Heinberg and Cheung March the Young Avengers on ‘The Children’s Crusade’


What was once an exclamation of rage and loss is now a shout of jubilation, for Marvel has announced that Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung are returning to theYoung Avengers for a new bi-monthly series, Avengers: The Children's Crusade

I'll give you three guesses as to when it starts. 

If you answered "July," you've been reading all the press releases and are correct. If you answered "Scotland," the public school system has woefully failed you. 

Yes, the Young Avengers will return to prominence this summer with their original creative team of Heinberg and Cheung. But along with the Earth's Mightiest Teens, Children's Crusade will also see the return of the Scarlet Witch, who's gone on sabbatical since playing Jenga with the building blocks of the universe and single-wandedly endangering the world's mutant population. Wanda's brother Quicksilver and their father Magneto will also play crucial roles, as will the rest of her former teammates on the regular Avengers. 

Expect plenty of mom and dad issues, says Heinberg: 

"The question of Wiccan and Speed's true parentage has never really been answered, at least not to Wiccan's satisfaction. So when the Avengers wonder if Wiccan's powers pose as big a threat to reality as Wanda's did in Avengers: Disassembled and House of M, [he] decides to find out what exactly happened to Wanda and why."

It's been four years since Heinberg's original run with the team, and though they've figured somewhat prominently in the events since, we've all been hoping for a real homecoming. Couple that with a major new development for the Wanda Maximoff story–a cosmic breakdown that set off so many strings of dominos in the larger Marvel universe–and you've got yourself a big ol' deal. 

So, once more for the road. 



  1. I’m cool with any chance to see more Jim Cheung art. Although, if it’s bimonthly I may skip it and wait for the trade…

  2. Looks like Marvel is going for a summer of Shock and Awe dropping all these announcements one after another.  This one, at least, is worthy of much attention. 

  3. Bimonthly? Man, Marvel is generous.

  4. Bimonthly does mean twice a month, right?




  5. I just hope that this isn’t $3.99 for a regular-sized issue. If so, I will wait for the trade. Really looking forward to this one.

  6. Speaking of The Children’s Cruasade, I just read Slaugther House Five last week.

    This is fantastic news, by the way

  7. I never read into much of the Young Avengers, are they all like children of the original Avengers like in the animated Marvel movie?


  9. Young Avengers helped me get back into comics. When I found out Allen Heinberg didn’t usually write comics, I was crushed. So, I think I am justified in saying: YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!

  10. Sweet

  11. @Crippler   Bi-Monthly can mean either twice monthly OR everyother month.  But, Askoxford.com (the dictionary) says that in publishing it almost always means every other month (sucks).

    However, I cant seem to find where Marvel clarifies it anywhere! I, REALLY, REALLY hope it twice monthly. A year and a half to tell a nine issue story would be lame.

  12. The Young Avengers were teens with superpowers who teamed up while the Avengers were "disassembled." They have some ties to the adult Avengers (I just realized that "Adult Avengers could be a porno title in 2013.), but not the obvious ones. That’s the short version. You should read the series, the meat of which is only two trades or one hardcover. It’s good stuff.

    And on this being bi-monthly, Marvel wouldn’t feel the need to clarify. It’s understood that they mean every other month, and assumed that it will be quarterly.

  13. Awesome!  I’m definitely on board for this.  Now, I just hope this won’t be a case of "you can’t go home again."  And hopefully, it will be on time.  Don’t worry though; I’m thinking positively. 🙂

  14. oh, I’m so happy. 

  15. Guess I’m gonna need to get crackin at reading the first volume.

    I hope this is gonna be all the love I’ve read through out the years. Cause this site, among many many many others, have put this up as one of the greatest things like….ever!

    Having the Scarlett Witch return though….That’s enough for me. 

  16. Don’t think I’ve read anything with the Young Avengers featured prominently before.

  17. This was my gateway into comics. So yeah, happy a as tick in a dog show. Dont know why I said that.  Special cuz it is a father/ daugther fun and enjoyment of these characters. I’ll let her know tomorrow when she wakes. Life is good!

  18. Young Avengers is one of those series that I haven’t read, despite me telling myself that I HAVE TO pick it up the next time I go to the store. Gotta get rid of that procrastination, because the series sounds like fun. I’m sure I’ll read it before this comes out, as I’m looking forward to this.

  19. awesome.

  20. What is this feeling? It’s so odd…

    Oh my god! I know what it is! 

    It’s me actually caring about something in comics!

    I haven’t felt this way since… well I’m a comic fan so I’ve never actually felt like this.

    I have to tell the comic shop guys!

  21. Really looking forward to this!

  22. Ok now I’m probably am gonna get the hardcover, hope its as good as BKV’s Runaways.

  23. YES! Finally! I almost gave up hope. So psyched about this.

  24. For those of you who are wondering


    Patriot – The grandson of the black Captain America from the Truth mini, uses a form of the Super Soldier serum

    Hulkling – Half Kree, half Skrull and all the powers that go along with it.

    Vision – Basically a rebooted (robotically de-aged) Vision, formed from Iron Lad’s armor.

    Iron Lad – A teenaged (and armored) Kang the Conqueror.

    Stature – Scott Lang’s daughter, size changer.

    Hawkeye – Kate Bishop, just a random teenaged rich girl who’s good with a bow.

    Wiccan and Speed – Thought to actually be Wanda Maximoff’s imaginary twin children, with magic based powers and speed powers respectively.

    I think that’s everyone, but I may have some of it wrong. It’s been awhile since I’ve read the series.

    Who is that between Hulkling and Iron Man though in the shot?

  25. Young Avengers is a pretty cool concept and well executed – stupid-ass Silver Age DC-esque details excepted (I mean Iron Lad. Jeezus-beezus. Lads, Lasses, Boys, Girls…arrgh).

    Looking forward to it.

    And since Scotland became an independent sovereign state on May 1, 1707, "Scotland" may also used as shorthand for "July 17" (17-07 in the non-U.S. system, i.e. day-month method.) So While I may have had the exact day off when I indeed said "Scotland," I was in the ballpark. Public school system vindicated. 

  26. Yay for waiting for the trade!  Cause I don’t trust!

  27. Bi-monthly? Wow! That’s, like, 1000% better than the current publication frequency! Bravo!

  28. Oh…another book that I’m going to have to get. Blast!

  29. YES! YES YES!~~~~~