Heroes – S03E19 – Shades of Gray

Volume Four: Fugitives

Tonight’s episode: Shades of Gray

The big will it/won’t it question seems to have been resolved last week, as NBC executives claimed that they will be ordering a shorter 18-20 episode fourth season of Heroes. That’s good news for fans of the creatively rejuvenated show and bad news for those who like to obsess over its cancellation prospects. At least until next year.

Last week we had the exciting cliff-hanger in which The Hunter dropped Parkman off in front of The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC with a big ol’ scary bomb strapped to his chest! He’s gonna make these people into hated terrorists even if he has to murder a bunch of unsuspecting tourists to do so! And we know from the trailer that Nathan is going to try to disarm the bomb with little-to-no bomb disarming training. And we know from interviews that at least two main cast members are going to die at some point. My only hope is that should Nathan fail to save Parkman that he’ll regrow his crazy Beard of Mourning.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. The Hunter has gone too far this time.

  2. I’m no longer watching the show but will hang around to coment on the coments.

  3. ahh gotta finish dinner quick!

  4. hello all. i’m actually early tonight


  5. Creepiest HEROES character ever.

  6. I don’t like when this show ruins perfectly good villains. Puppet Master used to be really creepy.

  7. I think Rebel is Andre Agassi.


    (Too obscure?)

  8. @yup

  9. @Anson17: Oh, he’s sitll super creepy.

  10. I guess he’s still a villain, can’t totally complain.

  11. so watching family guy on tbs instead.

  12. Isn’t that kinda giving away that he can fly?

  13. @vamiangie: Try to keep the discussion on HEROES.

  14. i like family guy but this is heroes. the 1 tv i cant miss each wk.

  15. Psh.  Rebel is totally Johnny McEnroe.

  16. wow the hunter is crazy

  17. Nathan travels through the same wormholes that Jack Bauer uses,

  18. And we’re off!

  19. Danko seriously needs to stop asking how Nathan get places so fast without further investigation.

  20. So are we expecting Matt’s death?

  21. question? anyone find the show more enjoyable with hiro and ando? or is that jusy me?

  22. @boutix: First season they WERE the show now I don’t really miss them when they aren’t around.

  23. well at least nathan can fly ecofriendly. must make that one guy from the bail out heraring happy

  24. @Anson17: I’m not expecting it, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if he died eventually.  I don’t think they’d go through the whole "We;ve got to find Daphne" thing to kill him off so fast.

  25. @anson i don’t think so

  26. My… wasn’t that convenient.

  27. huh….one punch

  28. Oooooooh – PAPA SYLAR time!

  29. That sucked…

  30. I hope not they’d run out of cast. then again he’s the reason I stoped watching a few weeks ago

  31. Poppa sylar?

  32. Doc Cottle is Sylar’s dad

  33. I wish they hadn’t promoted John Glover as being Papa Sylar – the surprise would have been delicious.

  34. oh now i have to watch I like papa luther.

  35. lionel luther


  36. LUTHOR!

  37. Wow.. was not expectin gthat one. This should be fun!

  38. If there’s a role for a father who has a son with severe daddy issues, you call John Glover.

  39. he rocks connor he rocks

  40. i’m excited about john glover being papi sylar kinda hope he doesnt kill his dad now.

  41. Yes, well…

  42. ooh. I’ve been waiting for Nathan to get outed.

  43. I wonder if Oliver Grigsby is the only guy in the writers room who doesn’t have a Marvel deal.

  44. One of us, One of us

  45. well he lasted several near deaths on smallvile. but with this show he most lickely going to die

  46. Episode title? Shade of Gray. Sylar’s dad’s name? Samson Gray.

  47. @ cornor I don’t know if that is sad or just a mater of itme before he does get one. 

  48. that’s such a over used title

  49. What the f–k was that about?

  50. Nathan needs to re-gel the hair.

  51. nat had to say that didn’t he

  52. Someone really enjoyed the rack focus portion of their film class.

  53. Considering how Tracy manipulated Nathan in the first part of the season, she has no ground to be self-righteous about the guy.

  54. Heh.  Claire as comic shop worker.  Heh.

  55. hot girl working at the comic shop. every fanboys dream

  56. This is gonna be great!

  57. Ugh, I hate these comic book store scenes.

  58. pretty sure rebel is micah (and I would totally go to a comic book store she worked at)

  59. I want to punch this guy.

  60. still not digging the stereotype..its a little much

  61. @conor. They’re kind of embarrasing.

  62. wait this is exaxtly  what I’ve wanted clair to do. she can read up on better superhero.

  63. @D: I really hope it’s not Micah. Everyone thinks it will be, so… it probably will be.

  64. That comic ook store scene was infuriating.

  65. I feel like making fun of your target audience is a bad idea.

  66. I’m sorry I just flipped on NBC and it’s a comic book shop….

    Yeah someone like her working there? Only a .00000000000000001% chance of that happening.

    Plus I find that owner very offensive towards comic book readers….I’ll head out the back now

  67. I also want to punch everyone else.  Stop committing to the stereotype, people!

  68. Nbc just loves the comic book reader stereotype don’t they

  69. Its a killer rabbit…its got fangs!

  70. lots of ablites don’t say that to him

  71. Guess that’s how HRG knew about Sylar’s powers.

  72. I’m a girl I’m already not the stereotype

  73. I’d laugh if he just went "Yeah… I’m gonna kill ya."

  74. intence scene this is. aw they going to kill the cute bunny

  75. Star Trek: the Future?

  76. Is it bad that Elmer Fudd singing "Kill the Wabbit" just went through my head?

  77. @D– Yeah, that threw me, too.

  78. Simon Pegg is definitely my main reason for being excited about the new Star Trek Flick

  79. Is it bad to worry about spock cutting open  kirk’s head in that movie?

  80. Agreed.  Pegg is the man.

  81. i must be in the minority here. maybe its cuz i’m a girl but guys working at comic shops always seemed shocked to see me there…being a black mid 20 something girl. but the comic book shop scene didnt seem too far off to me. well except for the overly geekiness of the boys there…


  82. I think between simon pegg, John Cho, and Zach quinto I’m gonna have trouble watching that movie

  83. What’s HRG’s angle here?

  84. that is a woman who can take care of herself


  85. she’s going to have to read comics. now maybe she’ll smarten up

  86. @boutux: What stores do you shop at? I hit three different shops in NYC and they all have female clerks.

  87. I’ve have never seen spinner racks outside a shop.  Too easy for someone to snatch a book.

  88. "I’m sorry, Claire, I can’t talk right now. Parkman’s drooling all over the floor.  He’s making a huge mess."

  89. Yeah, a woman runs the store back home.

  90. Fatty can’t run.

  91. be fine with them killing that guy

  92. why save him?

  93. Ooooh – this should be good.

  94. Doyle, you’re a pansy now.

    And if the Days of Future Past tactics are acceptable for anyone, it’s Doyle.

  95. Mrs. Petrelli is rapidly becoming on of my favorite characters on this show

  96. @vamiangie: Because the powers are sticking together against those that would imprison them. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  97. well she is sort of telling the truth. He wasn’t born with powers.

  98. @boutux  Here in Boston, women both shop and work at most of the comic shops. There is no real gender bias

  99. Angela Petrelli threatens like no other. She is still my favorite character on this show.

  100. Hunter = Graydon Creed

  101. Ooooh, Danko’s got powers?

  102. I guess I’m not a very good hero.  I have no problem with them getting some of them who are bad.

  103. That was a fantastic reading of "I fix watches." There was conflicted yearning to impress his father in that reading.

  104. I always feel I connect best with my estranged father while stuffing an animal.

  105. Papa wants that power.

  106. I love it when scary people don’t get the reaction they expect it’s fun to watch their expressions

  107. @Conor. Yeah his acting in these last couple of eps. has been great.

    On another note: HOLY SHIT HE CAN SAVE HIS DAD!

  108. daddy will want to kill sylar now

    i see war breaking out

  109. @vamiangie: It’s like when the X-Men team-up with mass murderer Magneto when the occasion warrants it.

  110. Hahaha… Samson’s crazy.

  111. Damnnnnn!

  112. and that is why it’s important to keep poisoned arrows around the house

  113. My buddy just pointed out that the whistling power is oddly similar to Jigglypuff’s singing.

  114. I hate apple I don’t want a mack you elist asses

  115. is there actually demand for another fast and the furious movie?

  116. Heh.  Jigglypuff…

  117. Paul Walker should be homeless. 

  118. wounder if it’s still on that show?

  119. or shot

  120. okay… that arby’s commercial just made me feel sick

  121. something killed martha stuwart’s dog?

  122. i love sylar

  123. They Sylar Smirk needs to be copyrighted.

  124. he has become much more enjoyable to watch this season

  125. Wow… that was cold. Never thought someone could be a badass while holding a bunny

  126. Anytime someone talks to you with a toothpick in their mouth, there is a 64% chance that they are about to say or do something douchey.

  127. ahh here comes the friends of humanity

  128. Haha… Danko’s been pwned.

  129. Yipe!

  130. oh shit

  131. well that may prove difficult to explain

  132. "Um… yes… I, uh… didn’t know. About this."

  133. Noah should have pushed him out next

  134. @chowooohhh That’s kinda what I was hoping for.

  135. @chowooohhh that would have been awesome

  136. damn the time flies. where is kring going now. that’s not what i expected


  137. Yeah.  Clearly, Danko’s a liability now.

  138. Doyle looks like Duff from Ace of Cakes.

  139. just saved his ass and he’s still calling her barbie, douche

  140. HIIIIRO!!!!

  141. what in the…

  142. that is a creepy baby, bye bye hunter

  143. Umm… what the shit?


    Sylar hiding aroudn the corner was awesome.

  144. did they time travel with out knowing

  145. hunter is not the hunted….sweet

  146. Sylar vs. Danko… whooooo…

  147. Oh Snap!

  148. Saved by absentee daddy.

  149. God episode from beginning to end. Absolutely no complaints this week.

  150. Matt baby is Matt and Janice’s kid?  Alrighty.

  151. HOLY SHIT!!!! the next epi looks awesome

     only thing we have to wait 2 wks


  152. next episode looks damn good

  153. I was gonna quit a few episodes back…glad I didnt

  154. Is it Matt Parkman Jr.?  Was that Parkman’s ex in the preview?

  155. @conor yes it was

  156. @Conor– I believe it is Janice, yes.

     They mentioned Matt, JR in Five Years Gone, so hey.

  157. wait what about the baby from season 1 with his wife?

  158. Yeah, this is probably that baby.  They stated that the kid turned out not to be Matt’s but that could have been misdirection.

  159. West cost time delays….hurm…..

  160. I watched it on a live stream on the computer.  Helps you to live-blog while living in LA.

  161. How does one live stream???

  162. RIKER!

  163. So, yeah, I enjoyed this weeks episode a lot more than last week. Couple of things:

    John Glover of course was excellent. 

    I’m betting REBEL is Rulk.

    I was all set to go on a NextChampion style rant about the comic book scene, as there are plenty of good looking women who work at my LCS, and the "joke" of comic book readers being creepy nerds is so friggin overdone people need to get over it.  Then I remembered, just this week a creepy 35-40ish guy was absolutely hitting on the girl at the cash, forcing her to say "You can come see me here".  So I don’t know what to think about that scene, I just know I didn’t like it.


  164. @ Conor: Beard of Mourning, hilarious.

  165. Hey, in first season wasn’t there a lady whose powers were to communicate through cell phones?  I think she called herself MS. Wireless or somin.  Could she be Rebel?  That would be better than Micah

  166. She was Hana Gitelman.  She died in a graphic novel tie-in.