I Feel Like Kirkman’s Trying to Tell Us Something…

Image Comics main writer man tweeted about his upcoming issues of Walking Dead, but I can't help but think there's more to the photo than just that. I can't put my finger on it though.


All he's missing is a mound of blow.

Not that he doesn't deserve it.


  1. Well I know for sure that I can ask to borrow $45 and he’d be good for it.

  2. He used the "Walking Dead" issue to snort the yeyo.

  3. That’s hilarious. Well done, Mr Kirkman. I especially love the pile of cash.

  4. He’s been had money.

  5. @Josh..ROFLMAO! Yeah, the blow would have been a nice touch.

  6. Where’s the hand gun? I mean, how does he protect his stash?

  7. I heard he has a seperate room for exclusively the blow.

  8. i don’t get it. And i’m pretty fucking smart 

  9. Kirkman=Legend……

  10. Stupid hilbilly!  Only the hicks actually stash cash.  He should get a good financial panner and make that money work for him

  11. HA!

  12. No no no–what’s missing is the pile of blow sitting on top of a stripper’s ass.

  13. Robert Kirkman: The Kanye West of Comic Books

  14. Flossin major chips

  15. I don’t read Walking Dead…am I supposed to get this?

  16. @Heroville-Kanye is on his 14th minute, hopefully Kirkman will last a whole lot longer. And not be known for bullshit outside his books…

  17. Ya thats right! I’ve got 40$ and bunch of awards! I’m a pimp! 

  18. I’m rich bitchhhhh!!

  19. Who actually has a fucking stack of 20s? Robert FUCKING KIRKMAN!!! That’s who!!!

  20. That’s awesome!!

  21. AWESOME!!!

  22. First you get the money….

    Then you get the women….

    Then you get the power. 


  24. haha that little shit head, thats so cool.

  25. Next pic will be Kirkman pouring a bottle of champange over Sarah Wayne Collies (Lori on the AMC) naked booty.

  26. How do we know that isn’t a pile of singles with a 20 on top?

  27. @Herovile: "Scuse me, Imma let you finish but Walking Dead is the best comic book of all time."

    The coke is behing the comic in the picture. He is using the comic to cut up his lines and using the twenties as a toot.

  28. Looks like he finally sold one of his awards.

  29. 1. Rip off George Romero

    2. Write a comic book about it (which I love, by the way)

    3. ?????

    4. PROFIT!

  30. kirkman’s gotta make dat chedda so he can be sippin’ on that sizzurp!

  31. All I want to know is does he put diamonds in his dinosaur egg omlet?

  32. That stack of cash is probably just his kindling for his fireplace, and he probably saves a couple to use as coke straws and pay the hookers.