Heroes – S03E21 – Into Asylum

Volume Four: Fugitives

Tonight’s episode: Into Asylum

Sylar’s back this week and it looks like he’s going up against The Hunter! Last week’s episode rocked so hard I’m still reeling from it. Can the momentum be sustained this week? It’s a tall order.

The ratings continue to fall, which is no surprise, but the show has been guaranteed at least another (shortened) season so I guess the people behind the show and its fans can breath easy — for now.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. ok, gona live blog today.  todays the day…

  2. I’m gonna try and vlog at the same time…

    Last week’s episode was the first for me in a couple of months. I was confused, but I was surprised at the quality of it. Maybe one man (Fuller) can save a show?

  3. jestergoblin reporting in after over a month of absence!

  4. Wow must be mexico cause that was a sweet El Camino LOL

  5. Generic Mexican village

  6. I liked the duelling subtitles in different colors. Nice touch.

  7. That is some BIG hair on Nathan.

  8. Is it just me or does Nathan’s hair get crazier each time. The beard from season 2 will be next.

  9. Is it always dark blue/grayish in NYC?

  10. Like Josh at 3 in the morning hair.

  11. i’m late


  12. Nice….like me at 2am

  13. You would think HRB would be gone from this assignment after Nathan was exposed..

  14. Sylar > obsessed agent

  15. Sylar has gone back from being a wuss to a badass I see…

  16. I love the recent radio choices around Sylar…

  17. great use of music

  18. i’m loving the music selection of the last few epis

  19. Is this heroes or a shower gel commercial?

  20. Man, I really hope Mike Torello shows up!

  21. astral projection = sylar ability

  22. So, Sylar’s Batman, huh?

  23. does sylar now have cigarette lighter-kenesis?

  24. wet sylar =hot sexy sylar


    jus had to be a girl for a sec.

  25. Sylar is the new sponser for Herbal Essence…Oh yes….

  26. Big vein on the Hunter’s neck..

  27. Sorry your speeches are not Adama effective

  28. is it me or does hunter look sicker as each epi progresses?

  29. This is a fine Crunchwrap supreme!

  30. I still have my vote that HRG is more dangerous than the Hunter…good or bad…and almost as dangerous or on level with Sylar.

  31. I have the urge for Sylar… I mean herbal!

  32. @boutux I was thinking the same thing

  33. This can’t be Mexico… where are the running gun battles between the cartels and the government…?

  34. You know what she’s praying for?

    A son with better acting skills 🙂

  35. @conor: Also, where are the guys with big hats and mustaches?

  36. Ah, Petrelli the hustler.

  37. drunk Nathan’s gonna be funny

  38. @TNC Are you watching the same show? All Petrellis are acting just fine. What I’m curious is if the writers are channeling a lil’ Peter Parker into this Peter.

  39. Anyone stupid enough to enter into a bar bet deserves to lose their money.

  40. @psy: Yes I am, gotta agree to disagree on that man

  41. stop hating on milo, sometimes its enough to jus be hot

  42. Ha ha! Love you Sylar!

  43. What’s in the box!?

  44. Whats in the box!?

  45. Killer Shapeshifter? Hilarity insues!

  46. There is ALWAYS a box with a head in it.

  47. Was Jack in the Box?…nope just the head.

  48. @conor always

  49. Hey Seth MacFarlane….weird seeing him do voices

  50. Nice Special Effects for the shapeshifter

  51. Guess it’s not an easy Mystique kind of transition???

  52. Cant shake their stealing from Lost with these church scenes…

  53. Mopey mamma Petrelli is not my favorite.

  54. oh geez not the lost comparisons again.

  55. @TNC: Scenes in a church are the domain of LOST?

  56. All of these scenes with Mam Petrelli makes me think something bad is going to happen to her..

  57. @TNC the reminiscing in a catholic church scene has been around since the dawn of cinemea, I’m thinking.

  58. Someone’s got alcohol poisoning.

  59. @conor: Well just recently Lost had an episode where they are in a church….and it’s all about forgiving, just like this scene I’m seeing.

    Not trying to start a flame war on both shows, just observing

  60. *snicker*

  61. Wow, they are showing a minor (at least the character, not actor) drinking alcohol…ballsy

  62. This looks like her celebrity life with the underage boozing.

  63. just eat his brain Sylar!

  64. He’s gonna have to do a lot of stabbing to kill him

  65. Why does everyone talk smack to Sylar? Just shoot him. Repeatedly. And often.

  66. @zombox even if they did…we’ve seen him stop bullets. They just should have someone who can out think him, maybe HRG.

  67. @zombox: He is often helpful in achieving their dastardly tasks.

  68. @zombox – that does appear to be a fatal flaw when dealing with him

  69. I’m sorry but if they are going this route:

    The hunter is an idiot. I know it’s a tv show but what type of thinking is this? ‘Okay I’m gonna let you kill all the people with abilities, take their powers; then try and kill you when there is no conceivable way a normal person like me can stop someone who will turn into a God’….

    Again it’s TV logic but still….stupid

  70. I’m telling you this moping is becoming too Spider-Man like…

  71. sanctuary!! sanctuary!!

  72. I liked that moment of character development for Peter

  73. angry peter=sexy peter. but that was slightly blasphemous if u believe in that catholic stuff.

  74. If only there could be such a thing as ranch dressing trucks…

  75. @psyguy411: Peter has been very contemplative about his life, since the very first episode.

  76. mmm ranch dressing


  77. @conor I’m not disagreeing…I’ve mention a few moments since season 2 that reminds me of Peter Parker. I’m not bad mouthing, either, I liked it.

  78. Well, I mean, I’m all for talking smack. But Sylar has killed dozens and dozens of people. Anyon who has the info these people have should know he’s easily the most dangerous creature on the planet.

  79. Costumes? As in Spider-Man outfits?

  80. Okay the men would’ve died by alcohol poisoning by now….

  81. this scene is causing college flashbacks for me

  82. They need to go and to get Nathan to a hospital.

  83. Well that was kinda predictable…

  84. huh!?

  85. "But… I can’t even get women like that… and I’m me…"

    *single tear*

  86. @conor Have you ever tried the "I hunt those with super powers" line?

  87. ‘Why yes my head is smooth….and it’s all for you baby’

  88. @psyguy411: I was speaking as The Hunter. Thus the quote marks.

  89. @conor I know…I was replying as Sylar or whoever would of heard him.

  90. "Whats he about too?"


    Umm I can explain..

  91. ‘Alright! Goodbye virginity!’


  92. up too …i meant

  93. sylar finds humor in the hunter’s situation. hunter not lucky with the ladies?

  94. ‘I can do whatever I want damnit!!! I used to be a big politican!!!’-Drunk Nathan

  95. ‘Up Up and Away!!!’-Drunk Nathan

    *crashes into a dumpster*

  96. That is one of the biggest hotel rooms I have ever seen.

  97. drunk nathan wants to have a pity party

  98. Nice, subtle acting on The Hunter.

    Trying to pretend to be him when he isnt him

  99. Whoops sorry I guess that was Sylar…

  100. well shit!

  101. "Aw, way to take the fun and blood of it, Hunter"

  102. I missed a good chunk of Heroes, but I saw stuff before this commercial break…


    Has the Hunter seen Sylar do his thing before? Since when is he squeamish?



  103. So far this episode is a step down from last week.

  104. I’d ask why he even bargained with Sylar, but I’m sure that’s revealed in what I missed, right?

  105. @zombox: Of course it is. 

  106. @zombox i was jus thinking that. when its good the hr seems to fly by. this one isnt running thru so quickly.

  107. @ReiMehari: Sylar is going to help him find the powers that he can’t.

  108. @Rei: No reason…..well except that Sylar wants to find and kill the people with powers. So he’s helping Hunter out.

    But this storyline is so predictable my eyes are going to roll when the double cross/kill is going to happen.

  109. Slowly but surely the vest is coming back in style.

  110. Good old Heroes writing:

    ‘Yeah I did say I love you….but after a couple of hours I decided I dont care’

  111. In fact, new drinking game.

    How many times Claire gets screwed over in a episode by a father figure

  112. great line

  113. Man…people can’t seem to be happy. There’s too much character dev. going on in one episode or this one has pretty much too straight forward action going down. I’m not saying it doesn’t belong. We are here for blog’s sake.

  114. natan=weak, pathetic and pitiful

  115. Sister? Is she hot…

  116. Maybe her sister’s name is Leia.

  117. @conor And you long for the day when you can have a watch chained to your vest?

  118. Does Nathan really need to wear glasses?

    He’s in mexico! No one recognizes him…

  119. @zombox: I actually do own a pocket watch so I just need the vest!

  120. @cONOR: Thanks.


  121. loving the music this season

  122. Bullshit!

    Like HRG is gonna believe Sylar is dead that easily…

  123. Ah ha – so that’s why The Hunter requested no marks on the body… smart. Of course, HRG is not going to fall for that.

  124. There’s no way that tricks Noah. He’s shot Sylar, like, a million times and can’t kill him.

  125. Well… holy crap.

     I really should have seen that coming. But then again, I did miss a chunk of the episode.


    Thank you, DVR, my savior.

  126. end with a bang. sylar is one smart cookie or maybe the hunter is. hrg will figure it out

  127. @TNC I bet, if he does, it’s not for long…

  128. Sylar forgot… orgasmic.

  129. @TNC I think hes wearing glasses because hes hung over as ****.

  130. You could tell that HRG didn’t buy it.  It showed in his face when he saw the knife.

  131. @Scarletspeedster: Hung over and it’s super bright in Mexico.  Not a good combination.

  132. Wow. Sylar is back to Season One form.

     More specifically, the future episode.

     He’;; take what he wants, and the rest of them can die.

  133. i actually missed hiro. that’s new

  134. I didn’t. 🙂

  135. Okay this is my problem with this series, and it’s been like this for so long.

    This episode in general was pretty good. A little bit off from last week, but better then what I saw 3-4 months ago. But come on….why are you doing this generic, bad guys working together plot line?

    Again I know it’s TV and it is kinda comic book plotting….so I dont need a lecture on that. Are we seriously going to have to deal with the rest of the season with Sylar and the Hunter working together? We know where this is gonna go: Either one of them kills the other or rats the other one out….It’s so stupid, boring, cliche, and makes for a weak plotline.

    Also, like I posted above. HRG is not that stupid, but he’s probably gonna be written on believing Sylar is dead for a good couple of episodes. Then find evidence to show he isnt dead….If this is the HRG we all know (and love) he would’ve said: ‘Bullshit’ (or a friendly word for broadcast) and that would be the end of it. HRG has fought Sylar before and has even worked with the man in the past. There is no way he plays dumb and goes along with this idea that he’s dead.

    I’m sorry for the rant but other then that bad plotline, this was a pretty good episode. I’m gald it’s at least watchable again.

  136. @TNC: HRG clearly doesn’t believe that Sylar is dead.

  137. To put my rant in simplier terms: It’s like when Brianiac and Lex Luthor teams up to beat Superman. It happens often and we know where this is gonna go before the plot even concludes. That’s my problem with Sylar/Hunter team up in a nutshell.

    Rant over.

  138. – sigh- I liked it…after very long days at work, I’m a fan of willful suspension of disbelief.

  139. @TNC I don’t think HRG believed that…and sorry to throw this at you, but storytelling has been around for so long, so what would be new?

  140. @psy: You know whats new? A main character getting killed last episode. I didnt see that coming, and it brought tension to the series.

    What would’ve been new? If Hunter just shot at Sylar at the beginning of the episode. Make it a battle of the two like the previews kinda hinted at this week. But I guess that turns into a ‘advertising is always false’ type of arguement.

  141. @TNC The ads I saw made me believe it was a villain team-up, but its prob. because I didn’t pay too much attention.
    Whether you saw coming or not, it’s all been done before, by now. If you take me along for a good ride, then I don’t see the redundancies being too bad.

  142. Well I dont want to cloud this plotline in this discussion (too late), it just bugged me that’s all. If your all for it then I’ll have to keep my mouth shut on it and try and enjoy the episodes. Cause again, I thought this was a good episode. It didnt make me drool or anything; it was entertaining/interesting enough to keep me going for another week….I just wish they would’ve tried something different. Instead I’ll probably get to hear this:

    ‘I dont trust you…’-Hunter. ‘Your gonna have to trust me’-Sylar. ‘You could kill me at any moment….’-Hunter. ‘So could you….’-Sylar. (Or at least different varieties of it)

    But such is life.

  143. I’m not saying adjust your opinions…I’m all for hearing both sides. I was just throwing my point of view into the hat.

  144. Well I’m not gonna adjust my opinions; if this plotline goes where I think it’s gonna go I’m gonna post: I called that! all the way.

    Here’s an idea: How about when Sylar kills the shapeshifter, he also kills the Hunter. But not only that; he shapesshifts into looking like the Hunter and then he works on the inside to find all the people with abilities and take it from them.

    There, you can still use both actors and still get a good plot out of that, plus it’s different from the norm.

  145. Not a bad idea, and it seems like from the last post you sort of agree that it’s not what you do, but how you pull it off. I’m just content in seeing how they planned it and then I’ll know if it’s a bust or not. You may be a 100% correct in how it plays out, but if it has style doing it the tried and true way, or there’s a bait and switch, then I’ll wait to job well done.

  146. Someone mentioned it up above but I do think The Hunter is sick also.

    Cause he does look pale in every shot, and he just looks sicker as each scene goes by. Plus he is a smoker….maybe he has cancer? Maybe he is hiding an ability and somehow that’s messing up his body? That right there could be a slew of interesting developments for a character….If they are doing that.

    If not, then that guy needs to see a doctor.

  147. Excellent episode, I really like this new writer they have going. Not sure if it’s new or I just haven’t noticed it before, but I really like how the music tends to work with what’s going on instead of just being background noise. 

  148. Ive notices that the music is coming back in the show in a big, big way. Kudos to Heroes for finally bringing in ashape-shifter. It’s about damn time. I thought this was between an average to very good episode. I didn’t fell like anything big happened, despite the relationship between Danko and Sylar changing. 


    I think it was a good character development episode. I like that they’ve focused on a few characters. Can we just say that Brian Fuller is to praise for this? I’d give him the credit. Can’t wait to see Parkman‘s reaction to his chick dying, and what this means for the future which was predicted. Are the predictions of the future done with?


    (Damn, I wish Pushing Daisies was still on

  149. @TNC

    Back a couple of episodes ago Sylar met his bio father, Lionel Luthor, I mean John Glover.  During the meeting he decided to become a hunter of powered people, and it was suggested that he was not going to steal many more powers because that would take away the challenge.  So, he actually has the same goals as the Hunter now.  

    And there is no way that HRG believes that Sylar is dead.  No way he believes that the Hunter is near competent enough to take out Sylar. He is just going to play along until he can reveal to all that the Hunter is allied with their enemy.

  150. I want Pushing Daisies back.

  151. I don’t remember which season we had the future episode where Sylar and Peter fight and in that Sylar ended up having the ability to shapeshift.  Up till now we had never seen him have that ability.  So I wonder if this is where that comes in.  If of course we are even still on that path to that future.

    Anyways…just an observation.