Heroes – S03E17 – Cold Wars

Volume Four: Fugitives

Tonight’s episode: Cold Wars

You know what I love? A Horn Rimmed Glasses spotlight episode. That’s what I love.

Tonight, Parkman tries to get into HRG’s head to try to figure out his true motivations. Good luck, Parkman!

Last week’s episode was good, but probably the least strongest of the new volume. Even still, “Fugitives” is on quite a roll so far.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. It would be funny to see HRG in a really embarassing memory like he used to be into disco or something. Then you can roll with all the darkness and evil crap.

  2. here we go everyone.

  3. This is going to be a great night.

     Yes, I am Miss Optimistic!

  4. @ReiMehari; i completely agree

  5. I would like an entire episode of HRG bitterly drinking at a bar.  Scotch after angry scotch.

  6. i didnt watch last week. did daphne die last week


  7. @conor; agreed lol

    i wonder if that bartender had powers

  8. good night boys. sorry i’m late


  9. a watch?? trying to make amends

  10. i think he has his OWN agenda

  11. @rayclark: The bartender looked pretty shocked.  She was definitely not in on the plan.  Which means she was pretty negligent if she didn’t call the cops after what she saw.

  12. wow matts intense about this. hes still upset about daphne i think

  13. @conor; yea agreed. did not see the expression on her face. shoulda called them.

  14. @cyberauron: Daphne was shot full of holes.  I don’t remember if they said she died or not.  She is supposed to be in tonight’s episode, so maybe we’ll find out.

  15. i hope she isnt dead

  16. he doesnt trust bennet at all

  17. I’m hoping they’ll expand upon the backstoy of the hunter.

     What’s his name, again?

  18. i hope so too. i like the speedster. she was spunky

  19. @conor- full of holes? it’s only been two weeks but I thought she only took 2 hits and one was on the shoulder.

  20. the crazy soldier guy?? hes intense. matt is being pretty intense too.

  21. well that question was answered. daphne is dead. :'(


  22. i like seein these past scenes in black and white. makes it look more aweosme

  23. C’mon – who doesn’t know Asta?? 🙂

  24. @psyguy411: That’s full of holes in my book.

  25. parkman can see memories? wow they are really expanding the boundaries of his telepathy. he’s no longer just a precog

  26. i still dotn think shes dead.

  27. Black and white rocks.

  28. @conor- fair enough…dead would be dead. I just think of Scarface when I hear full of holes.

  29. wow matts just AMPED up his powers. and nathan is just weaving his little spider-web

  30. I’m ;ovon this BnW

  31. *I’m loving

  32. b&w totally rocks

  33. These two guys are the two best actors in the cast.  Good stuff.

  34. That’s… a lot of weapons and money.

  35. what a room. files on EVERYONE!! weapons everywhere!! he just got MORE badass in my eyes

  36. @conor: agreed and lets not forget Asta

  37. I like the creepy music w/the b & w

  38. "There’s only so many crossword puzzles I can do."

  39. This reeks of a trap.

  40. im thinking HRG knew this was gonna happen so he cleared it out

  41. Oh, do I smell a good character episode and not just for HRG? I love these moments.

  42. Its a trap!

  43. Wow, I thought for sure all the weapons and stuff would be gone.

  44. ITS A TRAP *said in Admiral Ackbar voice from ROTJ

  45. Aaaand I’m right. A rare sight inded.

  46. @conor; i TOTALLY thought so too

  47. is hrg good or bad? i have a feeling we still wont know when this epi is done. that’s why he’s so bad ass.

  48. no sylar im tihnking….

  49. HRG is good if you are non-powered and Claire.

  50. @boutux: I don’t think that’s an easily answered question.  I think he’s firmly in the gray.  He does what needs to be done to protect what he believes in and who he cares about, sometimes that makes him good and sometimes that makes him bad.

  51. peters gonna get captured…

  52. phasers on stun….EPIC

  53. HRG is a total mind screwer

  54. If Darth Vader was in charge of those soldiers, he’d force strangle all of them.

  55. damn i really wanted to see peter fight or use some super sick ability to kick some gov’t ass.

  56. matts freakin crazy!!!

  57. It’s good to see that Ed Danvers has made his way up the government ladder.

  58. wow asta’s freakin crazy and not trustworthy…i think he has a dark past

  59. maybe he’s turning into his father. the nightmare man part II

  60. And here we are.


    I’ll take what I can get.

  61. Mohinder needs to start working different neighborhoods.

  62. WHOA mohinder!!

  63. So how the heck is Mohinder not freaky? 

     What changed? He was the Fly!

  64. HRG has his own angle….and whoa mohinder

  65. WHOA

  66. He’s a crafty one that HRG

  67. WOW

  68. hostage fail!!!

  69. Hahaha – HRG is using his memories to fracture his captors’ group trust.

  70. matt has gone off the deep end. and now hrg has escaped.

  71. saw that one coming.

  72. i love to hate to love hrg. if that makes sense.

  73. HRG using memories as a weapon….whoa thats aweosme

  74. I wouldn’t say Matt is totally crazy he’s as pissed as any one of would be going through losing someone we love, but with powers.

  75. Ah, I see it. On wiki (not the end all, be all resourc, mind you(

     "In "Dual", Mohinder tries to take the formula to stop his progressing mutations. He is thwarted by a combination of Daphne stealing the vial in his hand and Peter, Flint, and Knox destroying his lab at Pinehearst. In the process, however, they knock over a large vat of the formula, which Mohinder is exposed to, causing the lesions from the first flawed formula to disappear"


  76. did matt shout a curse word??

  77. peter to the rescue

  78. Peter knows how to make an entrance.  Although I feel like, hand-to-hand, HRG slaps Peter down in under five seconds.

  79. mat is hilarious

  80. whoa…

  81. Yes, more of this guy! Just like I wanted.

  82. The evil government loves their Dell.

  83. the soldier guy vs hrg in a mind game…whoa thats intense

  84. that was totally intense

  85. There isn’t a lot of planning with this group.

  86. he’s telling the truth


  87. WHOA!! ITS A TRAP!! Mohinder knew something was up

  88. Perfect time for a commercial.


    I’m on the edge of my seat!

  89. Does this end with HRG having to save one or all of them?

  90. peter is gonna get caught


  91. hell yea peter

  92. Peter’s gonna get an ass whupping

  93. They have cameras everywhere!

  94. Omeone in this room needs to be shot.

  95. the hunter is insane. i cant believe he shot him!!

  96. peter shot him. nice

  97. Ask and ye shall recieve.

  98. that was intense

  99. God, I can’t spell tonight!

  100. Yessss Daphne might be alive!

  101. KNEW she was alive!! i KNEW it!!

  102. Son of a bitch. She’s still alive.


  103. mohinder is kinda badass

  104. Zombox, you’re upset about that?

  105. ultierior motive???

  106. @ Rayclark

     Yeah he kinda is.

    "Come on… all of you!"

  107. or just peter

  108. How can he grab Matt and not inherit the power?

  109. Oh yea. I cannot stand that character. I was really happy that the show was starting to narrow its focus of characters again.

    Allows them to tell a better story that doesn’t ramble.

  110. @psyguy411: i was wondering the EXACT same thing

  111. this epi has been awesome. one of the best this season.

  112. So happy that Daphne is still alive.

    @psyguy: Does it have to be skin to skin contact?  Or maybe he has learned to trigger it and can absorb powers only when he wants to?

  113. Maybe now that he’s had his power a while he’s learned to control the stealing effect?

  114. wow mohinder

  115. still dont like nathan at all

  116. "It wasn;t long ago you had me tied up."

     Good point

  117. Maybe he really is like Rogue and it has to be direct skin contact, but he didn’t do that this time.

  118. wow way to use mohinder nathan

  119. I struggle to see Mohinder as a bad ass. After two seasons of wishy, washy mumble stumble crap.

  120. did NOT see that coming.

  121. wait…

  122. ANGELA!! MOM come ON!!

  123. I didn;t see this coming.

    Everyone’s got it wrong.

  124. i have never really liked mohinder or nathan. but i hate tracy and i want her to die. i wish they didnt kill off niki/jessica.

  125. back to isaacs loft

  126. HRG is a good guy again! Hooray!

  127. @conor – didn’t refresh in tme to see you make the same suggestion. I’m also glad Daphne is back, she’s brought energy back to this show when it was struggling.

    This has been a good character episode, yes!

  128. "I’ve alway been comfortable with morally gray."

  129. whaaat?

  130. Oh….crap/


    (Love that music at the end)

  131. what is with the watch? matt blows up the world? 1st peter/sylar, then hiro and now matt. why does the world always end with a mushroom cloud?

  132. awesome episode…

  133. Meh… after a few good shows for this half of the season, I’m feeling a lack of focus beginning to set in again. Let’s hope it was just a brief slip.

  134. A Sylar free episode? I don’t like it.

  135. @boutux: It’s an instantly recognizable symbol of mass destruction.

  136. totally awesome epi. loved it. thanx for the fun boys. nite nite.

  137. This was a really strong episode – great acting in this one.  I wouldn’t mind focusing on this group for a while.  I didn’t feel the loss of Sylar or Claire.

  138. @Zombax

    I don’t think it was a slip. They needed to explain why people were chasing them/how tings got to be that way.

  139. I don’t feel like they did. I felt pretty sure that Nathan put it together because he’s been talking about something similar for a whole season. The only thing this episode did was establish the desperation of Parkman and validated Noah’s ambiguity, which we already knew from his past. Nothing else changed.

  140. @Conor I agree, I think Heroes works best when they focus on a smallish group of people during each episode. We dont need the entire cast each episode. HRG is the fucking man, kinda like Batman in the way he never stops thinking and planning.

  141. Anyone think Noah might be Rebel?

  142. So is Noah Bennett a Villian or Hero?

  143. He’s a hero but he’s comfortable with morally gray.

    And nevermind about Noah being Rebel.

  144. Amazing episode, exactly what I wanted from an HRG episode.

    Terrible, terrible ending. Getting really sick of the nuke angle. Especially Matt thinking that dynamite caused a nuclear explosion.

  145. Very cool episode. I like the twist at the end, and can’t wait to see how Noah is going to handle balancing between right and wrong the next couple episodes. It’s just too bad Sylar wasn’t in it. I hope they give him more screen time next episode to make up for it. For those of you who missed it, you can check it out online at this link here…


  146. I really enjoyed this episode and I really haven’t enjoyed the series at all.  I hate to say it and know it is becoming a troublesome trend, but darker is better.

  147. @Conor- Even though a nuke is an instantly recognizable symbol it is becoming very unoriginal. I would rather see a pile of corpses, a crumbling city, or a population sign that said "Welcome to New York. Population: 212." Something new.

  148. stoped watching after peter grabed Matt.  So another exlpostion lame.  I  don’t think I’ll watch next week.

  149. @Ruo21: I like the thematic reoccurance of the nuclear explosion.

  150. So… Parkman can make those guys all shoot themselves at the plane crash but not here?

  151. @OddsBodkins: I’m not sure how many people Parkman wants to cause the death of.  The plane crash was a situation of intense stress and danger.