Guardians of the Globe adds… Spawn?

This is getting pretty funny.


  1. Nice one

  2. Who drew that?

  3. I wonder if this the Al Simmons Spawn, or the new guy.

  4. This is awesome, can’t wait till tomorrow for the next one.

  5. yawn. Is there anything less relevant these days than Spawn?

  6. Do we know who is drawing these?  It’s definitely in the style of the Invinciverse books but it doesn’t seem to be Ottley…

  7. that is funny

  8. I lol’d. 

  9. Nice. Looks like it could be Jason Howard on the art.

  10. @Dan That’s what I’m thinking, and with Wolf-Man ending…          

  11. Wait… Spawn and Invincible in the same book? This could be pretty awesome. haha.

  12. Amazing and brilliant.

  13. That’s cool… may have to give this book a look once it finally hits the stands

  14. At this point I am much more likely to pick up an issue of Guardians of the Globe than a copy of any of the Avengers books.  Well played, Kirkman (I’m assuming), well played.

  15. good god, who drew that? there’s some huge perspective errors going on with that drawing.

  16. I actually laughed.

    He looks a little short. Sorta like the guy who portrayed the actor in the film.

  17. I love the blurb on this. Super funny stuff.

  18. Nice! 🙂

  19. Am I the only one who thinks the thing on spawns foot is kinda weird.

  20. HAHAHA! These last two "teasers" make me forgive these guys for Image United!

  21. If this is for real it will be the greatest thing ever in the history of ever. Who’s next Savage Dragon?  That would be pretty great

  22. I’ve been wanting and asking for a GoG book for months now and I’m so glad its happening but I wanted the current team of GoG.  Even though I have faith in Kirkman and am really excited, I just hope this isn’t the continuation of Image United.

  23. Are these just supposed to make fun of the Marvel Avengers announcements? Color me confused.

  24. I think there’s going to be an actual GoG book, but yeah it’s making fun of the Avengers announcements at the same time.

  25. You know, the shadowing and musculature look like Asrar, who was drawing Dynamo 5 before it went on hiatus.  I only read Wolfman briefly, but I feel like Howard’s style has a thicker line and is a bit more cartoony.  Am I wrong in this assessment?

  26. I wonder if Ryan Ottley will be drawing this. hes Image go too guy. Inbincible, Image United Haunt

  27. Ottley rules.

    I’ve never actually read Spawn. You guys have any suggestions as far as a good run or a trade?

  28. @cyberauron I think Ottley is staying on Invincible.  I’m thinking it’ll be Jason Howard from Astounding Wolf-Man since he’s going to be done with that book by then.

  29. @Hailscott – None.  I thought Endgame was going to be good, but it dragged and dragged.

  30. I can’t stop laughing over that tagline. Hilarious.

  31. Really funny. 

  32. I think this parody would be going over a little better with me if I hadn’t spent the last month seeing 45 bloggers do variations on it with everyone from Garfield to the Little Mermaid.

  33. Is this Broome art on the teasers?

  34. You know, its been over 10 years now.  Can we please lose the single boot that looks like an upside-down bucket with spikes on it?  I realize that it may be no less inconvienent than the mile-long cape Spawn had in a lot of his early promos–but that looked kinda badass.  The spikey boot just looks like a practical joke.

  35. I kinda like the boot and Spawn’s costume.  It’s the best of one to come out of the 90s.  Runner up: Daredevil’s armor… but would have looked better with a bucket boot…

  36. Haven’t done much research, but does anyone know who’s drawing these promos? Is it 2 different artists (thus far)? Because the one with Invincible was great but this Illustration of Spawn is pretty stiff looking in my opinion.

  37. i think it might be Mat Broome, but i dunno

  38. wonder if this will be an aftermath to image united?

  39. @Jimski: you mean like this one? 

    I lol’d!!

  40. I’m loving this meme more and more.

  41. You mean, like this:

  42. Im on board.

  43. Next, Dark Horse should put together a team book! Luke Skywalker "I strive to not end up like my dad!" Buffy "I’m one of a kind…err, sort of!" Hellboy "I don’t have time for this crap!" Marv (from Sin City): "No, I don’t have time for this crap!" Aliens/Predators "*grumble*mumble*growl*hiss*"

  44. Image comics are exciting! My pants are tingly.

  45. Put some powder on it!

  46. @Matrix:

    Someone will photoshop it!

  47. Why is the font style of this logo so simiiliar to Avengers Academy??

  48. @ericmci Thats the joke

  49. Pretty funny.


    But it does highlight just how silly Spawn’s costume is. The X-Men have had, like 80 costume changes and yet Spawn’s  stuck with spikes and chains.