Happy Holidays 2012 from iFanboy! (Plus the Holiday Schedule)

Art by Tad Stones

Happy Holidays to everyone in the iFanbase from the iFanboy staff!

In the spirit of the holidays we’re going to give our hard working staff some time off. That means we’re going to be a little lighter than usual on content here at iFanboy.com until the first Monday of 2013.

There are no new comics shipping to stores for December 26, but there will be new comics in stores for January 2, so you will be able to come here on Monday, December 31 to check out the new comics and make your pull list, and then on Wednesday you can find the first Pick of the Week of 2013! And that’s not all! Starting December 26 we’re going to be kicking off our “Best of 2012” lists, and you’ll find at least one of those lists every every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday over the next two weeks. All of the rest of our regular features will return with the first full week of the new year.

As for podcast schedule, there will be no Pick of the Week Podcast on Sunday, December 30. Instead, you’ll find the 2012 All-Media Year End Wrap-Up in its place. It’s something we’ve done at the end of every year since we started podcasting, and we enjoy it immensely. The Pick of the Week Podcast will return on January 6, 2012.

That should be it for holiday schedule changes. The staff here at iFanboy might try to get some other random stuff posted next week, but for the most part it’s holiday time.


  1. No love for Amazing Spider-man 700?

    • Or the New Aquaman, Justice League, BW Nite Owl, Mara, and Deathmatch?

      I don’t know why they say “There are no new comics shipping to stores for December 26” when there are.

      And my store was missing a box last week so there will be even more stuff for me to pick up.

    • Comics to be released on the 26th shipped to stores with this past week’s books. It’s a little confusing the way it’s written, but true.

    • Here is clarification on what’s happening with books for the next two weeks, although if you clicked the link in the article in the pertinent paragraph, you’d get pretty much the same information.

      There are no books shipping to comic book stores the week of Christmas. Diamond ships books on Tuesdays and since that is Christmas so they have instituted the rare Diamond skip week. But they didn’t want to leave stores in the lurch for a week with no new product so they took some of the books scheduled for release on January 2nd, and they shipped them to stores with last week’s books with a note saying that stores could sell them one week ahead of their scheduled release date, if they so choose. The books that some stores will be selling next week are officially scheduled for release the week after, and that is when they will be covered here.

      Happy Holidays.

    • I would still like to do my pull list for this week.

    • Me too. I look forward to doing my weekly pull list.

    • this is very sad i do not know all coming out this week thanks for no help

  2. I really like the drawn image above. Who penciled that?

  3. ’twas four days before Christmas, when all through the net
    Many fanboys were trolling, that’s a sure bet.
    The panels were framed by words ringing true
    In hopes that Josh Flanagan soon would be there.
    Ron was snuggled in a nest of Uncanny Which was not sanitary.
    And Conor read Bat books And ignored Detective’s poor looks.
    When out on the main page there arose such a clatter
    And the number of comments soon became fatter.
    Away to the post we read with great awe,
    Josh giving thanks is what we all saw!
    Now Aaron, now Snyder, now Ellis and Hickman!
    On Chiang! On Hardman! On Parker and Kirkman!
    To the top of the charts! To the top of stack!
    Keep creating and selling the books that we lack!
    The iFanbase was there cheering him on,
    And away he wrote with a wit put upon,
    A great thank you for the fans, the never-be-meek,
    Keep reading, keep writing, make your pick of the week
    And we heard him exclaim, ‘ere he posted out of sight,
    “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
    Now I’m done writing, okay? Alright?

  4. Merry Christmas, happy New Years’ and happy holidays to everyone tht works at iFanboy and to the gang that hangs out on the site! Thanks for another awesome year. Cheers to 2013, may it be the greatest year yet for our beloved hobby/medium!

  5. Happy holidays, all! I look forward to the all-media podcast; there was some good shiz this year.

  6. It’s been a fantastic year for comics and for iFanboy. Looking forward to 2013! Happy Holidays all!

  7. We get gorgeous Ladronn art on the 26th in a new issue of Hip Flask!

  8. Good stuff, the all media round up is usually one of my favourite podcasts of the year! Have a good one fellas.

  9. The All-Media Round Up podcast holds a special place in my heart. If it wasn’t for listening to that a few years back, I wouldn’t have discovered the amazingness that is Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

    Question about the POTW: Since there is no POTW next week, is Amazing Spider-Man #700 eligiable for the POTW the following week? Will it be discussed on the podcast at all? I read it and I am very curious to hear the iFanboy team discuss it.

  10. Next year…Man of Steel, Iron Man 3 and Star Trek into Darkness! A ton of great comic books; Saga, Walking Dead, Sixth Gun, Batman books, Justice League books, Green Lantern, Thor, Indestructible Hulk, Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, New Avengers and lots more. Gonna be another banner year.

  11. Looking forward to All-Media podcast. Always a great time. Thanks for a another great year, iFanboy!

    Happy Holidays, everybody! Häid Pühi!

  12. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all my fellow Funny Book Aficionados =D

  13. That’s a fantastic drawing. Although Ron isn’t wearing the current costume for Cyclops. 🙂

    My LCS is getting those issues you mentioned on the 26th…I might get Aquaman/Justice League over the weekend. But for my money the comic year ended last Wednesday.

    Happy Holidays to all! Hope you all get some kick ass gifts this year.

  14. Happy holidays! And to any fans of Saga out there, try “Nowhere Men” if you see either #1 or #2 around your LCS. Just picked up both issues and I love it.

  15. Happy Holidays to the iFanstaff, you guys/gals are a big part of the reason I’ve gotten into comics more and more these past two years. To all the other iFanbase members, thanks for coming to this site each week and talking comics with me.

    This is my favorite comics news site, and it’s because of the good folks who run it and the cool people who are on here everyday.

  16. Here Here! I second the Turd!

  17. Happy Holidays iFanstaff. As for Amazing Spider-man 700…. Dan Slott…. I hope you have a great x-mas. Because you shit all over mine. I don’t see me getting into Superior Spider-Man and I’m a very, very, very huge Spider-man fan. “Now I know I’ve got a heart, ’cause it’s breaking…”

  18. Happy Holidays <33

  19. Merry Christmas to everyone!!

  20. Thank you to all who contribute to this informative & entertaining site.

    Have a really great Christmas one & all!

  21. is that the new52 josh? im sure that aint the marvel NOW ron.

  22. Not to be ‘that’ guy but…

    Are we still pulling books for this week today or has that been changed?

  23. That picture of Ron makes me smile every time I see it. I think they should sell prints of that.