FIRST LOOK: Here’s Michonne, Who Makes ‘The Walking Dead’ More Sword-ish

Because no one waits to see the thing on the thing, and we have to talk about the thing before it’s even a thing to generate buzz, which is apparently, a thing. Here’s Michonne, the sword wielding zombie scourge from The Walking Dead comic book, who will be slicing her way on to The Walking Dead TV series.

Entertainment Weekly gets all the good exclusives. Probably because of their massive built in audience.


You can see the actual thing when The Walking Dead returns to AMC in October. In the meantime, dig out your copies of The Walking Dead #19 while people are willing to pay absurd prices in the face of unlimited reprints and an utter lack of scarcity. It’s a first print man!


  1. Nice-a-roney!

  2. Josh, are you still watching the series? Just curious, haven’t heard any opinions on it from the iFanboys on any of the podcasts recently (probably because it’s not on at the moment, but can’t remember the last time it was brought up even when it was airing)

  3. I think she looks very Michonne-ish. I approve. Pretty sure that’s a wig though.

  4. I think the best word for this is…..ridiculous.

    I saw the image of her in the woods and it looked awesome! But here? Eh…..looks really silly if I’m honest. Not sure why because Michonne is great in the comics. Maybe I just can’t lift the suspension of disbelief for a TV show that some is fantastic using a samurai sword in a zombie show.

    • Suspension of disbelief? This is the show where NO ONE watches Carl even though they have nothing else to do all day.


    • I dunno. If there was a zombie apocalypse and assuming I had the ability to actually survive it… and I happened upon some samurai swords, I’d probably pick them up and keep em. Not any more ridiculous than believing that everyone in the world suddenly becoming dead-eye dicks and getting headshots… or a dude running around with a crossbow.

  5. T-Dog is sooo dead.

  6. How DID she make the zombies go where SHE wanted to go?