Happy Holidays from iFanboy! (Plus the holiday schedule)

Thanks to Tad Stones for the holiday cheer!


Happy Holidays to everyone in the iFanbase from the iFanboy staff!

And a special holiday wish to Dustin Semo! Your lovely wife Emily wanted us to let you know that she has purchased you a yearly iFanboy membership for Christmas!

In the spirit of the holidays we’re going to give our hard working staff some time off. That means we’re going to be a little light on content on iFanboy.com until the new year. You can still come here for the new comic list next week and make your pull list, as well as for the last episode of the year of iFanboy. For the following week, the Pick of the Week itself won’t be published until January 2nd, because that’s when books are arriving in U.S. stores due to the back-to-back Thursday holidays.

As we said on last week’s Pick of the Week Podcast, this coming episode is going to be the All Media Year End Wrap Up. It’s something we’ve done at the end of every year and we enjoy it immensely. We will return to the Pick of the Week Podcast format the week after.

That should be it for holiday schedule changes. Josh, Ron, and I are going to try our best to get some stuff written, Sonia posted some (somewhat disturbing) artwork today, but for the most part it’s holiday time.



  1. Happy holidays!

  2. A very Happy Holidays to the iFanboys, the writers, and everyone in the iFanbase. Thank you all for making this site the best, friendliest and downright coolest place on the web.

    Hope you all have a fantastic time, I love you all!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. "Welcome Christmas, bring your cheer.  

    Cheer for all Whos far and near.  

    Christmas day is in our grasp

    so long as we have hands to clasp.  

    Christmas day will always be

    just as long as we have we.  

    Welcome, Christmas while we stand,

    heart to heart and hand in hand."


    Merry Christmas, iFanbase!  Have a safe and magical holiday! 

  4. I love the year end media show!!!!!!!!

  5. Happy Christmas to everyone here. I have a great time sharing thoughts with all of you. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your world. I look forward to growing with you in the New Year. Stay safe, stay warm and KEEP IT REAL!!

    ..and if anyone got MK VS. DC feel free to hit me up for some sparring practice. my XBOX handle’s chewblakka76


    FACE (chris)

  6. woo hoo! End of the year wrap up show!

  7. Looking forward to the year end show!  Happy Holidays to everyone!

  8. Happy Holidays to all!

    (oh and are you guys doing a podcast for the Spirit? Just curious)

  9. Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas, I look forward to the Year End Wrap Up as well!

  10. Happy Holidays!

  11. Merry Christmas, happy Hannukah, and a much-better-than-this-one New Year to all!

  12. The Next Champion: I’m also curious about the possibility of a Spirit podcast… 

  13. @iGotKIttyPryde – Check the post about THE SPIRIT.

  14. Merry Christmas, iFanboy!  The year end holiday special is always one of my favorite episodes of the year.  It’s like The Totally Rad iFanboy Show.

  15. Much obliged Conor. Probably shoulda looked there in the first place!

  16. happy holidays boys and girls. 

  17. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Have the comments always looked like word balloons? That’s incred-e-blay.

    Year end media… I probably enjoyed SNL most of all on tv. 

  18. @PymSlap: Yes, they have always looked like word balloons.