Heroes – S04E01 + 02 – Orientation + Jump, Push, Fall

Volume Five: Redemption

Hey! Heroes is back! And it’s two hours tonight!

This season, Heroes is going “back to basics” which is often mentioned by producers as going “back to season one.” Many people, I assume, hope that it really means that it will go back to being “good.” Me, I’ve always enjoyed the show (for the most part) and am looking forward to another year of Heroes.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. *grab left hand*

    No TNC…..don’t click to N….B….C!

    Okay yes I am not doing this, I can’t afford to lose more blood like I did last time for the season finale. But I will have fun reading the comments out of context or not.

  2. I’ll probably watch if only for T-Bag/Tommy Dolan.


  3. Oh its not that bad of a show.  Compared to some of the other people with powers TV shows, this one is pretty much on top.

  4. I also miss this show being good…but it’s been too bad for too long, and there’s just too much else I could be doing/watching/reading…I think I will pretend this show got cancelled unfairly at the end of its great first season and try to forget everything that has happened since then.

  5. @Bryce31 I get a kick out of Heroes, but I watched Fringe for the first time, last night, and thought, "this is the show that Heroes should have been."  The only thing missing is Maki "I Can Do No Wrong Though I Am A Complete Media Whore" Oka (seriously: the only person who’s been on more talk shows in rapid succession is currently president).

  6. @Quinn: Promotion is considering being a media whore now?

  7. I do hope this season will be better, but really, the show hasnt been as bad as people make it seem. Yes, it has slipped over the last two seasons, but still, its probably the best (in my opinion) comic book genre/type of show on TV. And still one of the better ones in the overall primetime lineup. The keys to making it good are less of Suresh (a lot less actually, I dont really like him) and to seperate Nathan and Sylar back into two people. I really liked Nathan as a character. He was one of my favorites. Also, I liked Sylar a whole lot better (the beginning of season 3 I think) when he was trying to clean up his image and on a quest kind of like to redeem himself. I think that would have made a really good storyline if they had not put him back to killing.

  8. Looking forward to this; loved season 1, almost hated S2, enjoyed S3 for the most part; can’t wait until Sylar realizes what’s going on and cleans house.

  9. @ThePunisherMAX: I was so happy they did’t redeem Sylar. It’s such an overused cliche to make he popular villain into a hero and thus ruin everything that was good about the character.

  10. Unless they make Sylar into the kind of killer like Dexter Morgan (from Dexter on Showtime). Make it a storyline where he only kills those deserving of death.

  11. @conor yeah, I can see what you are saying. It was kind of fun just to sit back during seasons one and two and watch Sylar be evil pretty much just for the sake of being evil. I just think that they should do either one or the other. Dont make him float back and forth forever on what he wants to be.

  12. Damn I didn’t know Heroes was back on tonight.  So many show tonight. Thank you DVR.

  13. Here we go.

  14. @ThePunisherMax & @conor:  I didn’t like how they explained that his powers made him inherently evil and how Peter went wacko after aquiring Sylar’s ability.

  15. What kind of accent is he attempting? Irish?

  16. Carnies. Circus folk.

  17. Mutant circus?  They need a conjoined set of triplet martial artists.

  18. @conor: Nooo!!!! Carnie folk, they’re all evil.

  19. That dorm room is like twice as big as my freshman year dorm was.

  20. I hope Frank Quitely draws the circus scenes.

  21. I blame all of you and the likelihood of this live-blogging being more entertaining than the actual show.

    … Did the costume director just tell their assistants to grab ‘goth-y’ clothes and ended up w/ a guy in flame printed pajamas?

  22. Oh, man, if this Annie chick was my roommate I’d strangle her.

  23. This scene reminds me to hate Transformers 2.  Heh.

  24. Psycho roommate but still better than my college roomies.

  25. I had a girlfriend in college who tried to plan her life like that. I didn’t quite work out accordingly.

  26. Haha… Hiro on a billboard

  27. It’s hard to liveblog during the Hiro/Ando scenes.

  28. Haha — Ando is like Milhouse.

  29. Hate the roommate already. Good evening lads and lasses.


  30. Dial H for Hiro.

  31. "Bull Grapho"

  32. Hah! “Heroes for Hire”

  33. They should have just gone for it and done "Dial H For Hiro"

  34. Oooooh! 12 whole blocks! That would take like less than 10 minutes on foot.

  35. Peter met Spider-Man

  36. So now even GE is gonna make irreverant and offbeat commercials? Ugh.

  37. Peter is an EMT now. What’s the deal with superpowered EMT’s?  I’ve been watching too much Smallville season 8.

  38. Strangle her, Claire!

  39. Is this the one Claire’s gonna go all experiment-y on? I’d sooner strangle her.

  40. If someone knows my name yet still refers to me first as "roomie," I’d hurt that person.

  41. What a jackass professor. Its just a 100’s class. Christ.

  42. The prof. was reading ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’

  43. @captbastrd: Nope, it’s the girl from CALIFORNICATION she’s going to take an interest in.

  44. Did I just see the origins for The Adventures of Pete and Pete?

  45. The Japanese version of the cat stuck in a tree…

  46. So, I forget — is Sylar still pretendng to be Nathan? Where did we leave that?

  47. @conor
    Yeah, I just read somewhere that they planned on doing that, I didn’t read up on it. I’m like roughly two/thirds of America; fuck checking facts!

  48. Nevermind, the exposition is answering my questions.

  49. Break the glass, HRG!

  50. I think I’ve seen this anti-drug ad before.

  51. HRG is now a Newb.

  52. HRG should of got the carfax.

  53. this is so awesome!!

  54. bigyanks wins.

  55. jinkies my glasses!!!

  56. "Now that I’ve escaped that deathtrap… let me put on my notable accessory"

  57. Danko…?

  58. So if Tracy can exist as ice and as water… I would assume she can exist as vapor. Water never really goes away (right?)… does that mans she’s immortal now?

  59. Watch out, Claire! If you have sex with her, she’ll punch you in the face.

  60. Maybe if they keep her trapped as a block of ice in a freezer, they could neutralize her.

  61. It can go away, but it has some of the most powerful chemical bonds known. Its hard.

  62. @conor: she is basically like Iceman right? She is immortal, at least in her ice form.

  63. "I have to take care of something… talk to someone who doesn’t pry."

  64. No one over 18 says "On the D.L."  Or at least they shouldn’t.

  65. Oh noes. Hiro’s power backfires!

  66. Did Hiro leave Ando frozen in time for 15 minutes and just stand there?  Nice.

  67. Let’s see if this is the season they finally figure out how to use Hiro.

  68. Cripes! They just have to nullify Hiro every season, don’t they?

  69. @conor That would thrill me. But I doubt it. My money is on the continued slapstick caricature.

  70. Is her driver named Alfred?

  71. Office pool. How many episodes until Sylar is Sylar again?

  72. They keep neutering all the heroes powers. I want to see them kick ass.

  73. @conor: They haven’t got Hiro right since he came back from feudal Japan.

  74.  I want a big expensive sports car and a younger woman with questionable morals!

  75. Angela should never ever give advice ever.

  76. I love that Matt Jr. looks at his dad like "…the Hell?"

  77. @JesTr: I’d say that they haven’t gotten him right since season one. Sending him to Feudal Japan was the first big mistake.

  78. Memory wipes never take!

  79. Angela is the only character that keeps getting better it seems.

  80. At some point, Nathan’s going to have a Claire moment and everything’s going to go to piss.

  81. @conor
    Agreed. In the end, I remember liking that story, but it was an example of wasting his character. It’s because he really has the ultimate power. He’s their Blackbolt, they needed to hamper him with a "Can’t Talk" problem, except they did the opposite of what makes Blackbolt works.

  82. I hate these Bing commercials.

  83. Hiro is on the show just to cash in, there’s no way he can be happy with the character. Assuming he even gives a shit.

  84. I would love if they did some sort of reboot taking place after season 1.

  85. @bigyanks: If, by "cash in", you mean being a working actor — which is something that the vast majority of actors are not — then yes, I agree.

  86. "Hey dad, any chance you could put two in he back of Annie’s skull?"

  87. That roomate is such a bitch. Where is Sylar to cut a skull open when you need him.

  88. @JesTr: I think "bitch" might be a bit harsh. She’s just really type-A annoying.

  89. Power made so they can show half naked hotties for a 1000 Alex.

  90. Congrats to Ray Park for getting a speaking role.

  91. What kind of power would you call that?  Back clairvoyance?

  92. Are we sure Jeph Loeb is no longer involved in this show? That seems like a fairly convenient power for a hot chick to have.

  93. He was allowed to speak as Toad. 😀

  94. @conor: she was narking Claire out.

  95. This is kind of like a twisted version of The Tattooed Man.

  96. I don’t understand what just happened…

  97. @zombox: I know. But his speaking roles are few and far between.

  98. "This season, we’re gonna bring it back to season 1. We’re also gonna give natural dialogue a try."

  99. I wonder how many times people have been promised ‘getting their life back’ in this show?

  100. Lady Tattoo Man. Oop, wrong publisher!

  101. "Suck her up in a wet vac" sounds kind of dirty…

  102. Ha.  Noah rules.

  103. Did the Haitian just mind wiupe Noah or Captain Badass?

  104. Return of the hatian. @Conor touch

  105. Maybe I’m not badass enough, but I rarely throw my shirts down with deliberate force.

  106. Question answered.

  107. That’s how I answer my door.

  108. Its Deadpool!

  109. Someone brought two knives to a gun fight.

  110. She should pull a Michael Scott and explain exactly who she… oh shit! That guy died! Oh shit she got all watery slashed!

  111. This show needs to stop killing its good villains.

  112. Cool so Tracy is like Hydroman and Iceman combined.

  113. @Tork: I think he had run his course. There wasn’t a lot left to do with him but run around in the same territory already covered. Now we’ve got the evil carnies.

    Paul is going to be sad he dropped off this season.

  114. @conor & @Tork I won’t miss him but I miss Kristen Bell.

  115. @Conor– I don’t know.  He could have just gone away and came back later.  He could have had potential for later arcs.

  116. I’ve never played Guitar Hero when you can’t hear the music, but I can’t imagine it’s a lot of fun…

  117. Wonder who helped sponsor the show this season?

  118. Wonder how much Guitar Hero paid for this plug…

  119. Gretchen is a Decepticon in disguise.  I’m calling it now.  She wants the Matrix.

  120. And now for the hijinks portion of the show. Hiro and Ando in "Weekend at Bernies 4: Tokyo Drift"

  121. Someone kill the bitch! I’m sure gretchin will end up being Sylar’s daughter.

  122. In Soviet Russia, time freeze YOU!

  123. Oh snap! Hiro gets a serious plotline!

  124. @captbastrd @zombox: It’s going to happen more and more as fewer people wach network TV and skip the commercials. I don’t mind product placement if it means shows I like get to stay on the air.

  125. Ando honestly can’t remember Hiro SAVED THE WORLD in Season One.  You can’t change that stuff, man.

  126. I’m okay with product placement. Especially on shows I don’t have to pay for. If I had to pay to watch this I might get a little more aggravated.

  127. The old carny reminds me of Pat Hingle.

  128. YES! I mean… erm… holy crap!

  129. I swear it wasn’t me!

  130. Well, then.

  131. YESSSS!!! Thank you killer of annoying roommates!

  132. Who else suddenly misses Carnivale?

  133. That baby is a susprisingly good actor…

  134. Oh shit Sylar personality is in Matt!

  135. Gretchen is a carnie following Claire.

  136. Cool Astroboy trailer.

  137. Damn Tony Romo didn’t teach Jessica anything

  138. Parkman is the Sentry!

  139. @zombox exactly what I was thinking but more like Emma Frost.

  140. Sylar is no Professor Stein.

  141. Ouch, HRG. Ouch.

  142. Ooooouch…

  143. HRG…how the mighty have fallen.

  144. She killed, like, 5 dudes and she suddenly feels bad? WTF… inconsistent characterization.

  145. Don’t touch! Don’t touch!

  146. Now Hiro is going to go sing Johnny B. Goode.

  147. Ah, a movie after my own heart.

  148. @conor: and make out with his mom.

  149. I love how there was a DC and a Marvel version of the same joke.

  150. This new Tatoo Man guy is kind of interesting. I’m not quite sure yet whether he’ll ultimatly end up being a hero or villan.

  151. Hey, missed the first hour, anyone wanna catch me up real quick?

  152. @ThePunisherMax: He’s definitely the villain.

  153. The storyline of Hiro dying could be really good, but I dont like it when he is stuck in the past. Those kind of time travel situations never work out good for the show.

  154. Ah Gretchen… gonna take Claire’s virginity and be a murdering sociopath…

  155. The problem with him being stuck in the past is that he doesn’t have his usual relationships and supporting cast.

  156. Poor Ando.

  157. @zombox: This isn’t permanent. He’ll be back in teh present shortly.

  158. Wow, it wasn’t like it was unclear that Littel Hiro just ran into Little Ando… his sister must be… unpleasant…

  159. They’re gonna try to split the characters up this season arent they. A group of them witht he Tatoo man, and a group of them going against him. Kind of make it where the lines are blurred on who’s doing the right thing and who’s not.

  160. For such a comic book nerd, Hiro is pretty dense. If you change the past how would the people who got changed know you changed them?

  161. I don’t think I would be so happy if I just set up my sister and best friend

  162. Not so poor Ando.

  163. @greendart32: Do you not like your best friend very much?

  164. Dang… Noah’s good.

  165. @zombox Thats exactly what I thought. Ando wouldnt notice any change because thats the way he had been for years if Hiro changed him.

  166. I’d probably be happy for my sister. It be hard for me to be best friends with someone who was a total douche. So he’d probably treat her reasonably well.

  167. Gotta say, a Tracy/HRG team-up might have some potential.

  168. I’m enjoying this so far. I can’t decide if this show should have one cohesive plotline, or let everyone have their own thing going.

  169. lol nah im just jealous of the time the spend with each other instead of with me. Its one thing to lose a friend but my sister and a friend at the same time?

    (this actually happened to me. True story) 

  170. Heh heh, Roy the water man.

  171. @conor they should all have seperate storylines. When you get them all together, I think it kind of gets confusing about who is working with who and things like that. Season worked a lot better when they focused on each character instead of stuffing all of them into the overall plot.

  172. I still think Matt’s wife is a bad guy some how.

  173. Reading minds so you can bust drug rings is a-Ok in my book.

  174. How long after the last volume is this one?

  175. Oops. Meant to reference season 1 in my post a second ago.

  176. @conor:  Let them all have their own story and they can converge with other’s plots throughout the season.

  177. Remind me: Mohinder still alive?

  178. No, Noah.  Take the mustard.

  179. Peter and HRG must shop at the same grocery store.

  180. @JesTr exactly. Thats how it needs to be.

  181. Peter’s kind of self-righteous here…

  182. @greendart32 Six weeks, I think. Angela said something earlier about it being six weeks (I think thats what she said) since Matt cleared Nathans mind, so that’d be my guess.

  183. Mom sense tingling!

  184. Gretchen is all tact. All tact.

  185. Claire should be careful to not write any books around this chick.

  186. @thepunishermax

    ok thanks. 

  187. I can see where this is going..Claire’s new friend is a psycho with powers.  Weird lesbian seductive powers.

  188. man Peter seems a lot more chipper than usual

  189. I kind of feel bad for Noah. He has it pretty bad right now.

  190. @greendart32: He’s happy.

  191. A pouch… Danko was in X-Force!

  192. Poor Bank Guy.

  193. I like goody two shoes Peter. Peter should pretty much always be season 1 Peter. He’s sort of the Cyclops of the show to me.

  194. peter happy?

    did I miss something? 

  195. @greendart32: He’s got his old life back. he’s using his abilities to help people. He’s clearly happy in what he’s doing now.

  196. @Tork: Hahahaha a pouch and Deadpool showed up.  Did they trade Loeb for Liefeld I wonder?

  197. @zombox

    yeah, hes always been the most overtly hero of all the characters. Except for maybe Hiro 

  198. My friend called and I had to console her over her losing a grandparent for a half hour… what’d I miss?

  199. @conor

    Ok, gotcha. good to see some development 

  200. Speed Dueling!

  201. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!

  202. @captbastrd: Hiro went back int time and played matchmaker with Ando and his sister. Someone kille Claire’s roommate. HRG’s wife has a boyfriend. Ummm….

  203. Ok, definitely digging the show so far

  204. The music seems inappropriate in these two scenes.

  205. I like this chipper, less-emo Peter better.

  206. Food fight! Food fight! Foo– no? Okay.

  207. Bitch is crazy…

  208. The car the new girl drives looks alot like the one Claire had stolen.

  209. The Decepticon is really creepy…

  210. "Office Recovery Group"? What’s that? For people who miss when THE OFFICE was really good?

  211. @conor
    Alright, thanks, good to go!

  212. You shut your mouth!  The Office is always good!

  213. @conor


  214. I really like Sylar being part of Matt’s mind. I think Matt is an interesting character as it is, and this only makes it better.

  215. AH!

    I just realized that was Simon the Cylon! 

  216. Ok what’s with the psycho Nancy Drew and why is Claire all Gung-Ho with this shit.

  217. I’m with Tork, but that was funny. (C’mon! Jim and Pam are gonna have the wittiest baby ever!)

  218. @ThePunisherMAX: I agree with the Sylar thing. It’s an interesting development for Parkman.

  219. I have a lot of hope for Surrogates. Loved the graphics novels.

  220. I twittered this before, but seriously: song parodies in commercials should be banned.

  221. Holyfield never needs to ever be in a dress.  You’ve assaulted my brain, Taco Bell.

  222. And back to the cornball…

  223. Ando’s rocking the Hitler hair…

  224. There should be a picture made with Hiro taking Spidey’s place from last week’s Cupid cover.

  225. Sadly, Hiro and Ando are the weakest part of all this. Except for th brief scene with the Tattooed Man.

  226. Hiro is going to quantum Leap?

  227. What will happen??? Will Parkman use his powers to get the info on the drug dealers?!?

  228. "Why’re you looking at my forehead?"
    That was great.

  229. @conor
    No, he used crazy to get a name!

  230. Oh dear…

  231. Sylar is Parkman’s fucked up Jiminy Cricket.

  232. Crazy is stronger than super powers. Just ask women, we fall for it every time.

  233. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo(ah)!!

  234. HRG?????

  235. Sylar’s like a crazy Ninja Ninja from Samurai Jack.

  236. Sylar being in Parkman’s mind is easily the best thing to come out of tonights episode so far.

  237. NOOOOOAH!!!

  238. Don’t mess with Darth Maul.

  239. Heh.  You go, Puddy.

  240. Oh no! Dont kill off Noah! Actually, I dont think they will. He’s too good of a character and too important to the story to do that.

  241. Yay, HRG lives.

  242. I made a joke earlier, but is there a new head writer? The dialogue is much snappier than I remember. It’s an improvement for sure.

  243. Noah and Tracey… hooking up?

  244. @captbastrd Yeah, I’m pretty sure. I know they got rid of Jeph Loeb, and somebody else (Coleite, was that his name?) But yeah, I think they do.

  245. I hope they aren’t hooking up.  That’s just… no…

  246. Really, now Parkman is gonna have to put up with his wife cheating on him? Thats horrible.

  247. @zombox: She would definitely fall under the category of a younger woman with questionable morals.

  248. Parkman: Jealous Asshole!

  249. Oooooh, Bad Parkman!

  250. I didn’t watch the last half of the last season… what happened to Speedy McCrutches Girl?

  251. tick tick tick….

  252. PunisherMAX– She did it in season one.

  253. @captbastrd: She died.

  254. I dont blame Parkman. His wife looked way too interested.

  255. @captbastrd


  256. Who didn’t see this coming?

  257. Claire is her own crash test dummy.

  258. Ah… he got over it then, eh?

    What’re ya gonna do with the blood, Claire?? Nice going, now you’ll have to seduce her to keep the secret!

  259. The ribs thing was not cool.

  260. Does Claire still not feel pain?

  261. @Tork true, I’m just saying that his life has gotten a lot better since then, (except the whole Sylar thing). If she were to do that again, It would really push him over the edge.

  262. @captbastrd: When you’re a character on a show trying to move on from the past, you get over stuff quick-like.

  263. ok whats the tatoo mans deal?

  264. @JesTR: She always feels pain.

  265. @conor

  266. So how did The Tattooed Man move the earth in the first scene? Does he have multiple powers?

  267. I called it Gretchen being a carnie.

  268. Hey. Not a bad episode. My tenative assessment is very hopeful. This season seems tighter, more focused. It feels like they have a goal.

  269. "It’s the Jay Leno Show! Featuri-"

    TV off.

  270. @conor: At one point she didn’t.  I couldn’t remember if she could now or not.

  271. Monday Night Football here I come. Thanks for hosting Conor.

  272. see ya next week

  273. I really liked this episode. I have high hopes for this season. It was definitly a good premiere.

  274. Damn. I was really intending on being too cool for school with Heroes, but I’m probably going to keep watching it. You’re all bastards. Witty, witty bastards!

  275. Strong opener. As Morgan Freeman said in SHAWSHANK, "I hope."

  276. Preview looked interesting. Sylar tuns Parkman evil, or just bipolar maybe. Looks to be a good season.

  277. So far, so good. I will definitely tune in next week.

  278. So Sylar is to Parkman as Bushman is to Moon Knight? Okay, I’m intrigued

  279. @formerboygenius Nice analogy. Thats a really good way to put it. Thats the exact relationship they’re gonna have.

  280. @conor-The pigment used in the tatoo ink is probably dirt based. If you know anyone’s still paying attention to the liveblog. Damn my need for non-online socializing.

  281. uh, I couldn’t watch past the first hour. I seem to remember the reason for the short order was to trim the fat. What to they do? They open with a 2 hour long episode in which nothing really happens in the first hour. I can’t wait till the end of the season, because that’s when Chuck returns.

  282. @Bryce- It’s not bad when you compare it to other shitty shows, good point.

    I’m out. Might watch online once the season has finished, but I have no interest in commiting any more time to this show.

  283. Can someone please explain to me why Danko had a key in his stomache lol.

  284. HRG definatly is most deserving of some Tracy action.

  285. This garbage of a show needs mercy-killing.

  286. @Blitheh: He probably swallowed it to keep someone from getting it from him.

  287. I liked it showed promise….the first episodes usually do, it’s when the story ramps up that they have an issue keeping all the balls going.

  288. Last night’s premiere was down 46% from last year’s premiere.  Good riddance Heroes!

  289. @BrowncoatJedi: Did you watch it? If not there’s no trolling allowed.

  290. season 3 was so god-awful that I almost returned seasons 1 and 2 on blu-ray so I didn’t stain my home video collection

  291. Definitely better than last season. I think we may be back up to the level of Season 2, which was definitely watchable. I don’t think it is possible to recreate the magic of Season 1. We have just seen too much of these people before and half the reason Season 1 was so good was not the acting/writing but how fresh and new it was. Still, definitely fun which is a long stride better than the painful drudgery of last year. I am in for now, but the leah is still short.

  292. The LEASH is still short.

    By-the-way,  in exactly what University is Linear Algebra the killer class that everyone desperately wants to take? The character (dead now) was a Poly-Sci major if I recall. I suppose it is not out of the question that one might use some sophisticated math or statistics as part of a political science thesis, but I strongly doubt there is a single political science department in the country that requires linear algebra. It will certainly be of no help becoming an attorney or governor. It’s for Math and Science people only. Also, it is guaranteed to be taught by that young professer that doesn’t really speak English. Guaranteed. 

  293. @rjspring and @JimBilly4


    I guess I am missing something…I remember Season 3 as being better than Season 2. Most people bemoaned S2 as really bad. Did I forget maybe?

  294. Better than I thought it was going to be.

    I actually care about Parkman for once.

    Still don’t like the Nathan/Sylar, but that was last season and we are moving forward.

    Claire’s plotline doesn’t interest me, but it hasn’t since S1.

    I do like new Peter, and here’s to hoping that Suresh does not return!!

  295. @MisterJ Agreed on every point.

  296. they lost me at the last season

  297. LOL! screw the trailer, I just heard about it a few hours ago and it’ll be on in 20 minutes. Best part is it’s only 6:40 so it’s not like I’ll be at the movies when this is playing.

  298. @ MisterJ

    I miss Sureshes voice overs.

    Claires plot line is killing me, every second line out of her mouth and every little facial expression makes me cringe. I am from Aus and have to watch this on a computer, every time claire gets screen time I find myself loading firefox. And I shouldn’t cause she’s young and hot!

    Everyone here seems to be hating on season three. I thought it was a lot stronger then the second season. I liked the whole mr Petrelli story line. Dont forget the Sylar and Bennet battles, and Kirsten Bell walking round in a t-shirt and panties for two episodes. All I remember from season 2 is horible Irish accents.

  299. It still bothers me that Peter left that girl in a dystopic future that ceased to exist.

  300. @Crucio: Yeah, they’re hoping you forget about that.

  301. @Crucio: that was a fucked up episode. Tonight’s was ok. I suppose. I cringed at Claire’s broken wrist though.

  302. @ Crucio & Conor: It’s things like that chick being left in the future and then forgotten about that I love and hate about this show. Like this episode and Danko and the key he swallowed. He couldn’t of known they were coming for him that day. So you have to assume he had been swallowing that key and passing it every day since he got lol.

  303. @Blitheh-Good point about the voice-over.  He did have a good voice for that work.

  304. My memories of season 2 may be colored by a gradual come down from the splender of Season 1, but last season was really bad. I think they managed to pull it out of the realm of eye-pluckingly horrible with a semi-strong finish or 4-5 episodes, but before that it was a muddled, boring mess. I suspect the difference of opinion could lie in what we are looking for in our TV. The show consistently had fun special effects and lots of people people with powers constantly be thrown against each other.  On the other hand they completely lost the characters. Everyone was running around doing things that made no sense for their characters without any explanation or motivating factor. The Petrelli brothers were the worst, randomly hating and loving each other, betraying and fighting for each other at the whim of that week’s writer. Sylar on his redemption/corruption yo-yo. Everyone hates Suresh now because of whatever it is they turned him into last season. Combine that with some generally terrible plot "twists" and that is why the show is on the chopping block this year. If they can make me like the characters again (not all of them… I will always be annoyed by Claire) I will put up with a lot of stupid twists and turns. 

  305. @Conor One thing.  Does Claire feel pain?  I remember Sylar took that piece out of her brain to make her not feel anything.  I don’t remember her getting feeling back, she just wandered around morose for a couple of episodes.

    I could be wrong, or it could be one of those things they hope we forgot about.