Howard Chaykin Brings The Awesome Post-WWII Nazi Hunting Action in AVENGERS 1959

If you've been enjoying the awesome 1950s Avengers action that has been going on in the pages of New Avengers as much as Ron and I have then I've got great news for you. Spinning out of that tale of Nick Fury gathering together a ragtag team of misfits into his Avengers Initiative, comes Avengers 1959, a five issue mini-series written and drawn by the legendary Howard Chaykin.

Here's what Howard Chaykin has to say about the mini-series: "I'm grabbing what feels like a brass ring here, with the opportunity to do an untold story of the lost years of the Marvel Universe. In a follow up to the sensational stuff laid out by Brian Bendis in New Avengers, we'll follow Nick Fury and his Avengers around the world as they track down and take down super powered survivors of the Third Reich–as their ever effort is countermanded by a mysterious agency with a dark agenda of its own.”

Nick Fury is going Nazi hunting alongside Sabretooth, Kraven the Hunter, Namora, Dominic Fortune, Ulysses Bloodstone and the original Silver Sable. You couldn't drag me away from this book.

Avengers 1959 #1 hits stores this October.



  1. love the concept and the story thus far, but i can’t stand art; maybe it won’t grate on me as much when its not printed along side the new avengers art?

  2. But Agents of Atlas gets canceled. 

  3. I’m not a big fan of Chaykin’s style, to be honest.  What’s Michael Lark doing these days?  I’d buy with him on the book.

  4. @Tork  He’s doing the latest Stephen King book.

  5. Oh, well, that’s good.

  6. No interest what so ever. That is some bad Chaykin right there on the cover.

  7. > sniff < it’s everything I ever wanted in a comic book…it’s so beautiful…

               …and surely further proof of the omniscient power of the ifanboy podcast to conjure whatever comics the heart desires just by talking about it?

  8. I love all Chaykin – good, bad and indifferent.

    Who’s on the team?  Sabretooth?  Kraven?  Namor’s sister?

  9. @Grandturk  I just added the line-up to the article. I should have had that in there in the first place.

  10. @conor  Gracias!

  11. I gotta say, this cover arts lame but love some Nick Fury hunting nazis. I’d like to see a new version of Nick Fury’s Howling Commando’s of the same title.

  12. I’d hate to be THAT GUY but isn’t Sabretooth wearing the 90s Jim Lee suit, not the 80s or earlier leotards?

  13. This is the best news I’ve gotten all month. Fantastic.

  14. @irrg  well all we can see are the gloves and the headgear, it could be a completely new design

  15. @RoiVampire  Some sort of Sabretooth we don’t even know about?

  16. I would be all over this book with almost anyone else on art.  People talk about good Chaykin vs bad Chaykin… I haven’t seen good Chaykin in years.  I hope he is colored by someone else.  His computer finishes are an eyesore.

  17. Absolutely hate the art. Cannot stand it.

  18. Remembered loving the beginning of the story and having no idea what happened at the end lol. Nonetheless, excited about this

  19.  Howard Chaykin is awesome, and I’m so glad he’s doing this book.

  20. Bendis telegraphed that this was coming on the last word balloon Bendis Tapes episode.

  21. I quite like Chaykin but I find the characters they picked for the team a bit odd. TBH im shocked Wolvie isn’t in there 🙂

  22. Looks awesome, but probably gonna trade wait on this one. =)

  23. Loved the story in New Avengers, so I’m in for this.  The lineup is kind of weird, yes… but I like that. 

    But… no DumDum Dugan? 🙁

  24. Marvel needs to do a complete retelling of the Nick Fury story.  Or at least one of those “SAGA” comics.  I don’t think I’ve ever read his whole story laid out in one place.  (And it would be more fun to read it in comic form than in one of those “Official Handbook” entries, which are pretty dry.)

  25. Love Chaykin. This could be cool. Depending on how the budget is I’ll pick it up.

  26. The art just… doesn’t work for me at all.

  27. All in. I don’t necessarily agree with the bad Chaykin comments. I think his contribution to New Avengers has been nothing short of stellar, I can’t wait for the payoff.

  28. I’m always in with Chaykin, I think his work is great.  There is no “Bad Chaykin” with me.

  29. Is Blonde Phantom the original Silver Sable? I hope putting Sabretooth in his modern costume on the cover boosts sales.

  30. Give Fury back his cigarettes and I’m in. Despite Chaykin’s art which I find to be atrocious.

  31. No love for the Chaykin art, but the story’s good enough to get my interest.

  32. Story has got me. Art reminds me of Steve Dillon

  33. Nazi hunting was the best part of X-Men: First Class. It was only a matter of time..

  34. it doesn’t get any better than this…ever

  35. Looking forward to this.

  36. Nice.

  37. Is that Dominic Fortune and Namorita on the team??  That is awesome.  Fortune is like the Indiana Jones of the Marvel Universe.

  38. Maybe every few decades Sabretooth switches out costumes.  He could’ve worn this outfit in the ’50s & ’60s and then again later in the ’90s.

  39. Will this still be full of crap art?  This Avengers of Old storyline in New Avengers has completely ruined the book for me.  No matter how it ties in now, the issues with the disjointed flashbacks were just poorly written, executed and especially drawn.

    What sort of feedback did Marvel get to say “Hey, we need more bloated, bulbous, fat-faced art in a book.”? 

  40. @thebouv  Probably the same feedback you’re seeing in many of the comments here:

    “Howard Chaykin is awesome. More of this, please.”

  41. Howard Chaykin…graphic genius and ONE of the 70s/80s pioneers responsible for the way your comics look today… 

  42. More Marvel retcon nonsense. I don’t mind the Ckaykin art, however – I just don’t give a flip about these characters.

  43. Not sure if this idea will work as an ongoing… glad to see Blond Phantom show up though

  44. I am looking forward to this. I loved the New Avengers arc, I love the characters, and this is the kind of story in which Chaykin excels in my opinion.

  45. what Chaykin detractors think are imperfections in his style of art, those who apreciate him would say it’s his signature style.

    no one is forcing any haters to buy HC’s stuff.

    Glad we who luv it have another cool book to look forward to!

  46. Not a fan of the bulbous and bloated faces-
    I think the theory that there is Good and Bad Chayking is completely valid.
    I guess it’s up to each person to decide which is which but I have loved some stuff Chaykn has done
    like Batman-Thrillkiller and Black Kiss -The Stars My Destination- Awesome etc

    Then again there’s something like this-