Heroes – S03E25 – An Invisible Thread

Volume Four: Fugitives

Tonight’s episode – An Invisible Thread

This is it for the season! Where’s it all going to go? Who knows? That’s either awesome or big trouble.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. I hope this has a ‘omg’ or ‘wow, didnt see that coming’ type of ending.

    Cause these last two episodes have been very meh….I want a strong finish to this.

  2. well… that ended.  That’s about all I can say. 

    No, wait, I can say something.  Has a show ever come off the rails as bad as Heroes?  What the hell kind of an ending was that?  I mean, seriously, are you kidding me? 

  3. Hey, the show hasn’t aired yet!

  4. All right…..something to look forward too!!! 🙂

    Thanks Crippler

  5. Alright, make or break time guys

  6. Here…!

  7. Let’s get it on!


  8. One day they are going to have an episode that is 55mins of ‘Previously on…’

  9. You are not a fragile and unique snow flake…

  10. nite boys


  11. Uh….is the episode over? lol

  12. Sorry.. it aired 2 hours ago here.  I didn’t spoil anything!  Let me just ask though… does anyone miss Hiro wielding a sword?  ’cause I sure do.

  13. Night..? Boutux.

  14. End of the line mothafu***ers!!!

  15. I miss when we could take Hiro seriously at all.

  16. HRG is so badass!

  17. @Crippler: Not really.

  18. ‘Claire…..please dont do anything stupid….for daddy’s sake’-HRG

  19. I hope Chuck isn’t done for…in other news, the promo’s for this last Heroes episode were cool.

  20. Another scene we’re seeing again

  21. I feel like The Hunter is going to keel over from emphysema at any moment.

  22. You moved it?……really heroes?….really?

  23. Maybe Sylar can answer the "Can shape shifters have babies?" debate for us.

  24. Good, I’m glad they didn’t decide to just make Sylar completely invulnerable.

  25. @conor – we all do, I think. Poor guy hasn’t looked well at all.

  26. @TNC: Why not? It’s no more outrageous than any other ability.

  27. i love sylar

  28. @conor: Yeah but that just makes him even more invulnerable….

  29. Clever.

  30. awesome start

  31. Seems like there is a lot of pre-whining. It’s okay not to like things, but this ep. has barely started and everyone is acting like it already sucks.

  32. Feh! Commercial already.

  33. @Conor – when I saw this scene that’s exactly what I thought of.  Shape-shiftin baby makers. 

  34. Interesting… but why didn’t he just kill him?

  35. @psyguy: I am just meerly observating what I see before me

  36. @psyguy: There is definitely some of that going on.

  37. @conor: Sorry I dont say everything is terrific on this show like you do week in and out

  38. There is a nice irony to the hunter being hunted.

  39. i agree such negativity for a show that started awesome. more suspense.


  40. Uh Claire has seen 3 seasons worth of her dad doing desperate things to save her…

  41. It would great if there was a montage of trying to wake Nathan up

  42. Oooh, Michael Dorn!

  43. It’s a good thing they’re the same size. 🙂  And poking fun is not always the same as negativity.

  44. Ha, that’s really risky to change with someone right behind him

  45. I like Matt Parkman’s transition over the 3 seasons from loser cop with powers to game-changer.

  46. I think Claire has finally started to become interesting this season.

  47. Wow….it’s that easy to fool her?

  48. Damnit!! Why is Jeph Loeb still on the credits!?

  49. She’s on to him, bet you money.

  50. Explode?

    That would be really cool

  51. It’s waterboard time!

  52. Let the ass kicking begin!!

  53. AWESOME!

  54. Oh Nice!

  55. I hope HRG effs him up.

  56. Help me to correct myself:

    Did Fuller’s name appear at all during the credits? Cause I didnt see him

  57. Wonder if HRG is the one person to change Hunter’s tune and make a dynamic duo of regular people?

  58. Fuller is a Consulting Producer on this episode

  59. Gotcha….but Jeph Loeb is executive producer….means more power for him…

  60. @TNC: Yes, he was Consulting Producer.

  61. You know I wouldn’t put those two in the same cell. That’s just asking for them to team up to form an elaborate escape plan.

  62. @TNC: Jeph Loeb isn’t actively working on the show anymore.  Bur EPs have contracts and get their names (and get paid) for shows long after they no longer work there.

  63. ‘Oh I shouldnt have eaten all of those hamburgers last night’-Nathan

  64. @conor: Hopefully that is the case and it’s all just for legal and money reasons to keep him on the credits…

  65. Ha! HRG has probably the same attitude of the audience with Sylar’s weak spot


  66. Coleite was still in the credits and I think he was booted with Loeb several episodes ago also.

  67. Oh dammit. Not another bad guy gone good.

  68. There we go. 2 really smart hunters teaming up.

  69. I expect Hunter and HRG to sing….

    ‘Together again for the first time….’

  70. beat his ass HRG

  71. That’s hilarious! –Nothing to see here, moving on.

  72. funny moment frozen in time

  73. lol!

    ‘Holy crap!’

  74. I love how all it takes is one plug up the nose and you’re instantly out.

  75. @TNC: It is the case. He was very publically removed from the show. But contracts have to be honored in terms of credit/pay.

    Not that it matters one way or another if Jeph Loeb is working on the show. He was on HEROES during season one and he was a producer on LOST.

  76. @superchuck: That’s one strong drug 🙂

  77. @conor: It’s just weird to see his name cause he was fired publically….but it’s all legal mumbo jumbo I wont understand till I get into the biz

  78. I expect Sylar to try and remember the school’s motto for the guy

  79. I think Claire knows.

  80. she’s on to him

  81. AWESOME.

  82. ‘Down I go…..’-Hunter

  83. really hoping Hiro doesn’t die

  84. Creepy molester moment.

  85. Nah, I predict Nathan finally bites it for real.

  86. Sylar is going into ‘creepy rape mode’…..

  87. @zombox thinking the same thing

  88. I kinda don’t want Hiro to die, but at the same time, he really hasn’t served much of a purpose since season one. So if they have to sacrifice someone to up the stakes or to show the negative consequences of these powers, I’d probably be okay with it.

    There are a few in the cast who fit that bill. It could really be pared down.

  89. I’m hoping everyone dies but Matt who runs off with his baby and Daphne who it turns out isn’t actually dead.

  90. While on commercial break can someone tell me who the girl is by Matt on the pic on this page?

  91. @Daphne: I don’t see Daphne as much of the motherly type…

    (Which may be why I liked her so much)

  92. I think we’ll probably lose a Petrelli. There are plenty of them to spare.

  93. @psyguy: That’s Maya.

  94. Terminator Salvation looks sweet

  95. @conor: I don’t think she’s the motherly type either, I just want her back.

  96. Yeah…..that’s nothing like Hilary Duff….*rolls eyes*

  97. He just turned into puppet master.

  98. Damn, does he have the puppetmaster power too?

  99. @conor – thanks, I guess the lighting in the pic threw me off. The children laughing audio in this scene is rather creepy…..Haha, Larry.

  100. So…..is sylar turning into Michael Jackson or what?….

  101. ……this is turning all kinds of uncomfortable….

  102. WOW, UBER-creepy!

  103. ‘You cant fool me I can see the strings!’

  104. I love the usher!

  105. When they’re together it’s like a bad action film

  106. Oh, come the eff on… what BS.

  107. Damn, did they run out of budget?

  108. Well I guess they used up all the budget…

  109. You never see Peter’s fights with Sylar.

  110. oh shit!

  111. cop out! all we see is aftermath?

  112. Oh shit!

  113. Holy shit….

  114. Well that was all kinds of sucky and anticlimatic….

  115. Awesome.  And I don’t see a way out of that one.  Unless they use Claire’s blood or something.

  116. damn!!!! loss for words and i got chills

  117. Anyone have the power to practically put someone’s head back on?

  118. That was totally sucky and anti-climatic.

  119. I feel a bit jipped on the fight, but they still might make up for it later. The death though was kind of shocking in how graphic it was, for tv at least.

  120. They really have to stop having Sylar as the threat, he’s unbeatable

  121. Yeah, I guess her blood, or if Hiro makes it, then time travel.

  122. That death scene shocked me at first…..but if that is truely the end of Nathan then what a bitchy way to go…

    @gobo: Word

  123. That was pretty crazy. Smart of them to have the fight happen off screen rather than do it on the cheap. The throat cut was shocking. Good stuff.

  124. No, I’m pretty sure they have a "no more time travel" mandate

  125. @conor: Yes it’s always more entertaining to hear

    ‘Ouch!’ *grunts* ‘Damn!’ ‘Guh!’

  126. Garbage. Been waiting 3 seasons to see a set of Heroes really fight Sylar and this was it? Garbage.

  127. @TNC: You have to work with what you’ve got in reality. This isn’t a big budget movie.

  128. @conor: Really? cause they spent the money a bunch of times this half season to do some cool special effects

  129. @TNC If the budget isn’t extravagant, then oh well, make due. I think it’s okay death.

  130. @TNC And that’s the main reason Loeb got fired.

  131. anyone else more grossed out by angela patrelli’s earlobes than nathan slit throat?

  132. Neither was BSG and they managed some really cool effects… on screen.

  133. awesome claire moment

  134. @gobo: Oh yeah….I guess that would be a problem if I was president of the network

  135. Hahah….I’m laughing more then being upset with that ‘NOOO!!’

  136. @zombox: It’s easier to pull off convincing effects in a purely digital shot than a mix like this would have been.

  137. Of course the president is going threw the kitchen….

  138. Don’t care. I call garbage. Total garbage.

  139. NICE!!!!!!

  140. How freaking awesome!

  141. oh wow….seriously consider me shocked

  142. That was all different kinds of awesome

  143. i wont lie that kinda upset me. everything was awesome uptil that limo scene

  144. Aw that crazy Sylar….always one step behind!

    *cartoony music plays*

  145. Now cut Sylar into little pieces and burn him up!

  146. @gobo: Yeah if they just put him into a cell…..then they havent learned anything this season

  147. I’d go with the classic volcano treatment.

  148. Oh dont tell me…..this is completely retarded….

  149. Oh… come the eff on…

  150. Seriously!?

    Oh my god I am fuming right now…

  151. Wow…okay. That’s an interesting move.

  152. ok that’s an interesting twist. i most def didnt expect this

  153. Come on Matt….have a brain for once in a season…



  154. It’s possible that this is a "jump the shark" moment

  155. Oh for f*** sakes…..

    This is complete…..gah….

  156. Haven’t they read the Fantastic Four? Or JLA? You can’t just make shapeshifters forget who they are.

  157. can someone say identity crisis?

  158. ********!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ‘That is the loudest swear I have ever heard’-Ned Flanders

  159. @eagle No more so that the previous couple of times they brought Nathan back.

  160. Come on Fuller!!!! I know you just got back but arent you suppose to make these episodes good!?

  161. Plus how can they think burning him is gonna solve anything!?

    That anit gonna stop the healing factor if they believe that’s Sylar!

  162. Satisfying, also ends on a note that’s ok if there’s no more Heroes after this.

  163. the episode wasnt bad. it was surprising good actually.

  164. @gobo: But there is a season after this!!!!

    Plus even if this was a series finale it’s ****ing stupid

  165. so when whatever incarnation of ali larter hooks up with nathan/sylar next season, then i am officially done with this show

  166. Oh okay!!!

    So they have the budget to do this but not the fight?

  167. OH COME ON!  Why can’t this woman stay dead!

  168. Yeah, but getting to see Ali Larter naked?  Totally worth it!

  169. tracy is going to be the next villain

  170. Really a very flimsy episode.

  171. Again the effect doesn’t interact with any live actor, piece of cake (relatively speaking)

  172. I really really liked that episode

  173. Oh my god…..the rage I am experiencing right now…..the rage…..it’s flaming up my…..flames!….up my….


    I need to cool down before I just post obscenities on here….

  174. I really wish people would stay dead.

  175. Some great moments, but also some head-scratching ones.  Yup, that was an episode of Heroes.

  176. It’s a decent setup to a new regime. They’ll have a lot to work with next season.

  177. Pretty happy with this episode and how the season ended up turning out, MUCH better than the previous 2 volumes and sets up some good stuff for next season. 

    Ali Larter being back is more than a little annoying though.  Especially since they won’t be able to show her using her powers much

  178. Bottom line:

    This was a good episode (not great) until the last ten minutes, It was really slow pacing but I was excitied on where Sylar was gonna go in this. But this…..terrible,….lame idea….that is totally going to be the least bit of dramatic tension ever for a series….god….Fuller is suppose to be a god people! He’s suppose to be the reason for this show being ‘better’.

    Well if he thought this was a good idea; whether on his own or from a pitch by a writer…..then **** me I am done with this season. I gave it one more chance, and it ripped my heart out and stomped on it…..then spit in it and laughed ‘ha ha, we give you ****** ideas!’

    Screw this show.

  179. i liked the epi. the only point that i didnt like was the limo thing with fake obama/peter/sylar but everything after that made up for it. i wish they would have shown the fight but i’ve gotten use to them copping out since season 1 so i no longer hold it against them.

  180. EDIT: ment to say ‘done with the series’

    I dont want to argue nor am I commenting on this show anymore. You guys liked it? Fine. I am just not wasting an hour of my life anymore on this. Have fun

  181. A new sig?

    1 Day without watching Heroes

    100 Days without reading a Bendis book?

  182. have a happy free comic day everyone

  183. The strongest season finale thus far (which is sort of feint praise as the previous two weren’t spectcular), but this episode set up a lot of really interesting things for next season. Not the least of which will be "When does the Sylar timebomb explode and what happens when it does?" What price will Angela Petrelli have to pay to keep her "son"? It’ll be really interesting to find out.


  184. @conor I thinking the same, also the unresolved questions re: Hiro, Parkman’s guilt (if any) over what he did, and if Peter becomes more like Sylar

  185. A friend of mine just IM’d me breathlessly spoiling the fate of Sylar/Nathan. I never dreamed that I would live to see the day when a primetime NBC drama used a plot point I saw first in Tony Bedard’s eXiles. If shows my dad would watch have things in common with eXiles, this is an excellent time to be alive.

  186. I thought that ‘replacing’ Nathen with Sylar-nathen was all kinds of lame.  Glad that some of you liked it.  It didn’t do much for me. 

  187. Good episode UNTIL the lame Sylar /Nathan copout.    Was stupid in so many ways

  188. So this is the best way to have there main man Sylar around without the actual actor.  And did everyone forget about Claires healing blood?

  189. I think they could have gotten to the same final scene in a much creepier way if they’d used Sylar’s immortal blood to heal Nathan, still with just those few people in the know.  That way they all get to have the we won, Sylar’s dead thing, except that then Angela alone sees the beginning of Sylar’s infecting Nathan with the clock scene. 

    Not that it was a bad ending, just could have been more chilling and left more open.

  190. Nathan/Sylar thing was a genius way of allowing the actor too go off and do some movies but always maintain that possibility of him coming back. I also like the fight scene being off screen, the special effects on the show are flimsy, either due to cost or time constraint, probably both. I’d rather them do it off screen then have it look crappy on screen. 

  191. I thought the episode packed in a lot and was strong for the most part.  I don’t get why people think the replace Sylar with Nathan thing was lame although it would have played much, much better to me if Angela was horrified by the idea and it was HRG and Parkman having to convince her.  I like having the new Nathan be a time bomb of sorts, especially if they keep Nathan’s changes subtle.   I loved the limo scene, didn’t see that coming at all.

     On the subject of the closed door fight – I don’t think it was clever because it cheated the audience.  The plot certainly didn’t demand a fight.  And BTW, there wouldn’t be a big Peter/Sylar fight anyway since Peter could only take one power.   In the limo he said, "Get you didn’t guess I’d take that one."

    So who’s being "redeemed" next season? 


  192. If anyone here read the Exiles then you know how lame the Nathan/Sylar replacement was.

  193. I would have bought the whole Sylar/Nathan idea if the idea was to have ‘Nathan’ resolve all the political aspects and ramifications and then kill him.  But this idea is just dumb.  You cannot tame a tiger.  Both HRG and Angela are aware of this.  And as to the grief aspect of Angela’s rationale, I would ask ‘what would be worse, losing your son or losing your son, replacing him with a psychopath/sociopath who will eventually torture you/kill you/cut off the top of your skull?’  AND all the while you are aware that this is the inevitable result. 

    That being said, I love where the season left Hiro, Ando, Traci, and HRG (now promoted to upper management!).  

    I know that it is a nitpick, but I HATED that they abused the ‘clothing rule’ for shapeshifters.  At first they needed to change clothes, then next episode they did not have to change clothes.  Especially because the producers said that they were NOT going to do this.  

  194. So does every season finale have to end with Nathan "dying"? Is that the formula they are going with? Season one he seemingly died due to the explosion.  Season 2 he got shot. Now he (from the looks of it) actually died. Coincedence or on purpose? I dunno.

    Personally I liked how that ended up and really enjoyed the last part of this season.  I am very excited for what comes next.  Count me in for sure.

  195. I thought this volume started kinda weak (3-4 episodes), kicked into gear for most of the rest and went off the rails the last 2 trying to re-weave loose threads and cut off stagnant ones.  Very disappointing attempt at saving this show from bad ratings.

    1. Nathan had to die in a "heroic" manner (fighting) because his character got so twisted up (rounded up heroes and put them into comas) and lame (doing God’s work?!?) since volume 2.  Wasn’t his save at end of volume 1 awesome (taking Peter away from NY to save everyone from the blast)?  What happened to that guy?

    2.  Matt met his soulmate (Daphne) only to lose her tragically and 2 episodes later he sweetly reconciled with his ex-wife ("If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with"???).  Didn’t make any sense

    3.  Smart of Peter to take shapechanging from Sylar.  Too bad it’s going to mess him up (Sylar was really losing it) worse than trying to cope with all the powers he was absorbing during Volume 1 & 2. And wasn’t that (Peter losing it) getting tiresome?

    4.  Hiro is the idealist and hero at heart.  So they kill his girl, send him into the past where he makes a mortal enemy of his idol, strip him of his powers, send him back into the past to helplessly watch him mom die again and then give him his power back but now it’s killing him.  Writers, make up your mind.

    5.  Rebel was the guiding force in the resurgence during this last volume.  Yay, it’s Micah.  Sylar sends him away and he literally disappears from program.  What the heck?

    6.  Too much screen time for Moron-hinder & Claire bear which gives the audience impression that they are important but they do so many 180’s (i’m tough, i’m weak, i’m smart, i’m stupid, i know what to do, i don’t know what to do, i trust my dad, i don’t trust my dad) their characters get lamer and lamer.

  196. I think all you haters are overreacting, I just caught up last night, but really enjoyed this episode. 

    I think it’s funny that everyone was all weirded out by Sylar coming onto Claire, when Claire was totally getting it on with Peter in Real Life!  What’s creepier?

    I think it’s actually a great spot to leave the series, with a lot of potential for next season, and well written considering there had to be times when they didn’t know if there was going to BE a next season. 

    Also, anyone who knows anything about ice-based powers should have expected an Ali Larter return and I for one am happy about it.  Give her a chance to win you over as an ass-kicking bad-guy.  Plus  putting Sylar in Nathan’s body is fine, some of the best scenes this episode were Nathan acting as Sylar/Nathan, a testament to his acting really.

    I’m looking forward to more.