“I am Hit-Girl”

There's a new Hit-Girl centric red band trailer for Kick-Ass and it's… well, it's fucked up.

Judge for yourself:



See? That's fucked up. And awesome. I can't decide what I'm more interested in seeing — the film or the inevitable freak out from special interest groups.


  1. holy cow that’s screwed up.  but awesome.

    I have to say I really like the visual/audio look and feel of the movie – I kinda can’t wait to see it.

  2. Beyond awesome. I haven’t had a chance to read the book yet, but I cannot wait to see this on the big screen.

  3. Beyond stoked for this flick. 

  4. If only someone could see my face while watching that. Ha!

  5. Wow.  I’m much more excited for the movie than the next issue of the comic.  And that’s pretty rare.

  6. crazy shit.

  7. That is so fucked up, man. Wow. I rarely laugh out loud in my office while watching a trailer, but that one did it. It was a chuckle of disbelief. Yeah, I think this has "cult hit" written all over it.

  8. damn- can’t view trailer @work.

    what’s everyone’s general feeling of the book? do you guys recommend it?

  9. I could care less about reading the comic but I cant wait to see this movie. The story was written to be provoke controrversy.

  10. I’m still lukewarm on this one. Don’t really dig the visual style at all. Probably not for me, but I might be wrong. Could be that I need to just wait for the finished film. 

  11. People are digging my movie, nice.

  12. The book is pretty good, but there is really not too much of it. It seems like the movie was the main focus from the start. 


    Maybe it signifies that there is something wrong with me, but it was at the point in the trailer when Hit-Girl *SPOILER* cuts that guys fucking leg off *END SPOILER* where I decided that this was officially my most anticipated thing of the new-year.

  13. nice use of The Banana Splits.

  14. So, the first trailer was really bad, but this one has definitely piqued my interest. I notice that Nic Cage is in it though. I hope we get Good Cage (Adaptation, Leaving Las Vegas) and not Bad Cage (most of the movies he’s been in for the last 5-10 years.)

  15. with Millar i think he writes every story thinking it can be a popcorn movie.

  16. From all the "fucked ups" I thought that the little girl was going to be the one getting hit; but a little girl kicking that much ass that violently doesn’t seem that crazy to me. I’m with Paul in that the visual style doens’t seem like its for me, but I’ll have to see the finished product. That little actress does have some charisma though. 

  17. YES! The C-bomb from a wee girl! This makes me happy.

  18. Ohhhh that’s a real little girl, whose real parents really had her say and do all of those things for money. She is going to be super well-adjusted. Oh well. She’s eleven. Her childhood was practically over anyway.

    And I think to myself… what a wonderful wooooorld…..

  19. That trailer is FUCKING AWESOME!!!! Can not wait to see this flick, wait 5 months, get the DVD, and watch the shit out of it.

  20. I kind of want to see it…but I also kind of feel as though my mind has been soiled..

  21. Can’t wait.

  22. did hit-girl really say those things in the comics?

  23. @excalipoor: That, and worse.

  24. I think it will be worth waiting for the UNRATED dvd.

    Where’s all the blood! 

  25. That was retarded.  I love it.

  26. That was so crazy insane.. Can’t wait.. I have a feeling some people won’t understand it, It’s definitely going to be a wild ride.

  27. Holy crap.

  28. That is just wrong.

  29. Holy shit! lol

    Seriously that is just……well fucked up is the best thing to say isnt it?

    I gotta say that somehow this made me a bit more excited for the film. Of course that’s like going from zero interest to about a 10% increase. But what a great actress with that little girl. She has more acting ability then Nicholas Cage!! 

  30. Oh.. people are going to get all sorts of upset over this movie. It’s going to be awesome!

  31. @TNC – actually that’s my one fault with the trailer. I actually like Nic Cage in a lot of things (Adaptation, Leaving Las Vegas, Raising Arizona, etc.), but he can easily do the "over-acting" thing. And his little fist-pump "oh child" moment here seems wildly exaggerated. It doesn’t seem like the Big Daddy from the actual comics series. Makes me wonder if they’re going to play up the satire angle, making it way over the top so it doesn’t seem too "real" or if this is just Nic Cage being wacky.

    We’ll see. I’m definitely looking forward to this more than the end of the series itself, honestly. 


  32. Just wait until we get to see her training sessions with her dad.

    I hope Nic Cage does a good job playing the Big Daddy role. It’s great how hardcore he is in the comics. Doesn’t look like that’s the way it’s going to be in the movie though. 

  33. @daccampo: Well when I see that first scene of them in the diner (I assume it’s a diner) I prefer the little girl over Cage in acting ability. Considering with his recent track record, almost everyone is better at acting then Cage.

  34. @patio

    I think that’s the super awesome cover by The Dickies.


  35. That was so awsome I pee’ed a little

  36. looks so freakin aweosme

  37. I don’t see what the problem is.  Better to put these damn kids to work than let them sit around around all day watching pretty boys on the television and typing nonsense on those damn cellphone contraptions.

  38. I just keep envisioning a 2010 where Bill O’Reilly has established a base camp up Mark Millar’s ass, and I’m fielding questions from my parents about the new Comics Code. I’m also thinking about the kids’ Hit Girl Halloween costumes. Either way: great for the culture.

  39. Training session snippet with Big Daddy:



  40. Wow

  41. What’s the song in this? I see it’s the Dickies (thanks to bean6344) but is it a ‘Ring of Fire’ cover? That’s also fucked up if true.

    When I see ‘Kick Ass’ at the end of this thing…..it lowers my expectations for some reason. Maybe cause that is a god awful costume… 

  42. @Jimski this is hardly the first kid to be swearing in movies. From The Bad News Bears to Role Models this is a time-honored method of shocking the viewing public. Yeah, it’s  girl, and yeah she dropped the c word. But I’d rather let my 11-year-old daughter watch this than the T&A fest that was Sin City. (Not that she’ll be watching either anytime soon.)

  43. @patio: So you’re firmly in the time honored American tradition of violence is more acceptable than sex and nudity? (I’m not against either, I think both are fine, I just always find the Puritanical distinction to be maddening).

  44. Not to put words in patio’s mouth, but the vibe I got is less the sex and/or nudity and more the exploitation/women as sexual objects issue. I got two little girls that I love sharing comics with, but the constant bullhorn of cheesecake ass and tits makes it tough. I don’t want them thinking they have to look like that or that dressing like a whore is the only way to be attractive and popular to men. While violent, at least hit girl is empowering in a fucked up way.

  45. Cunt is a bad word! 

  46. Just, ya know, moving that off the front page.  

  47. nah, it’s a fine word in the right context… it can be very funny.

  48. Interesting trailer, really enjoyed the idea of the one guy shooting himself in the jaw. I’m a little sad to see Cage as her father however. I would rather see an actor who could pull off an emotional death scene.

  49. This is the brainless stuff thats going to bring an end to comic book movies for everyone.

  50. That was the best trailer I’ve seen in a while. 

  51. Gotta be honest, none of this new stuff has quite lived up to the San Diego footage, however, this does look pretty sweet.  That was a twelve year old….and she said the c word….

  52. Looks like a lot of fun.

  53. I could give a shit about the comic and the presence of Nick Cage is very much something that might steer me away, but this trailer was keen.

  54. I’ve gotta second what Paul said about the visual style. Not my cup of tea either.

    And more broadly, I’ve gotta say … maybe the final product will prove me wrong, but this seems like shock value for shock value’s sake, rather than shock value in service of the story. That was the issue I had with the first few issues of the comic as well (didn’t read past #2).

    All of which probably means that I’m not this movie’s target audience, so everything I’m saying is, uh … irrelevant. 

  55. @ Captbastrd – Good to see you’re liking my movie.  We may not agree on comics at times, but if you’re liking the movie about my life, I can’t complain!  🙂

  56. @thenext champion

    The song is the theme from The Banana Splits http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZL2WeRHqqXo&feature=related

  57. looks like it’s going to live up to that "over the top" style and "just have fun with". I’m down.

    It will be interesting to see which Nic Cage we get. I hope he plays it well. 

    Funny, but when i was a kid my parents kind of had the "violence = ok" "sex/nuidty = bad" mentality. That whole idea has stuck with me. I don’t think twice about when someone I don’t know walks in and sees me watching people getting hewn in two, but if people start having sex on screen, I feel embarrased.

  58. @lucien21: Thanks mate. Actually I think it’s a cover to a cover of the Banana Splits theme. Cause when I looked it up in itunes, it sounded more like from a ‘Kidz Bop’ album. Creepy.

    If I can just say, I think they could’ve tighten the trailer even more so. Take the thing out with her talking to Nick Cage and show the scene of her dropping in on the mob (where she has the gun in the guy’s mouth). Cause that could’ve even made it a bit more of a ‘whoa!’ experience from witnessing all of this carnage.

  59. lol i’m actually hyped for a nicholas cage movie, his acting in the trailer makes me smile.

  60. That was fucked up.  I’ve always kind of lumped Millar’s Wanted and Kick-Ass as playing to the Fight Club crowd, but I’ll give this a try.  This looks like it’s gonna walk a really fine line, one that is easy to fall off of.

    @jimski – I have an 11 year old daughter.  Pains me to say, she knows all the words.. and probably uses them out of my earshot.. and doesn’t understand what 2/3 of them actually mean.  She’s seen some of the Saw abominations without my consent. (thankfully, they did disturb her)

    ..and there is no way in hell she is seeing this movie.

  61. Would love to read the book…but the hardcover has been delayed since August…

  62. cool

  63. To me this smells like fail.

  64. Looks bizarre, but I’m not really interested at this point.

  65. @conor – a bit late, but my answer is yes, violence is more acceptable than sex, at least in regard to letting my kids view it. The reason is simple: I’m not at all concerned about my kids being violent. However, I know that at some point they are going to have sex and I want to obscure as much information about that as possible for as long as possible. I’m being funny, but there is an inherent truth that underlies this pov. Kids imitate what they see. I have no problem with my kids and their friends playing make-believe games where they battle or play Harry Potter or whatever. But I don’t want to see them playing strippers n’ pimps n’ hoes.

  66. The little girl who plays Hit Girl looks like she’s going to steal the show in this movie.

  67. And not that anyone asked, but I do have more of a problem with violence than sex, especially nudity. I certainly don’t care about Harry Potter battles or Disney-level sword fighting or even traditional super hero punch-em ups. They are fantasy and I find even a 3-year old knows the difference between a play fight and a real one. But if my kids starting pretending to hack off each other’s limbs with blood spurting and begging not to die… That would disturb me a hell of a lot more than if they knew what a penis looked like. And while I would not let my kids watch either one, I would rather they saw a sex scene than a dismemberment scene.

    But all that is a separate issue from T&A which, to me, comes down to female body image and sexual objectification of women not the sex vs. violence issue. Women don’t look like that and they don’t need to. Personally, when I see the really over the top stuff: backsnapping ginormous boobies and g-string kick fighting I just think what horrible characterization and anatomy. You can do sexy without it bordering on grotesque.

  68. Wow!! After dropping the comic due to sooooo many delays, this trailer has me amped up for the movie.

  69. *DORKGASM*

  70. The more and more I see of this movie, the more and more I want to see it.  I didn’t read the comic book, but this movie just looks like over the top, ridiculous fun.

  71. I am not really into gratitous violence. I want more depth from things that i go see so i dont think I am going to see this one.

  72. The music is the winner for me. "la la la, la la la la!" While she’s cuttin dudes’ legs off is so epically awesome!

  73. No interest in this. This is all shock value. Oh a little girl swearing and killing! Pass. IMO Millar, in print or on film, is all controversy and no content.

  74. Is all the blood CG’d in? I can’t tell on my iPhone.

  75. The more I watch this video the more, I want to get the hardcover when it comes and see this movie. If Millar does follow up on the comic I hope its more about Hit-Girl.

  76. Looks good. Tame, but good.

  77. Oh Jimski you always know how to make me laugh.

    Hurm… I just recovered from 2012, I dunno if I should expose myself to that much Nic Cage… sadly I think it’s going to be a trend since he’s having ahem… "monetary problems". Let’s just hope this film doesn’t take a direction similar to "Ghost Rider" eh?

  78. Cursing little girls is hardy anything new in Cinema. Linda Blair, in the Excorsist, peeled the paint off the wall!

    I’m just looking for fun, and the trailers have already given that to me. Looking forward to the full film. It almost seems to have a Zombieland kind of vibe, with the voice over narrative, and the over the top violence. Give me more!

  79. Looks great.  Also, Nicholas Cage owned "Bad Liutenant: Port of Call New Orleans" and seems to be well cast in a supporting role in this film (the clip where he’s testing out bullet proof vests with Hit-Girl is also a hoot).  Cage has been in a number of bad movies (and will probably be in a few more, check out the trailer for "Season of the Wtich"), but he also has a backlog of amazing performances starting from "Vampire’s Kiss" through "Raising Arizona," "Wild at Heart," "Leaving Las Vegas," "Weather Man," and the afforementioned "Bad Lieutenant."  He’s not the first talented actor to take any role just to pay the bills.  Michael Caine once said he saw a movie so bad he was surprised he wasn’t in it.