Guardians of the Globe Roll On With…Kaboomerang?

The latest member of the Guardians of the Globe was introduced today…Kaboomerang.

I'll let that sit with you for a moment….




  1. That’s an awesome name, it’s cheesy and fun. Love it.

    I mean if I were a superhero who threw exploding boomerangs what else would I call myself?

  2. hmm, is he a buff aborigine?

  3. Captain Boomerang’s gonna be pissed…

  4. @wayne: It looks like it. So is Bishop from X-men 

  5. To me, this is the first letdown of the team. Boomerang guys make less sense on a superhero team than archers. But I agree with gobo… great name.

  6. @g0ofgnewt Well his grandfather is at least, he could be only 1/4 aborigine 😉

  7. @RedMoses – Josh is gonna have your head for that comment.

  8. I would always read book with a charcater called Kaboomerang.

  9. No matter how badass you are, I always thought that people who use projectiles or explosives are in for some deep shit when it runs out.

    Wayne2001bc, I think it’s safe to assume that he’s an Aboriginie, unless his parents were missionaries or something. As for buffness, aren’t all superheroes buff? 🙂

  10. Kirkman did say that he wanted to give the Guardians of the Globe a more ‘global’ slant as opposed to before. I’m guessing the chick from last week is from a different country as well.

  11. Something’s wrong with that arm of his.  The (fictive) advantage that a boomerang themed guy would have over an archer is they would have a (slightly) more believable excuse to handle a situation around a corner.  I say give the guy a real "war" boomerang: a six foot stick that he never throws, he just buckles skulls with it.  This seems like a pretty seriously missed opportunity to incorporate some design elements from the literal thousands of Australian indigenous cultures, too. 

    I’m a little concerned that Kirkman’s infusion of new creative blood to the top tier at Image is just driving them back towards the occasionally half-thought-through ridiculousness of the 90s through some misguided sense of fanboy nostalgia. 

  12. Wow so far, Guardians of the Globe is a giant pass.  For the new/re-vamped characters, has there been an original outfit, or even an original idea?

     At least he doesn’t have electrical powers.

  13. I’m going to try to slip "kaboomerang" into everyday conversation.

  14. Let’s be honest. Kirkman realised ka-boom and boomarang use teh same syllable. That’s all that went into it

  15. This looks like it will be a lot of fun.

  16. Sweet!. Prediction: Next character will be Indian and might have lasers

  17. Kaboomerawesome.

  18. Awesome.  The name, the costume, and the weapon are all so 70s.  This book looks to be eclectic awesomeness.

  19. oh man!



  20. * yawn *

  21. @AMuldowney what you are talking about is a woomera not a boomerang

  22. I don’t mind the Australian themed character name. It’s goofy but it’s also Kirkman so I’ll let that one slide. But I will slap the man if the first thing that comes outta this character’s mouth is "G’day".

    None of us talk like that! 

  23. I’m fine with a G’day. BUUUUT if every second word out of his mouth is bloody. Bloody Hell, Blooming Heck, or heaven forbid Crickey I’m going to go and turn Steve Irwin over in his grave (which is hard as he was cremated)

  24. Heh. This is pretty funny. I like it. It’s no better or worse than Rex Plode!

  25. Haha now all of us Australians have something to say! I never knew how much I actually said G’day until I moved to another country.

    I think the costume should contain more traditional aboriginal tribal markings, and the star on his chest should be a sun, like on the aboriginal flag.

    Boomerangs actually take a fair bit of practice to get them to return. If you don’t throw it correctly, they end up being more like a streamlined stick, which you have to go fetch.

  26. This definitely sounds like something where someone came up with a name for a character waaaaaayyy before they came up with a character that needed a name.

     Although I would really like to see this guy in a team book called "The Onomatopoeias" with Ka-Power Saw, The ProBlammo Solver, She-Banger (he’s British and throws exploding sausages, although I could see how that could be grossly misinterpreted), and The sWAMp Thing (although there might be some legal issues there.)

  27. I don’t get it.

  28. That name….

    I think every Superhero should have a name that Puntastic from now on. 

  29. @reg5000 – Strewth cobber, speak for yourself. Every time I’ve bending someone’s ear to have a yarn, I say g’day like it’s going out of fashion! It’s bloody entertaining is what it bloody is, moit! 😉 All I hope is kirkman at least knows SOMETHING about Oztraya. Other than that I won’t have a complaint!

  30. …What…the hell….

  31. Do we know for a fact that this guy is an aborigine? He could just be an American black dude, after all.

    This guy sounds Kaboomerific! 

  32. @comicBOOKchris: One would assume he’s Australian from his use of "mate".

  33. I wonder if this character name came from the Arby’s comercial I’ve been seing on TV lately.

  34. Now I wanna learn how to throw a kaboomerang, a la kid in mad max. I have a cool leather loincloth. Awe man,I can go around help people w the skills! Kittys frm trees and shit!

  35. Interesting, definitely picking up the first issue.

  36. Does he also throw boomerag fish?

  37. Stupid name, stupid concept.

    Now I’m upset how lame this team is. 

  38. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Did you have any emotional investment in this team? 

  39. @Paul: Well if it was the team I thought it was gonna be. Not the joke team; but having Spawn, Savage Dragon, and others…..Yeah this would’ve been a nice book to pick up.

    But these two new characters introduced by Kirkman just aren’t…..well they just same lazy ideas.

  40. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    That sounds like Image United. 

  41. @Paul: Yeah I know, it does. I just thought that this was gonna be an ‘Avengers’ style team for the Image universe. Maybe it leads into something after this first mini. Instead it just looks like a bunch of random and new characters to play with Invincible.

    I wouldn’t mind that per se…..But again these last two character reveals are just not interesting to me. Especially this one, that name is ridiculous. 

  42. Ridiculously AWESOME

  43. Greatest name ever? Yes, yes it is.


  44. OK I’m on board. Its about time there was an awesome Australian character. About Bloody time.

  45. I can see how this guy eventually gets killed off.  Friendly fire from one of his boomerangs returning to him.  Seriously, I can’t wait for this book.

  46. Right now, Stan Lee is pissed that he didn’t come up with this name.

    I hope that he goes to crime scenes using his ‘Wallabycycle’, ‘Bandacoup deVille’, ‘Kangarange-Rover’, ‘Dingo-Kart’, or ‘Wombatmobile’ 

  47. @conor: @comicBOOKchris: I can confirm that we do use the word ‘mate’ often.

    @matrix: well played, sir. 

  48. I’ll hold judgement until the last member shows up. Hopefully this’ll at least be completly diverse. It’d be interesting if he went for one member per continent, from what I’m seeing it looks like that. Then I completely take back that Chunli comment I said below. 

    @j206: Just as long as I don’t see a Chun-Li I’ll go along with it, otherwise we know what Kirkman had been doing on his spare time. (4 those of u at home, playing a certain game)

    @VichusSmith: apparently not the late Captain Boomerang. (Identity Crisis)

    @Simmons: I’ll do you one better. I predict it’ll be very Dhalsim-esque.

    @g0ofgnewt: XD!

  49. I don’t understand where the parody started or if it ended.

  50. You can always expect Kirkman to throw a curveball. He likes to do the unexpected. What I don’t know is: Is this, a team of mostly no-names (or new characters, if you prefer), the thing nobody expected? Or will he kill em all of in #2 and fill the gaps with Robot, Monster Girl, Atom Eve etc.

  51. @Conner: Maybe he’s from New Zealand, the overlooked nation. The way the artist drew the face, he could just as easily be Maori. (If he is from NZ, I hope they don’t rehash all of the Flight of the Conchords jokes.)  Come to think of it, has there ever been a Kiwi super hero?

  52. My fav character, and fav name is Dupli-Kate. Her power is so slutty-licious!

  53. @Kodaiji He wouldn’t be Maori and using boomerangs and saying "mate" like that.. they are completely different races and culture.

  54. @Cheezdog: All the Maori I know say "mate" because that’s what everyone in NZ says. They do speak English, you know. It’s like saying Canadians don’t say "dude." 

  55. My desire in wanting to read this series went from 100 with the announcement of Brit to a 0 after the last two announcements.

  56. @vinh: Funny, I went from 5 to 100 with the addition of KABOOMERANG!

  57. @conor it went from 100 to 100,000 with Kaboomerang. Strewth!