Heroes – S03E06 – Dying of the Light

Volume Three: Villains

Tonight’s episode: Dying of the Light

Hey, finally some good news on the Heroes front! Apparently, last week Mohinder actually killed Maya! My sources tell me that she is apparently really and truly dead. What will we do now without the accent that both comes and goes? Really, though, did Maya serve any purpose in season three? She literally did nothing except serve as a vessel for Mohinder to unleash large chunks of exposition to the audience. I guess Mohinder was making the powers cure for her which is what is causing all the trouble this season, but really, that could have been for anyone. We salute you, Maya. In unceremoniously leaving the show now, you might end up being one of the lucky ones.

What do we make of the rest of the show? I honestly couldn’t even tell you the plot this season. The first season it was pretty clear — save Claire from Sylar and thus the world ending. The second season and this, the third, have been too mired in time travel. It’s hard to know the dramatic thrust of the story when people keep hoping around through time. It’s been a fun ride so far, but hopefully things clear up soon.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.



  1. I like this season pretty well though I may be the only one.  The plot of how powers often come with corruption and how they’ll destroy mankind is an interesting one.

  2. Heroes has been all over the place.  This is what happens when you make a show that is wildly more sucessful then you anticipated and you suddenly realize that you’re going to need to come up with more then just 6 episodes worth of stories.  Understandable in season 1.  Unforgivable in season 3. 

    Does anyone watch Terminator on Monday nights?  It’s a much stronger show, although it’s weak in the ratings.

  3. @Tork nah I’m enjoying it too.


    I’ll miss Maya, not for her character, but cause she was so hot.

  4. Here we go…

  5. Father of three heroes? That’s stretching it.

  6. Man, the paperwork needed to bring that turtle in from Africa… that must have sucked.

  7. the Turtle!!!!!!

  8. Gag sword! Gag sword!

  9. So many Hiros… it’s like multiple Marty McFlys running around…

  10. Oh, just leave African Tim Sale alone with his sage words and his boulder paintings!  Plus, he has to finish CAPTAIN AMERICA: WHITE.

  11. Bad idea, Non-Powered Mom.  Bad idea.

  12. Damn Conor’s feed is like a minute ahead of mine


  14. Okay, the puppet guy is uber-creepy.

  15. Back to formula is back

  16. @gobo – Which is weird because I’m on HD cable, which is slightly behind regular cable, which is slightly behind HD broadcast, which is slightly behind regular broadcast.  I guess that’s Canada for you…  🙂

  17. Um…. holy crap?

  18. Wow!…

  19. Thank god.

  20. Damn it. I liked him. He was a cool character.

    Also, he was cute.

  21. Mr. Petrelli is a jerk!

    (sorry for caps last post)

  22. No Why Bring him back just to kill him off.

  23. Thats one bad dad!

  24. So is Mr. Petrelli like… a psychic Rogue?

  25. They continue to kill all the ones I like and keep around all the ones I don’t.  🙁

  26. Parkman’s dad doesn’t appear to be happy to be a villain.  He always looks so sour.

  27. I guess I’m in the minority, but I actually liked Adam Monroe.  Plus he looked like Neil Patrick Harris.  I don’t know why that’s relevant, but I liked him.

  28. On a good note, Daphne is always nice to have around.

  29. Did Parkman just say "high five, turtle"?  If so, that’s awesome.

  30. RIP Adam Monroe 🙁

    So… Peter’s dad is an even more dangerous Rogue?

  31. pleasekilltraceypleasekilltraceypleasekilltraceypleasekilltracey

  32. @ Templar

     I know how you feel. As long as they don’t kill off Sylar…

  33. "Um, excuse me… that was a very expense piece of lab equipment.  Couldn’t you have frozen a pencil or something?"

  34. @conor I’ve actually got the Boston feed but it’s via satellite so it makes sense there’s the delay.  🙁

  35. hey! that’s expensive!

  36. @conor haha, I know how you feel…Tracey and Mohinder need to go…or at least she does.

  37. Parkman never learned that the "hard, creepy sell" doesn’t usually work.  Except on TV, apparently.

  38. I guess I’ll have to go watch Alias again for my David Anders fix… damn it!


    Also it’s nce to see more Daphne fans

  39. I don’t know if I like this whole "the powers were created by science" angle.  I haven’t decided how I feel about it yet.  It’s very similar to the reveal in ULTIMATE ORIGINS that scientists created mutants.

  40. @gobo – Daphne’s the best part of the show right now.  Her nose freckle thing is adorable.

  41. Not digging this episode…feels all over the place.

  42. Well, that’s Jeph Loeb for ya.

  43. @hbk – Really?  I feel like for a HEROES episode, it feels very focused.

  44. Daphne reminds me a lot of Chiana from Farscape.  Which is always a good thing.

  45. I think so far, compared to last episode, this one more focused and not so much of a set-up.

  46. How did he run with her?

  47. The security in that place is just atrocious.

  48. Interesting…

     So they’re really pushing this hero Sylar thing…

  49. Okay, I no longer thing that Sylar is playing an angle with this good guy stuff and that is disappointing.  Supremely disappointing.

  50. Parkman and turtle P.i.!

  51. "They all look the same to me."

     "That’s racist."

  52. not only is undo evil but hes a racist, too

  53. Crispis Allen is going to hit Hiro with a shovel?  Ooooooh.

  54. The painting on the hut wall looks quite a bit like the Nightwing RIP cover.

  55. @ Conor

     They did hint at something like this before, in the first season. Not exactly Sylar being a hero, but controlling himself

  56. @Conor-Yea, level 5 might as well be a deli.  The episode just feels unbalanced, the marionette part has a creepy horror movie or serial killer feel, which is cool, but the rest just doesn’t match.  Ando and Hiro are kind of light hearted and the Mr. Petrelli plot has a worldly/impending doom feel.

  57. @Rei – Yeah, to their credit the idea of him becoming good does sort of make sense within the context of the story, but it’s still disappointing that in a season sub-titled "Villains" they took their best one and gave him the Magneto/Venom/Spike treatment, which nine times out of ten I hate.

  58. I gues Papa Petrelli is the Mr Sinister of this show

  59. Hahahahha!


  60. best title card ever. "one minute before hiro got hit"

  61. Hahahahahahahaha.

    Multiple shovel hitting.


  62. No, Daphne!  Don’t help her!

  63. Daphne’s a freaking door-to-door saleswoman.

  64. @ Conor: Who knows, this might be the 1/10 you’ve been looking for, or not looking for.

  65. so how old is the flash girl any way?

  66. Also….. They’re are a bunch of heroes turning into villains. Naturally one villain was going to turn.

  67. MAO! MAO!

  68. swear that guy looks like a fat bendis.

  69. @Rei – Right, I know… it’s just they took the best villain.  No one else has been developed.

  70. @conor, that’s exactly what i was thinking.


    Is it weird that the puppet master kinda makes me think of bendis?

  71. MAO! MAO!

  72. Oh, Claire is totally going to get shot.

  73. that greek tragedy line killed me.

  74. So, puppet master is probably the best villain since Sylar circa season 1.  I really hope he survives this episode. 

  75. click click BANG


  76. He wasn’t suspicious that she pulled the trigger three times to shoot her own daughter?

  77. We’re six issu– uh, episodes into this VILLAINS season and we still don’t know much about the bad guys.  hey really need to spend more time on them so we get to know them/actually fear them.

  78. @Crippler Love the puppet master too.

  79. @YoSoyJu Happened pretty quick to be suspicious

  80. Now, this might sounds crazy, but I wonder if they made Sylar good to make him more palatable as Spock next summer.  Like, if they kept him super evil would that effect our view of him in the film?  That’s probably crazy.  They are probably just capitalizing on his popularity.

  81. A regular Noah’s angels

  82. was that a futuristic caulk gun?

  83. I just realized….

     If Sylar wanted he could just "brain" Peter, take his ability to take other abilities, without killing Peter.

  84. Now that Non-Powered Mom has had a taste of the action she’s not going to be content staying home and playing the house wife!

  85. The Petrelli Thanksgiving dinner table is probably going to be really interesting for years to come.

  86. That induced coma sure is a revolving door.

  87. bennet rulez!

  88. I’m thinking you need to go, Tracey.

  89. For a smart guy, Mohinder sure is dumb.

  90. this is weird.  I sorta like Nikki… i mean Tracy.  Whatever the hell we’re calling her this week.

  91. That’s the biggest problem with this show.  Most of the plots are driven by supposedly smart characters doing dumb things.  It gets tiresome after a while.

  92. Tracy!

  93. @Anson-she is a little bit easier to take than nikki 

  94. @ohcaroline – I think the biggest problem right now is that there are about five main characters too many.  There needs to be a culling!  But now that Sylar is good… no one to enact the bloody culling.

  95. @conor Ithink Sylar is a good guy because he was the most popular character and they needed a reason to give him more screen time. and to get him more popular

  96. @conor-mabe peter can do it, as long as they thin the heard.

  97. "forget your thoughts!!!" I have a problem with that line.  Can’t put my finger on it though.

  98. @cyberauron – Yeah. that’s more likely.  It’s the Magneto/Venom/Spike Syndrome thing I was talking about earlier.

  99. Ando and costello meet african mystic

  100. @conor  Maybe Mohinder will web everybody up.

  101. Whoa!

  102. Okay, that was a pretty good cliff-hanger.

  103. Holy bullocks.

  104. wtf he is mr sinister

  105. See, that’s the kind of development I was expecting in something titled Villains!

  106. Looking forward to next week. I’m loving it.

    But I’ve been described as too much of an optimist.

  107. They sure shook the etch a sketch on peter’s powers

  108. it would be awesome if peters dad fought a giant crocodile in the sewer. if anyone gets that you are a big nerd

  109. Dug the cliffhanger.  Next week should be pretty good. Likin’ mister Petrelli.

  110. But future Peter does have his powers…but then future Peter wound up changing the future…I’m scared.

  111. @yosoyju-Heroes just planted a microscopic time release plot bomb in your mind.

  112. Maybe now they can kill Peter.

  113. I could definitely take a few episode break from Peter.

  114. I liked him better when he was Jess.

  115. Ugh, I *hated* Jess.

  116. so not that bad i guess idk. loved parkmans "high five turtle" line

  117. So yeah, I loved the episode, front to back.

    Claire’s mom and Parkman stole it for me. 

    Parkman’s line "Because I’m telling you the truth" very well delivered and Claire’s mom was great in the puppet store.

  118. Wait…..In one episode they killed Adam and made Sylar a true hero?

    Man they just want me to pour boiling oil into my eyes dont they?

  119. Good episode!  That opening scene where Papa Petrelli kills Adam was AWESOME!!!!

  120. I got my heart from my mom too.

  121. Ok, I was unhappy until the cliff hanger.  That was a damn good one.

  122. Wow. This show is the most frustrating and rewarding thing ever. The Hiro/Ando stuff was great. Mohinder pissed me off. Matt sitting there made me happy. Peter’s story is kinda blah, until the end I guess. Daphne is quickly becoming the breakout character. They killed off Adam in the first five minutes which makes me really, really angry (Why would they just kill off a great character like that? It makes no sense!). The Claire stuff was a’ight but telegraphed insanely obviously.

    So while this show is being really uneven lately, this was focused, but there are too many storylines going on. I feel like they’re just keeping people around so they can keep people around. It’s time wasteful.

  123. I think Sylar is way more interesting as a hero with a failing he must overcome than the villain he was.  He was ruthless and seemed to enjoy killing people, a good villain but not as layered as a guy trying to be good with dozens of murders in his past and a hunger that never goes away.

     I also think Mohinder is more interesting as spiderman.

    There’s nothing wrong with Tracy.  She’s not Niki.   And everyone has to face the fact that if they kill Tracy, the third sister, Barbara, will show up.  Remember we’ve only seen two of the girls.  One of them just had a split personality.

    I do believe the writing staff keeps track of all the timeline anomalies so if something doesn’t add up it’ll probably be a plot point later.  The one major hole that’s never been filled as far as I know it the issue of Nathan’s wife. 

  124. I have’nt watched the show yet (dinner with the future in-laws) but I read the description at the top, and I must say Maya’s demise is the best news I’ve had in a while. 🙂

  125. @Tad   They said in the 2nd season that after Nathan became a drunken mess, because he thaught Peter was dead, his wife split up with him. He even had that scene where he visited his sons at school and the teacher said he had to leve because it was court ordered or something to that effect.

  126. @Tad- I thought she had the split personality of her sister that died when she was still a young’n. Making 2 dead 1 alive.

    Enjoyed this episode probably the most out of all the episodes so far this season. With all my gripes aside( level 5, Mojinder icy hand, and Adam dying), this was a spectacular episode. I’m really enjoying our resident speedster, and I’m hoping that she gets so creeped out by Matt that she decides to stretch out his intestinal tract. Everyones storyline was solid in this episode and theres little room for improvement. I don’t do this with any other show, but for some reason with Heroes, I love to pick apart all the mistakes they make.

    I do need a question answered however. I do believe that Adam has the same powers as Claire. And what we know about Claire and Peter(healers) is that they "can’t die" So question. If Claire and Peter can both survive nuclear blasts… thus erasing their molecular structure; shouldn’t Adam evenutally come back to life as well? Sure we can argue that Daddy Pet nerfs powers, but I refer again to "can’t die".

    Papa Pet I feel will add a great dynamic to the show, and I’m interested to see his approach to Sylar as a son. Why is Mama Pet dreaming about her husbands company logo… seems kinda odd that he instills fear and thats what her fear is. I want more hardcore Noah. Rabble Rabble.

  127. @Ruo21 – Father Patrelli took away Adam’s power, causing him to age to the point he would be at had he lived normally.  Basically, he took away Adam’s immortality power (But wait, aren’t all the powers scientifically engineered??  Guess not.) which caused Adam to die.  He’s toast.

  128. Just got done watching it on the West coast and I loved it, I wish I could join in the discussion with you guys here but alas you’re hours ahead of us.

     @Conor- Only some of the powers are engineered. Angela Petrelli stated that when she told Nathan that they thought his powers could be engineered because both of his parents had natural abilities. I’m pretty sure all the older generation characters have natural powers and some of the current generation are engineered. It will be interesting to see which Peter and Sylar are…

  129. Thanks for the clarification about Nathan’s ex, I now remember the scene of his visit. 


    @Tad- I thought she had the split personality of her sister that died when she was still a young’n. Making 2 dead 1 alive.

    But the split personality twins were Jessica and Niki.  I thought the third triplet was named Barbara.  Am I wrong?

  130. @Tad – You’re not wrong, Barbara is the third sister.  The sooner Tracy dies the soon Barbara can come along and they can kill her too.  🙂

  131. Adam is dead. I am angry. Adam was a good nemesis for Hiro (I mean a real nemesis, not like Daphne.)  Not only does he die but he kind of dies like a wuss.  Between this episode and last Adam was kind of bufoonish.  I might be one of the few that liked him last season, but I really felt he was one of the better villains.

    Arthur Petrelli is pretty hardcore. I’m glad Peter’s lost his power. He was just an idiot with them. His powers work better with a villain, anyway.  I just wish he didn’t kill Adam.  Still, he’s pretty sinister.  I swear between Angela, Maury, Noah to a certain extent, and now Arthur; Tim Kring’s parents must have f–ked with him royally.

    I’m kind of annoyed with A) Sylar’s lightswitch hero turn and B) Mohinder’s lightswitch villain turn.  I understand it’s to shake things up, but it feels like things are happening way too soon.  It’s only been four episodes since Sylar went from being a psycho killer to the "good Petrelli brother."

    Hiro and Ando are just always awesome.  That moment where he sees the painting from behind the rock before getting hit by the shovel and then hears his past self getting hit with the shovel?  Priceless.  I like Usutu even if (or maybe because) he kind of reminds me of Rafiki.

    All in all, I’ve enjoyed this season so far.  Eric Doyle was a creepy mofo and if we get more villains like him and Arthur Petrelli this season, it’s going to be good.

  132. Pretty good episode this week. Daphnée is slowly becoming a favorite character of mine – and she’s so  cute to look at too!
    Papa Petrelli, creepy puppetman, killing off Sark -WHY!- a lot of hting happened. Felt good. Way better than last week’s episode.
    Turtle, and multiple Hiros.

    This just is kinda dumb, but it’s fun. It’s actually what keeps me watching it. Its pretty f— entertaining to say the least.

  133. *This show is kinda dumb, sometimes.

    Sorry, too early for me.

  134. It’s going to be interesting <a href=”http://redlightnaps.wordpress.com/2008/10/21/heroes-dying-in-the-light/”>to see how Arthur’s power pans out</a> and who is going to be left to oppose him.


    I thought the promo last week said (or maybe I read it somewhere) that we were going to learn why Claire was special this episode.  But all we saw her healing power again.  Did I miss something?


    And how exactly did Daphne race into Level 5?  Don’t they have security, scans, locks?

  135. hey Conor… maya certinly had purpose in season 3…. She showed side boob. lolz


    So here is my question… The Mighty Hiro refuses to go back in time, so he can’t stop himself from taking out the code,  Yet goes back in time twice this episode… I don’t understand!!!

  136. @MrPopular maybe thats going to be the season finale, everything they’ve done has turned everything to shit so hero sucks it up goes to africa grabs the the shovel, jumps back to the theft, clocks daphne over the head takes the formula which changes everything. So Adam won’t be dead, peter will have his powers still and old man petrelli will still have to breath through a tube.

  137. Still one of my favorite shows but its starting to lose its appeal to me.  It’s very well done but the pacing of the plots is sooooo slow.  This may just be a function of too many characters & storylines (a chestnut that has already been well roasted here).  I’m just starting to feel like each episode is just one big set-up teaser for next week.  Oh, and bring back Evil Sylar please.  Cheers.

  138. @MrPoplular– And you saw how that worked out, the time travel?  Hiro’s afraid if he goes back in time, there will be Usutu to hit him with a shovel.

    Actually, I think Hiro is worried if he goes back in time and changes something that’s going to mess everything.  Usutu is an isolated incident so the blowback is minimal.  Affecting the catalyst for all these other things that have happened through time travel could be dangerous. 

  139. Am I the only one who liked the little tussle between Sylar and Peter.  I know it didn’t last very long and I suppose it was nothing we haven’t seen before but it added a little excitement & action. 

    I, too, think this episode was the best this season so far.  While it was not perfect it did most everything right.  And for me there were several things I didn’t see coming like Adam dying and Peter losing his abilities at the end.  So any surprises are good ones.

    On the topic of which powers are manufactured and which ones are natural…based on Papa Petrelli’s ability to physically absorb powers it would make sense that Peter’s ability is a natural one while Nathan’s obviously is manufactured (according to Angela Petrelli).  Peter essentially has the same ability as his father he just has to be in the general vicinity to absorb while his dad has to physically touch the person.

  140. Another thing about Papa Petrelli removing Peter’s abilities…that successfully did away with the "hunger" issue. 

  141. @ Tad- My bad.

    @Conor- The idea of Adam dieing is alot cooler to be now that I realize he was taking away his power thus making him really old, Last Crusade style. When I first saw it I figured he just had a touch of death ability… thanks for clearing that up.

  142. Ok I will be the first to admitt his season has been a little all over place.  But last night’s episode put some stuff in place that I really feel will save this season.  Last season well let’s just say the writter’s strike really killed it.  I like how the heroes and the villains are really staring to stand out and the fight between Peter and Sylar was fucking cool.  But back to my point this season is going the way of the first season.  I’m saying right now this is the beginning of a better heroes. 

    PS I’m abit of a fanboy….lol 

  143. Hey Conor, sorry to rain on your parade (again) but…..The summary for the next episode has Tracey and Nathan saving Maya from Mohinder….SHE’S STILL ALIVE! ^_^

  144. Maya?  Alive? DO NOT WAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. "Tracy and Nathan try to save themselves from a dangerous Mohinder who is no longer in control of himself"

  146. TRAPPED, TERRIFIED AND CORNERED, NATHAN (ADRIAN PASDAR) & TRACY (ALI LARTER), MATT (GREG GRUNBERG) AND PETER (MILO VENTIMIGLIA) STRUGGLE FOR THEIR LIVES AGAINST FAMILIAR FACES — — ELLE (GUEST STAR KRISTEN BELL) MAKES A SHOCKING RETURN — Trapped and terrified, Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) and Tracy (Ali Larter) fight for their lives against a much-changed, monstrous Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) to free themselves, Maya (Dania Ramirez) and the doctor’s other “test subjects.” -From NBC.com

    Holla At ya Boy!!!

  147. Guess we’ll find out next week, but until then I’m not losing any sleep over it.

  148. Maya’s still alive!?!? (Darth Vader episode III style)NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!