "wont", not "want", as in:

    "We will be all over the con this year, running around, as is our wont, like camera toting fools."

    I only say it because I care. 😀

  64. That party was incredible. Thank you for putting it together. (Who would’ve tonight Mike Myers would show up?

  65. Thanks for the amazing party last night. Anyone in NY should stop by this shop, it is absolutely beautiful.  Geoff was great.  Now all you guys have to do is top it next year!

  66. Thanks for throwing an awesome party.  Everybody was so nice!  I hope everybody had as good of a time as I did.