Happy St. Comic’s Day! New Comics for 03/19/08!

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

This week Ron’s got the Pick of the Week!

This week I’m dropping two books – The Brave and the Bold (no more George Perez) and The Flash.

Bonus Question: What’s everyone’s favorite beer? If you’re not of age, what’s your favorite fruit juice?


  1. Happy St. Paddy’s Day everyone!

    This is a relatively light week for me – only 24 🙂

    The comics I am looking forward to most include: Fear Agent, Invincible, Batman and the Outsiders, Ex Machina, Fables, Captain America, Captain Marvel, and the Incredible Hercules.

    Bonus Question: I don’t drink any more, but when I did I enjoyed Dos Equis beer.

  2. Captain America will be my most-anticipated book any week it comes out, and this week is no exception. Also looking forward to Immortal Iron Fist (probably my second-favorite (next to Cap) Marvel book right now) and The Brave and the Bold (Waid hasn’t missed a beat, IMO).

     Bonus Question: Sierra Nevada

  3. Looking forward to most: Batman and the Outsiders, Captain America, Checkmate, Fables, Fear Agent, Invincible, and Wolverine Origins (me likey Deadpool).

    Still considering dropping but haven’t dropped yet: Birds of Prey, Brave and the Bold, Catwoman, Flash, Incredible Herc, Iron Man. 

    BQ:  Not a beer man, give me a rum and coke.

  4. What is this Tangent: Superman’s Reign?

  5. Cap and Checkmate for me this week, short and sweet.  Anybody think that Killing Joke HC is actually worth $17.99?  I’ve already got the original, how much more is actually in that?

     BQ:  Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, no question.

  6. Is anyone else not able to do their pull list?

  7. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I have 0 books this week.  Might look for some back issues.  

  8. Yeah, not working for me, either.

  9. Conor’s got the link wrong in his post…that’s why it’s not working.  If you just go to the comics sub section it’ll work fine.

    Really looking forward to another issue of Invincible.  Nothing is really middling for me at the moment.  I may be at that weird comic book zen stage.

    BQ: I’m a Bud man but I like to try all kinds of beer. 

  10. Only 4 books for me this week:
    Birds of Prey
    Fear Agent
    The Sword

    BQ: Guinness 

  11. Pol, how can you have 0 books this week???  At least buy Captain America or the Immortal Iron Fist.  These are great books.

  12. Check Mate for me..

    I love me a Stella Artois, Corona or a Guiness.. 

  13. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @iSteve – I’m not a big fan of Captain America and I dropped Iron Fist a few issues back.  I’ll browse around and find something.  I was hoping to actually post reviews this week.  

  14. Spider Man #554 ( can someone please ell me whats the diffrence between the spiderman titles like amazing and spectauler)

    Captain Marvel #4 

    Thor #7

    Yep not alot at all but anyways…I like CranApple  Best.

  15. Light week!  Cap, spidey, and invincible.


    BQ:  Chimay Blue you fools!  CHIMAY BLUUUUUUUUE! 

  16. Big week for me. 16 books on my pull list.

    Captain America is at the top of the satck. No doubt.  But i also want to see if the rumors are true w/r/t Batman & the Outsiders. 

    And of course, Death of the New Gods. The greatest Jack Kriby comic he never wrote. Holy shit is that miniseries a mindfuck or what? Starlin caught some lightning in a bottle. Real talk.

    Bonus: I really like Duvel. But am not much of a beer fan, to be honest. Much rather have a seven & 7 or a nice glass of wine.

  17. @Guardedmarman – There is no FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN and SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN or anything like that.  It’s all AMAZING SPIDER-MAN now.

  18. Thor is coming out only a month after the last issue!  I have six other books… Capt. Marvel looks good, too.


    BQ: Hmm… I can’t pick a favorite, I’d have to say that I drink Yuengling Lager the most often, but I’m enjoying Stoudt’s Winter Warmer right now.  I don’t know how widely available Stoudt’s stuff is. 

  19. But Conor, Jerry Ordway is good though. No?

  20. Oh, I knew I was due for a light week! 

    Cap, The Order, Ex Machina . . .

    I’ll probably read Iron Man at some point, and the Avengers Classic if it looks good.

    I don’t have strong preferences in beer.  I’ll usually drink whatever somebody else pays for.  /being such a girl.

  21. Not a big week for me. I’ve just got Captain America, Amazing Spider-Man, and Robin (which I’m just now picking back up, so we’ll see how it goes).

    Bonus: Ask me in a few weeks about beer. As for juice, I’ve always like Cran-Rasberry for some reason. Usually I’ll just drink water or milk though.

  22. This week I got a DC heavy pull list but I’m most looking forward to Thor. Also, I dropped the Flash a while back but lately I’ve been feeling Flash deprived. I have no idea who the writer is but I’m gonna give him a shot.
    BQ: I don’t drink alcohol but I’ll take some minute maid fruit punch if that counts.
  23. Easy week, JLA, Thor and Brave and the Bold.

     BQ: New Castle.

  24. I am going to give this new writer a chance on the Flash. The comic book community has been very active in voicing their new opinion, so much so that Waid acknowldged it when he left the book, that I think this new writer might try bring the title where it needs to be. I will give his first story arc a chance and then see how I feel about it.
    BQ: Shinerboch is the greatest beer ever, although some of you guys might not know of it’s brilliance up north.

  25. I note that no one has mentioned War is Hell:  First Flight Phantom Eagle.

    WWI story by Garth Ennis with art by Howard Chaykin!!


    Come on!

  26. Amazing Spider-Man #554

    Avengers Classic #10

    Captain America #36

    Captain Marvel #4 (OF 5)

    Circle #5

    Immortal Iron Fist #13

    Sword #6

    Thor #7


    BQ: Yuengling Lager Light, though I also like Magic Hat and on St. Paddy’s Day, Irish Car Bombs all the way!

  27. Nine books this week. I don’t know why, but this seems to be the norm now… And that can’t be good. What happens when it’s a big week? Jeepers…

    Anyway… New Angel: After the Fall and Cap cross my eyes this week. That should be all… Good and exciting…

    BQ: I’m 18, and freshly squeezed orange juice is the bestest kind.

  28. What a crappy week, nothing for me.  That’s okay though because I have a stack of trades waiting.

  29. BQ continued: I can’t forget a good Guiness & Bass Black and Tan draft, or a Dark Side of the Moon (Guiness & Blue Moon)

  30. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @ Josh – Didn’t know War is Hell was coming out this week.  I now have one book.


    Thanks, Josh.   

  31. Missed the Ennis book on the shipping list.

    17 books this week.

    Thanks, I guess? 

  32. Most looking forward to both Caps (America and Marvel), Iron Fist, and Incredible Herc.

     Also grabbing: Robin, Thor, Warbound, The Order, Ex Machina, Brave+Bold, Angel, and of course ASM.


    Birds of Prey gets the axe, I havent cared since Black Canary and Simone left. 

  33. New Fables and new Captain America–say no more.



    @Conor: Based on the cancellations I am decreeing that Peter Parker is no longer "spectacular" or "friendly" in any way.

  34. @Ron~~Yo dude, you aren’t getting the Circle this week? I was looking over your list to try and guess the pick and noticed it wasn’t on there. Is there a reason you dropped it, or is it a forgotten pull? I love that book.

  35. Looking forward to Justice League and Robin.  I’m really hoping that Flash is gonna turn around here any second.  I’ll be picking up the Tangent Superman thingy to see what that’s like.

    BQ: Right now I’m drinking a generic Vienna Lager from Trader Joe’s that isn’t half-bad.  Chimay is always a first choice though. 

  36. Somehow I missed the new issue of Angel. My o-fer week is now a 1-fer.

  37. @Animalvader1 – Ron doesn’t buy THE CIRCLE – Josh and I do.

  38. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:
    Cap #36
    Iron Fist #13 (Conor, you’re burning out on this series? I loved the illustrations a while ago, in the moments after Davos disgraced himself in battle Vs. Tiger’s Beautiful Daughter. The people running up to help the fallen warrior moved so fluidly out of the background.)
    Death of the New Gods #7 
    2-printing of Wolverine #62
    and because Flanagan’s the man (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!), War is Hell First Flight Phantom Eagle #1
    I’ve never got my hands on any of Howard Chaykin’s work, but as I’m digging the fifth Fables trade and its war stories, something on a difficult subject by two titans has me quite eager. 
    BQ- Tsingtao Beer.
  39. I’m totally dropping the Brave and the Bold too

  40. File under things I never thought I’d say:

    I’m equally excited for Captain America and Captain Marvel this week.

    BQ:  Most of the time Anchor Liberty, but Geary’s Pale if I’m feeling Maine-ish.


  41. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Lookin forward to Immortal Iron Fist #13.  Extremely light week for me.

  42. Favorite beer (this time of year and any other time): Guinness

  43. Two books this week… Captain America and the Immortal Iron Fist.


    BQ: Founder’s Breakfast Stout. 

  44. Did I forget to say Guinness?  But only if it’s poured correctly, and in a damn pub!  Preferably in Ireland.

  45. Yeah, Connor, what’s your beef with Jerry Ordway? He’s like Adam/Andy Perez. It’s not like it’s a Bruce Jones taking over for a Greg Rucka.

     I’m most looking forward to Ex Machina,  Spidey, & Fables, but am very curious about what Peyer’s got in store for the Flash (his Hourman series with Rags Moraeles was great). I’m (surprisingly) sticking with Thor. It’s kind of funny.

    I agree that Birds of Prey is kind of lacking without Black Canary. It’s just too far from the original premise. They might as well bring her boyfriend back from the dead and get her married…errrr…ummm..who’s the DCU version of Mephisto? Paging Neron… 

     Best beer on the planet is Mad Hatter by New Holland Brewing Co. Mmmmm…hops.

  46. Stella Artois or Edison – although I love a good Dempsey’s.


  47. @southbymidwest – Where did I say I had a beef with Jerry Ordway?

  48. Well, I’m still trying to hold to my designated 8 books a week now.  Damn, it’s really hard with so much good stuff.  Oh well, that’s what the light weeks are for, right?  I’m really looking forward to The Sword, Incredible Herc, Cap, and Batman and the Ousiders.  I’m thinking it will be a pretty good week.  I’m also contemplating picking up the second trade of Maintenance.  It’s only $10, but I have all the issues and my finance is auditing me pretty closely on this "saving for the wedding" thing.  Most likely, I’ll wait on that one.

    I’m filled with hope for this week.

    BQ:  For my anytime beer, I’m a lover of Miller Lite.  For my special occasion/post work beer, it’s Guiness all the way. 

  49. 18 books for me – a fairly light week.  Thor has been great, New Gods has been great.  I haven’t read Spider-Man since the last reboot, when was that like 1998?  So after being a pissy annoyed fanboy about BND, you guys convinced me to pick it up.  After all, what do I care if they retconned stuff I didnt read anyway?

    I’m also going back to trades with Ex Machina.  I am finding the single issues just don’t hold together enough from month to month.

    BQ:  I’m more of a gin kinda guy but I enjoy Corona.  Had some McSorely’s at a St. Patrick’s party that was pretty good.

  50. @NJBaritone – I switched to the trades on EX MACHINA too and it’s a much more satisyinf experience, I’m finding.  As for Spider-Man, this current storyline is probably the weakest, but the first couple were really good.

  51. I have to represent here and say 1554 from New Belguim brewing company. it’s a dark beer with a smoky almost coffee like finish. it’s amazing.

  52. I’m also dropping The Flash, but I’m sticking with The Brave and the Bold for now.

    BQ: I am 21 but I don’t drink beer (its just not my thing, at least for right now).

  53. There’s a mythological theme running through my books–Thor #7, Incredible Herc #115, The Illiad #4

    possible I’ll do War Is Hell, want to flip through it first & might wait for the trade.

    BQ: Guinness, nitrogen-pour is best. 

  54. Batman And The Outsiders #5

    Captain America #36

    Checkmate #24

    Countdown To Final Crisis #6

    Robin #172

    @Conor – Holy crap you stuck with the Flash for this long.  You are a brave man.

    @Josh – I was going to leaf through the Ennis WWI book before I bought it.  Nowing me though it’s Ennis and a war book so I will most likely be easily swayed.  I loved his Ghost Rider books.  Now when will Preacher come out in Absolute form so I can finally break down and buy it.  Yeah yeah I know I haven’t read Preacher… Shoot me. 

    I’m looking forward to Cap and Outsiders the most this week.  I am not digging Dixon’s run on Robin and really hope that it starts to pay off for me sometime soon especailly since I’ve been pulling it more consistently then almost any other book in the last few years along with Ultimate Spider-Man.  I feel myself starting to waiver when it comes to super heroes.  Unless it’s Green Lanter or Captain America.  Conor and Ron are starting to make less sense, where Josh is starting to make more.  I think I need to lay down more.

    BQ: Do I have to pick one?  Guiness is an old favorite.  I am also partial to Bell’s Oberon with some orange juice… I feel bad for you sorry bastards that don’t live in Michigan or close by to get that one.  It’s about the only thing we have going for our state at the moment. 

  55. immortal fat cobra #13 will be awesome. but i’m already drooling for invincible 49…

    bq: newcastle, but i love all beer. 

  56. This is a really quiet week for me. The only two I have on my list are Grendel: Wake the Devil and Wolverine Origins (I’m still praying for this to get better…)

    My beer of choice is Guinness. Cannot be beaten – practically a meal in itself.

  57. Decent week this week – new Ennis war book, Captain America, JLA (yeah, I like it – deal!), the last arc of 100 Bullets (I’ll probably end up saving this one until the whole last arc is done – reads better that way), Ex Machina – a lot of decent stuff this week.  I’m also on the fence with B&TB, not due to the art change, but because I just don’t give a shit about the story. We’ll see – if the shop doesn’t have it, I won’t go hunting for it.

    BQ: Three-way tie – Guinness, Newcastle, and Boddingtons. I could have any of them and I’d be fine.

    @Josh – best glass of Guinness I ever had was at a pub called Foleys in downtown Dublin – you CANNOT go wrong with Guinness in Ireland. Especially if you take the brewery tour at like 11 a.m. I’ve really got to get back there.

  58. @josh:  Guinness draft trumps bottle or can Guinness, and yes I agree on the way it pours (some pubs know how, some pubs pretend to know how)

  59. Well, I’m getting Wolverine Origins. this story can only get better (I hope) 

    I have a question.  Why isn’t Kick-Ass #2 on thie list?  that is coming out also. 

  60. Really light week for me. Only two books. ASM, and Afterburn.

    I was thinking about picking up JLA, but I think I will wait until next month. I have never read the title before and don’t want to come in at the end of an arc.

    BQ: Shiner Bock (Any time I travel outside of TX, people look at me like I am crazy when I order one. Has anyone outside of TX ever heard of it?) 

  61. @jstump – I’m not sure what thet means.  Ron and I read just as many non-superhero books as Josh does.

  62. I agree that Waid’s return to the Flash was…um, how can I put it nicely? Let us say it was disappointing and leave it there. I dropped the title long ago.

    However, this week brings a new writer to the Flash. So I am willing to give it another shot. Really would like to read a Flash comic that doesn’t suck. Call me an optimist.

  63. Ennis + Chaykin + War = can’t miss = War is Hell is my most anticipated book of the week. So I’m right there with you, Josh.

  64. Im excited about the War Is Hell book and i love the Brave & Bold…but then again i was a fan of the 80s B&B stuff…

    Beer of Choice: Black & Tan (Guiness and Harps)…i also like a Lemon Brew: One-Eyed Jack, but not sure they make it anymore (my stash is dwindling….)


  65. Totally light week. While I’m not happy about this, it’s probably a good thing. 🙂

    Angel After The Fall #5
    Captain America #36
    Captain Marvel #4 (OF 5)
    Iron Man #27
    Order #9

  66. Oh, and I hate beer. The closest I came to actually enjoying one was Tequiza. Anyone remember that beer? 🙂


  67. Hmmmm good week, but it’s hard to say what I’m looking forward to the most.  Aside from finally being able to own The Killing Joke as it’s own singular edition.  Otherwise, probably Invicible and Fear Agent.


    BQ: I generally go into the liquor store and get whatever looks good at the time.  Old favorites probably include Blue Moon, IPA or this one with a german sounding name that comes in a honey version, but I can’t recall it right now.  Lately, I’ve been rocking the odd sized larger bottles in all their dark stouty glory.  They’re definitley hit or miss, but it’s a fun little liquor roulette.

  68. @ Diabhol~  Wasn’t that the beer that tried to combine tequila and beer?  I think every major brewing company has tried that…and failed.  Bleh.

  69. ALSO!  I would be remiss not to mention the greatness that is pomegranet juice.  The bluberry version tastes like liquid pie.  Holy damn.

  70. Well it looks like that after comparing the iFanboy pull lists, I’m with Conor.

    I would suggest that with a future update of iFanboy.com, we need a program that lets you input your data/compare your pull lists to tell which iFanboy you most closely resemble. That way, you can tell if you belong to: The Cult of Conor, The Uncanny Ron-Men, The League of Extraordinary Josh’s, or Gordon’s Peons (what’s lower on the wrung than an Intern?).

  71. I’m totally excited for…

    (every time it comes out…I pimp it’s greatness)

    GRENDEL BEHOLD THE DEVIL #5 MATT WAGNER People!!!!  You liked Zorro right?  Yeesh.

    Oh and colour me surprised but next up is probably that Ghost Rider book, and I NEVER thought I’d say that.

    BQ:  Right now?  Steamwhistle (fine torontonian local, made with only 4 ingredients!)  but I’ve had long love affairs with Moosehead, Alexander Keith’s, Molson Dry. 

    RE: Shinerbock, I had a hazy summer in Galveston drinking the Shiner.  It’s good stuff too.

  72. Medium-sized week for me, but it looks to be a good quality week, particularly from Marvel with Captain America, Iron Man, Iron Fist, The Order and Ghost Rider.

    Jason Aaron really impressed me with the last issue of Ghost Rider, so I’m really anticipating this one.

    Also looking forward to Checkmate. 



  73. pretty huge week for me, 19 books.  cant wait to read ghost rider, death of the new gods, Cap.(both of them), and pretty curious about the war is hell book.  This issue of grendel behold the devil should be pretty boss too.  cant wait to get reading but I cant make it to the store until thursday.

    I used to be completely obsessed with genny light that jam tastes like bread.

  74. @Conor – I know but, I’ve always felt Josh to be the forerunner of indy books here.  Lately, where as I used to pick up more of your and Ron’s recommendations, I’ve been getting more of what Josh has been recommending.  No complaints here really, just odd because you and Ron seem more of the forerunners for superhero comics then indy books.

    Lately I just can’t get into a lot of the superhero books.  Countdown blows but is too close to the end to drop for me, I can’t stand Batman now that a certain writer is on the book and only occasionally Detective due to Dini, I’ve started to dislike Robin since Dixon got on, Wonder Woman had me excited but now all I do is scream Heinburg(sp?) when I see it, Never been a big Superman fan, and Flash… Don’t even get me started. 

    It’s especially in the last few weeks it seems like Josh has gotten me to pick up a couple more books, where as a year ago when I started listening I always looked to you and Ron for what new Superhero book I should be getting.

  75. @jstump – You do watch the video show, yes?

  76. Bonus: New Castle.  Mmmmm.

  77. @Conor – Yes in fact I’ve been delving into the vaults. All three of you are making me want Preacher in absolute form so I don’t have to deal with flimsy trades.

    Also remember I work roughly 11-12 hours during the night time and then working during the day one day a week.  I am starting to think I’m going temporarily insane.  Do not feel sorry for me I actually volunteered for this job.  Why may you ask?  my day job is tech support where as during the night it’s all email instead of phones.

    Although as I said it’s playing hell on my sanity. 

  78. Beer for St Patrick’s Day was Smithwicks.  Also liked the brew from Rock Bottom.

    Comic I’m looking forward to this week:

    Death of the New Gods #7

    and, unlike Conor, i’m anxiously awaiting Brave & the Bold #11!  It’s Superman vs. Ultraman drawn by Jerry Ordway!?  That sounds like a match made in heaven to this Superman fan!

  79. I am such a beer snob it’s hard to chose a single beer. My stand-by as of late has been Red Rocket Ale by Bear Republic Brewing but me website posts beer reviews every week so that’s the place ot find out what I’m lovin’ at the moment.


  80. I’ve already dropped Flash, and Ill probably be dropping Brave and The Bold after this issue, since there’s still an issue sitting in my reserve file.

    I’m looking forward to Ex Machina, The Sword, Captain America, and Thor. It should be a good week.

    Bonus: I enjoy Blue Moon and Henry Wienhards Private Reserve, and since I am not of age, I get to answer the juice question too, which would be Orange, but Cranberry and Apple come in at a close second. Yay for juice!