I Really Wish DC Would Let Jeff Lemire Draw Super Hero Books

In honor of Superboy #1 hitting the stands next week, Jeff Lemire (who is writing the book) posted this pin-up on his blog:

I can't get enough of his stuff.


  1. Friend of mine got Jeff to do a qucik GL head shot while we were at fanexpo. even though it was quick, there was so much character in what he drew.

    this Krypto is pretty awesome!

  2. he looks kinda emo, but still awesome. I love Lemire’s style, and would love to see him do more non personal projects like this…total agreement. Also on a sidenote, this is one of the first times i’ve ever seen a fully colored Lemire piece. Very nice. 

  3. it’s not that he looks emo to me but he does look like he could use a sandwich

  4. i see a little indie rock pouty. "I’m totally saving the day or whatever…i don’t even care"

    to correct my previous statement…its one of the first color pieces of his that i like as much as his limited palette, or black and whites.  

  5. Yeah…..

    Look I really love Jeff Lemire’s art; I really do. I’ve seen his sketches for Marvel and DC characters in the past. But…..I really don’t like this drawing.

    Either Superboy looks like an emo, anorexic teenager; or an incredibly old man. Probably for the best he isn’t drawing Superboy.

  6. My only problem with the sketch is that he looks emaciated, at least in the face.

  7. Lemire’s work just reminds me so much of early Aeon Flux, that sickly look that all the characters had. 

  8. @TNC–I agree to a point, but would love to see Lemire do a run on some kind of Superhero book. Granted Superman/Boy’s character is dependent on being a Midwestern All American good looking guy, i think his style could translate to something else in the DCU quite well…..so who’s an ugly character? lol

  9. Eh, not really a fan of the whole emaciated look. Looks like Zombie-Superboy.

  10. haha, he does look kinda Zombie’ish.

  11. I’d not pick up a Superboy book with that cover.  I agree that it looks like Aeon Flux a little.  He also looks old.  Those lines on his face age him and make him look like he’s about to cry.  Not much heroic about that….*cough*sentry*cough*

  12. Superboy with anorexia and a bizzaro S. Who wouldn’t get enough of that?

  13. I like Lemire’s work and would like to see him do more superhero books. That said, I don’t really like the above picture that much.

  14. That Superboy looks… disturbing.

  15. Yeah looks like he just got out of a concentraion camp. I guess its an acquired taste.

  16. I’d love to see him do a full Man thing story, after reading his part in Strange Tales II

  17. Superboy looks like he was left out in the sun for too long!!!!

  18. Yeah he looks like Rocky from Mask.

  19. What is wrong with you people? That looks great!

  20. @gobo i agree, if superboy were a hockey playing Canadian clone.

  21. I honest have no idea who would be a better superhero for Lemire to work at.

    Maybe Swamp Thing? He does a pretty bad ass Man-Thing after that Strange Tales short. 

  22. I love his Superboy, but I would LOVE a Martian Manunter story drawn by Lemire.

  23. @gobo: Oh yes! There’s another one he could definitely do.

  24. looks like superboy knows where the smack is

  25. Ehh, to be honest I’ve never quite liked Lemires art. To me that looks more like Bizarro than Superboy

  26. Umm…I don’t like that AT ALL.  Please keep him away from any books I’ll be reading.  (Which means he can draw Superboy as much as he likes.)

  27. lol i like jeff lemire, but him as a superhero artist might be a mistake. Althought that krypto looks great!!!!

    Can’t wait for the superboy series

  28. Uh, that looks pretty damn aweful. Good thing I don’t much DC, or anything he draws.

  29. This Superboy looks like he hasn’t slept in months. Must be daddies issues.

  30. Met him at nycc. Couldnt have been a nicer guy!

  31. I’ll be reading this.

  32. I love Jeff Lemire’s work. I get Sweet Tooth, and the art and story work perfectly together. I’m picking up Superboy, having never read anything about him before.

    I just don’t see Lemire’s art suiting Superman stories. His art could fit Batman, or something darker. Has he ever drawn the Joker?

  33. I kinda thought Lemire was a well loved creator…from the majority of these comments it seems he’s as hated as Rob Liefield. 

  34. Fun game I invented:

    1) Find negative comments

    2) Look at profile pic of negative commenters

    3) Feel vindicated for liking this piece in the first place

    Optional: Go marvel at how bad the Cassaday cover is compared to this.


  35. This page is great.
    As for this “fun game”….we are all better than that or at least should be.

  36. It was totally said in jest. As always, it comes down to personal preference, I just like finding the patterns. Jokes happen on the internet too, intonate the text in the nicest possible form. Thanks.

  37. Will do. Now back to lemire if sandman mystery theatre was still around he would be perfect! The guy draws a golden age Sandman that’ll make your jaw drop.

  38. @Haupt  Just because I don’t like this guy’s artwork I’m supposedly a "lesser" comic book reader?  Whatever.  We are individuals and I respect the right of others to like whatever they want.  I also respect the right of other to rag on the comics that I like.  (Especially as a long time X-Men, Wonder Woman, and Legion of Super-Heroes fan).  I think that you need to be more respectful of others having an opinion that differs from yours.  

  39. @Zattaric – I responded already to g0ofgnewt but I’ll say it again: Was in jest. Sorry if I pissed people off, but at least acknowledge that I already apologized for it. 🙂

  40. And wouldn’t a Dr.Fate or when off contract Dr.Strange would just look great! I’d love to see some really quirky and psychedelic designs from lemire

  41. I wouldn’t like to see J. Lemire draw the book. All of his characters look pale, sick and drawn with a broken nose. The Superman family is too pretty to be drawn in that style! 

  42. @Haupt: I feel vindicated after read that little exchange 

  43. reading