iFanboy at New York Comic Con 2009!

It’s that time of year again — it’s time for the great, big ol’ comic book convention right here in iFanboy’s own back yard!

It’s time for the New York Comic Con!

We will be all over the con this year, running around, as is our want, like camera toting fools. We’ll be covering the action, talking to some folks, and soaking it all in. And we’ll be recording the action for all of those who can’t attend!

But if you are going to attend, Saturday night we’re going to have our third annual New York Comic Con iFanboy Meet-Up, and this time we’ve brought friends!

New York Comic Con Meet-Up
Hosted by iFanboy, ROFLThing, 1UP and Popgun

What: Meet-up with iFanboy, ROFLThing, 1UP and Popgun during New York Comic Con! You’re invited to mix and mingle with comic book creators, fans and internet personalities as they experience New York Comic Con. Find out the latest happenings from the Con and all things entertainment – and share a beer with the hosts and creators, too.

When:  Saturday, February 7
7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Where:  Stitch Bar & Lounge
247 West 37th Street
Between 7th and 8th Avenue
New York City
We’ve got the entire bar to ourselves!

Who: Hosts of Revision3’s weekly comic book show iFanboy: Conor Kilpatrick, Ron Richards, and Josh Flanagan; Tim Hwang, founder of ROFLCon, the world’s greatest Internet culture conferences, Garnett Lee, editor of 1UP and Mark Andrew Smith & Joe Keatinge, editors of the Harvey Award Winning Popgun Anthology published by Image Comics.

Featured attendees also include: Ben Templesmith, artist 30 Days of Night, Fell, Welcome to Hoxford; Paul Cornell, writer, Marvel Comics’ Captain Britain & MI:13 and television writer, Doctor Who and Robin Hood; Mike Norton, artist, Green Arrow & Black Canary and Trinity; Tom Katers, co-host, Around Comics and host, Tom vs. The Flash; Jay Faerber, writer, Dynamo5; Dean Haspiel, artist The Alcoholic; Collen Doran writer/artist A Distant Soil; Rantz Hoseley, editor, Comic Book Tattoo; Derek McCullough, writer Stagger Lee; J.M. Ken Niimura, illustrator, I Kill Giants; Meredith Gran, writer, Octopus Pie; Jonathan Rosenburg, creator, Goats; Scott Kurtz, creator, PvP; Brad Guigar, creator, Evil Inc; Robert Khoo, business manager, Penny Arcade; Neil Kleid, cartoonist, RANT Comics, Action Ohio, The Chemistry Set; Wes and Tony, Amazing Superpowers; Scott Ramsoomair, cartoonist, VG Cats; Johnny Johnny, co-host, Tiki Bar TV; PopGun Contributors: Andre Symanowicz, Adam P. Knave, Joe Flood, Nathan Edmondson, Maximo Vitaly Lorenzo, Toby Cypress, Robert Love

We hope to see you there!

If you’re going to be at the Con, let us know here and if you see us on the con floor, please stop us and say hi!


  1. I’m going to try and stop by, but your ending kind of early.  I am going to try to get into the Yatterman premiere, and that STARTS at 8:30 Saturday 🙁

     Hopefully I can step over there for a bit before the movie if possible. 

  2. All of those people and ME.  Although a little surprised at the 10PM ending, is that a soft or hard end time?

  3. 10pm pssshhhhhhhhhh.  I don’t think so.

  4. The party doesn’t stop at 10pm, it’s just that the bar opens back up to the public at 10pm.  Before that it’s only us.

  5. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I need my beauty rest. 

  6. Ok cool, we can get all the good tables to ourselves by then and the fun people will keep hanging out, *hi5s becca*

  7. Should almost definitely be there!

  8. Yes! All the people in one place. I hope I have enough juice left on my cameras when I’m at the meet-up. I ran out of batteries on my cameras when I met you guys. Twice! I hope they will not show these 80s music videos in the bar. http://flickr.com/photos/excalipoor/2432525238/in/set-72157604669677143/

  9. @gobo *hifive*  Also, you have to help me get a couple beers in beauty rest boy up there.  Geeeeesh.

  10. Sorry. Forgot to link it.


    @Paul: Are you going to be there this time?

  11. The wife and I will be stopping by after dinner at "Ninja"!  Looking forward to it.

  12. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @excalipoor – I will most definitely be there. 

  13. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    No one wants me drunk.  Trust me.  I become allergic to my pants. 

  14. I’ll be there.  Looking forward to it!

  15. This will be my third year in a row going the con, but I’ve never gotten a chance to attend any of the previous after show festivities. I look forward checking it out this year.

  16. I’ll be there as well. Looks lik a nice place. Nice choice, gents!

  17. I have no plans on Con-ning it, but I love alcohol and the company of comics podcasters, so I would love to be at Stitch for the thing.

  18. You’re making it down Blair?  Awesome!

  19. Live Tom vs. the Flash in the Alley at 10:15. Bring $20

  20. Awesome, I will definitely be there.

  21. I’ll be at NYCC and I can’t wait. So many people to see and panels to go to. I don’t drink but I will still be at Stitch, watching you all get smashed.

  22. If this gathering becomes open to the public at 10 pm, is there a secret ifanboy password that gets us in between 7 and 10. If so, I vote that the secret password should be "Paste-Pot-Pete"


  23. I’m flying over from the UK especially for NYCC, and have been listening to this show for years.. so am definately looking forward to this party!! 🙂

  24. My first con: check

    My first ifanboy meetup: check

    my first trip to New York City: CHECK!

    i can’t wait for this folks! Quick question, if the bar isn’t open to the public before 10pm, do you need a special pass to get in?

  25. sweet! I’ll be there

  26. u guys letting minors in????

  27. alright, i def have to check this out… lil question: where do you guys put your swag from the con? cuz i don’t think you guys bring that around to the bars, do ya?  any tips/suggestions are weeelllcome.

  28. @gator: Excellent question, I was wondering the same thing.

  29. Perfect!  I was afraid the party would conflict with the Black Keys concert, but 7-10 is ideal.  Good job, fellas.  Now I’m gonna have a beer with Tom Katers whether he likes it or not.

  30. Man, right now I’m reallllly wishing I had pulled it together for NYCC.

    Alright… you guys better have something good in store for Wondercon… cuz THAT one I can go to.


  31. im going once i figure out what to do with all the stuff i bought

  32. man this is huge comapared to last years shindig.

  33. Any chance of getting some iFanboy merchandise there?? I’d love to buy a shirt, but ordering t-shirts to the UK from the Revision3 store costs twice as much for shipping as the shirts do!!

  34. @cheezdog – probably not, unfortunately.  We can’t carry around boxes of shirts at the same time we’re trying to shoot our show.  If only it was a bigger operation!  Sorry.

  35. I wish I would have gotten tickets for Saturday instead of Friday.  I am pretty excited, this is my first con.  If anybody wants to offer up any suggestions or advice for a first timer I’d appreciate it.

  36. AWESOME!

    You absolutely got the Noob for this one. I was there last year and loved it! And we get Katers too! 

    @Tom Katers – Is that a joke or is the Alley a bar or something? How far is it from Stitch? I will definetely go watch Tom Vs Flash, and then bounce back to the Ifanboy spot. 

    @ato220 – Wear comfortable shoes. Bring water and snacks instead of the 15 Dollar Hot Dogs they have there (Power Bars and Monster energy drinks is a good call when I go to cons.). Bring a backpack.

    @josh – Ship the shirts to me and I will bring em in when I get there. Seriously. Send me an email unoob@hailofgunfire.com

    @Everyone. – If there is anyone from the Milford area of Connecticut that wants to carpool gimme a hollar. I smoke though. Also I will probably be heading home between Midnight and 1 AM.

  37. Would it be tacky to ask Cornell to autograph something?

  38. @Unoob It was a joke. If I gathered everyone in the alley outside I would just rob them.

  39. I wish I could be there, sounds like a lot of fun but unfortunately I just opened my wallet and a moth hit me in the face in it’s race to escape. Maybe next year, but I hope everyone has a great time and I look forward to seeing the videos and pictures! 🙂

  40. @josh That’s cool. Thought I’d be pushing my luck with that one but thought I’d ask anyway! 🙂

  41. What’s the dress code for Snitch? Would you recommend changing between the con and the bar?

    Flights from London have been delayed due to the heaviest snow in 20 years, so hopefully things clear up before my flight over Tuesday night so I can get some touring done before the con! I’m pumped! 🙂

  42. @Conor Stalwart GL Ring Seeker from RolfThing here. I’ll do my damndest to get into the bar, despite possible restrictions barring my entry.

  43. What, no love for Lunacon?

  44. Dress however you’d like.  If you want to change and get the stink of con crud off yourself, please do.  As for me, i won’t have a chance to change, so I shall come as I is.

  45. I’m going to try to make it. I’m battling Strep throat right now, but I hope to be more than ok by Saturday. 

  46. @josh: i need your con-veteran advice, man… where do you put your swag from the cons before the bar/party? surely you don’t bring ’em around, right?

  47. @gat0r: Depends on the con.  If you have a hotel nearby the convention center you can drop your stuff off there.  If not, you have to bring it along.

  48. @conor: sweet. i guess i’ll bring ’em along.  see y’all there.

  49. @conor, josh how mad will you be when Paul cornell leaves because he has to explain why he killed john the skrull to every i fanboy at the party

  50. A man’s gotta live with his decisions.

  51. Will probably drop in for a drink after the Teaching with Graphic Novels panel. Do try not to finish all the booze before I get there.

  52. I purchased a weekend pass.  I’m attending Friday & Sunday.  Maybe Saturday. If so, I’ll be sure to stop by for a drink. twitter.com/wetwork

  53. Anyone going from the UK? I’m looking at some cheap flights and cant decide wether or not to take a punt. They show rugby in any of the bars in new york?

  54. Bring a "Inspector Morse" DVD and play that episode in a loop.

  55. I think there are only a few bars in our city that show rugby, and Stitch ain’t one of ’em. And the dress code at Stitch is bar casual — we did an "Amazing Race" finale party there a few years back, and everyone showed looking like overweight TV hermits, so the con crowd should be just fine. Its split level with plenty of room to accommodate all shapes, sizes, and odors.

  56. @Goaduk I’m *living* in the UK at the moment. Just arrived in New York this morning, heading out to see Manhattan today and tomorrow. I bought a weekend pass, and then flying back to London on Sunday!

  57. I’ll be at the con on Sat. But i probably won’t be able to go to the party:(

  58. *wibbles* Stupid parents for finding the Midwest charming and stupid me for being lazy and apathetic about where I got to college. Next year, I swear before Jesus and Zeus and Thor I shall be there next year!

  59. @paul at least you are not allergic to underpants

    @iversemike can i join your trip to ninja town? lol. please take pictures of the place. not many of us can  enter the special ninja town.

    @gat last time i was there. my swags was in a corner, its bad. got squished. 

    @ato220 buy a weekend ticket. too late. but just walk around and enjoy the moment and take pics with cosplayers and go to panels that you might be interested. get the free swags of course. comfortbale shoes is a must.

     and how many of us are going to gang up on cornell becuase he killed john the skrull? 

  60. I’ll be there for sure. I’ll bring along some of the Dynamite crew as well.

  61. lame ? but can under 21 go in?  Which really sucks cause im turning 21 in march : )

  62. Hope to see you guys there!!!

  63. I’ll be dropping by to meet the iFanBoy team and maybe thank you guys for your support in  my efforts with a pint. That and tio give Ron some much needed greif for leaving our Fantasy baseball league. Excited to meet everyone.

  64. See you guys there.

  65. I wanna go!

  66. I would love to stop by and party with you guys.  Had a great time at the one in San Diego.  See you this weekend!

  67. This is my first Con, I’m pretty excited! I’ll see you at the bar tomorrow.

  68. I met Josh & Ron today on the con floor.  They were kind enough to point me in the right direction for Ben Templesmith’s location in Artist Alley.  I also bumped into them again for a snap shot.  Nice to have met you both.  Was Conor there today or did I miss him?

  69. saw josh in artist alley and ron at the marvel booth. did not say hi thought. I was stuck on the slow xmen line . honestly why would people bring boxes upon boxes for clarwmont to sign

  70. @WetWork: I wasn’t.  I got the flu earlier this week and I’m still recovering.  Maybe tomorrow.

  71. first day of con, only found paul. that’s becuase I was standing in many lines of marvel booth signing the entire day. =p hope i’ll spot you guys at the con. if not, see ya at the meetup.

  72. Hope everyone is having a good time at the con…..wish I was there.

  73. I think I might stop by for a moment, in a moment, before heading off to a Bendis Board gathering. It’s far closer, anyway…

  74. It was a pleasure meeting the triumvirate! I can’t wait for the next live show.

  75. That was such an awesome night. It was so good to meet everyone!

  76. Awesome time at the iFanparty last night! Great to meet a bunch of you but bummed I didn’t get to meet everyone.

  77. Someone gave me a sticker at the con. I think it was Paul.

  78. @guardedmarman: I’d hate to have that job during the con, sticker shift.

  79. Wish I could have stayed and chatted more (had to work this AM)  but I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with Conor and Tom Katers.  Everyone was much taller than I expected LOL.  I hope you do another live show soon.

  80. @Guardedmarman –  The sticker was indeed from me.  I’m a quick draw with the stickers.  

    @TNC – Listen, punk.  I had other duties at the show too!  😉 

  81. @Paul: Oh I’m sure you do, but I can just imagine you seeing the sticker’s on like a schedule grid.

    ‘Okay let’s see: Interview with Paul Cornell at 12pm, Check out Watchmen/Terminator panel at 2pm…..Sticker duty at 3-5pm!? Aw crap!’ 🙂

  82. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Haha, we tried to go to a panel and it just didn’t happen.  

    "Hey, isn’t that comic writing panel starting?"



    "We’re not getting up from this couch are we?"


    "Did you see the Emma Frost?"




    If you took any pictures at the iFanboy party we’d love to add them to our flickr set (with attribution), as well as any pictures from meeting us at the convention.  If you want yours added send them along to contact@ifanboy.com