Happy Halloween – Get Costume Creative!

It’s that time of year again…the time of year where pumpkins get smashed, apples get bobbed, candy flows like water and trick-or-treaters put in the extra effort to make sure their costumes look AWESOME-R!

For the older crowd – pumpkins might still be smashed…and your coworkers might also be smashed.  I guess it depends on how seriously your company takes the annual Halloween Party.

Regardless of how your company treats this holiday – over here at iFanboy we love it.  And to celebrate this year we want to share YOUR costumes. 

That’s right – you put in the effort and you want to make sure everybody sees the awesomeness and we want to help.  Email your costume pictures to me with COSTUME as the subject by Tuesday, November 3rd at 11pm EST – and I’ll get them posted*.

There are no prizes – other than the pride of showing off your hard work – but that’s something. 

Check out last year’s costumes!

*Please include your iFanboy username so I can let everybody know who you are and let me know what your costume is – in case it’s not crystal clear.  Also – I cannot post inappropriate pictures…sorry.  I mean – you can send them and I’ll gladly share them with the rest of the staff…


  1. How the hell can any of us hope to compete with that lady bug (?).  Kids are unbeatable (but I will try).

  2. "How the hell can any of us hope to compete with that lady bug (?)."


    Use a lawnmower.

  3. hey free baby 🙂

  4. I actually have 2 costumes this year…should I just send 1 or should I send both?

  5. that is the cutest lady bug! yay Halloween!

  6. Cute on one level, horrifying the second time looking at it.

  7. @comicBOOKchris: Send in everything!

  8. Call 911…a dingo…I mean giant lady bug ate a baby

  9. maybe i’ll dress up as an infant dressing up as a lady bug this year

  10. The ladybug is actually her backup costume – her real one arrived the other day.

  11. Will you be sharing it with us?

  12. Cool I’ll be glad to send in my costume, it will be nice to show people who probably will know who it is.  That’s the problem not having many friends into video games / comics / etc I guess

  13. @stuclach – oh yes.  I’ll share it.

  14. aww … wow, soooo adorable!

  15. I’m a fat bearded guy with glasses from jersey. Can I just take a picture of what I look like every day and say it’s a Kevin Smith costume?

  16. Damn. Guess I have to drop the Ladybug costume idea. Move on to the next one.

  17. Damn.

    Every Possible Snarky Lady Bug Baby Comment has been done already.

    Shoulda Logged earlier.

    I guess I’ll send in what I’m dressed up as in my Avatar here.

  18. My avatar was my costume last year.  Don’t know if I’m gonna have time to put one together this year. Lame…

  19. You can also enter your costume in the TFAW contest, should you so desire.

  20. I saw a kid in a Captain America costume he was like 10.  I thought that was pretty cool

  21. Now I totally want to get one of those swaddle costumes for my new MJ.

  22. Best costume ever, this year.

    Me and my friends are going as the Bling Lantern Corps.

    Our rings are charged by forcing our defeated opponents to kiss them.

    Pictures to follow.

  23. I ended going as a one of the Primer Lantern Corps. We represent Lazyness and Procastination. Our Rings are still being made so we’re borrowing some Cardboard ones. We don’t have costumes yet so we wear shirts from the last convention we went to. Comic-con 2003.

  24. I went downtown (Orlando) and saw some pretty good ones. A Space ghost (coast to coast) and a Frank (from Donnie Darko). Both awesome but frank ended up being a buddy from highschool.

  25. Saw a lot of great costumes last night, one guy pulled off a great Quail Man, Quail dog included.

    Best costume of the night: Naked Mail Man.

  26. I saw 3 Carmen Sandiagos, A group that had dressed as the cast of Half Life 2, I saw someone who dressed as The Plutonian from Irredeemable, and the best one of the night, I saw four dressed as Xel’lotath, Chaturr’gha, Ulyoath, and Pious Augustus from Eternal darkness. I love the obscure stuff.