Happy Birthday Jack Kirby!

Today is Jack Kirby’s birthday!  Along with Joe Simon and Stan Lee, Jack Kirby created pretty much most of the Marvel Universe including Captain America, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and many more.  Over at DC Comics, he created Darkseid, Mr. Miracle and the entire New Gods/Fourth World Concept

Here’s an awesome Mister Miracle piece of art from Kirby:

Learn more about Jack Kirby on Wikipedia and the Kirby Museum

And for some amusing “Facts” about Jack Kirby – check out the tag #kirbyfacts on Twitter today!

Happy Birthday King Kirby – we miss you and thank you for all you’ve done!


  1. Two words: Thank you.

  2. Happy Birthday and thanks for everything!!

  3. My god! That might be the greatest peice of artwork I’ve ever seen by Kirby. That can’t be him….

    Happy Birthday to the man who made comics an artform!

  4. If only Mister Miracle always looked that cool. Thank you.

  5. His fourth world work is fantastic. I had a commission done by Josh Howard of Mister Miracle and Big Barda which I adore. He really was a King.

  6. This should be a national comic book holiday! (That’d be ridicules)

  7. all hail the king!!!

  8. happy birthday =)

  9. Happy bday to you, sir.

  10. @Thenextchampion "That really can’t be him…" Can you just not help yourself?

    It’s official, you’re the iFanbase Yellow Hat Guy.  

  11. Happy Birthday, Mr. Kirby, and thank you for your contributions to the funny books I enjoy oh so much!

  12. In celebration of his birthday, everyone should read Kirby: King of Comics.  It is awesome.

  13. Happy Birthday, King Kirby! And thanks for all the nice memories you’ve given us!

  14. @thenextchampion "that can’t be him”!!!???!???? no one wants to hear that. go read your rob liefeld and leave the KIng alone!!!! happy b’day, kirby!


  15. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    That’s an awesome Mister. Miracle. Happy birthday, Jack!

  16. Happy Birthday Jack. You may be gone but You will live on forever.

  17. truly the king

  18. It’s the coloring that threw me off. Is that done by him or did someone else do that?

    I’m just not used to his work being colored great.

  19. Hey I didn’t mean offense with my original post guys. Just that when you quickly look at this and not study it….it doesn’t look like a Jack Kirby design. But if you look at it more closely then you can definitely tell it’s his work. (Plus the signature on the bottom is a dead give away lol)

  20. I’m not sure how any comic fan could look at that and not know it was Kirby.

    Either way he’s one of the greats if not THE great.   Love his work when he was partnered with Joe Simon, and then his Marvel work, and of course his Fourth World stuff of which I have the originals (Got ’em all for 25 cents each in a box of unsorted comics at my local Comic Shop in the mid 80’s).

  21. I used to get the Jack Kirby Collector every month for a while there.  The oversized format was perfect for viewing his art.  Anything from rough pencils to finished inks.  Glorious interviews with industry leaders about technique, and attitude.

    Kirby was a giant in the industry.  Kinda funny he threw superheroes on their ear considering his rather humble beginnings at DC doing funny animals, romance, and war stories. 

    An accomplished artist with a width and breadth that is really not seen in the industry today.  Master storyteller.  Gee….do I need to say more??

    Love ya Kirby. 

  22. I freaking loved the Fourth World.

  23. I’m still researching on how to draw on a similar (yet pleasantly simplistic level) cosmicy style he had. He’s an inspiration whom I regret never meeting.

  24. Wow, you guys are extremely mean to TNC…

    Anyways, it’s sad to see that only 23 people have to say something about this. 

  25. … you counted? oO

  26. Hmm, no, next to the headline there’s a wordballon. The number right next to it tells you how many people commented on this topic.

  27. Ahh… @anyrate it seems that there was a pair of shorts with Jack Kirby art all over it that I still have tucked away in my closet. Just looking at them is a great reminder of how inspiring his "out there" art is.