Green Lantern: The Best Made Fan Trailer Ever?

It could be.

Thanks to Brandon Crane for finding it!


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Really, really impressive. Whatever they do in real life can’t hope to live up to this ideal. 

  2. I saw this earlier today as well. Awesome.

  3. Woah.

  4. Eh, it’s a lot of recycled footage. I saw an Arkham Asylum trailer that was much better. 

    Still very cool. And it certainly has the right feel. 

  5. This is better than the Wolverine trailer.

  6. Damn that was a great trailer. If only it was the real thing!

    I like it how this guy really wants Nathan Fillion to be Hal Jordan….which actually isnt a bad idea. Plus did anyone see the squirrel lantern towards the end? 🙂

  7. OKAY. That is by far the best amateur trailer I have ever seen. It doesn’t even do it justice to call it amateur I mean LOOK at it.

    I EVEN LAUGHED at the end of it. I NEVER laugh.

    I’m prayin’ these folks get their chance at motion pictures.

  8. Nice, that was pretty dope. The copy and paste heads were kinda laughable, but all that footage worked well together.

    Yes, to the question good sir.  

  9. i would be totally okay with this if it was the real movie


  11. okay, win. epic win.  can we get whoever made this to make the movie?

    i mean that’s better then a lot of real trailers i’ve seen.


    I mean…Ch’p!  They actually threw in Ch’p!

  12. I’m down with Fillion as Hal. Alternatively I’d suggest Ben Browder but then he’d just be playing the exact same role for the third time.


    ‘Nuff said!!!! l:D 

  14. Sweet! I got a mention iFanboy.

    For some reason the part where the ring hits him in the face really made me laugh. It’s the little things.

  15. That green lantern squirrel was nutty. 

  16. What this trailer needs is G’nort!

  17. Recycled footage? From what movie? I never saw any of that stuff.

  18. DAMN

  19. I love running-with-briefcase-man. He seems to be in every movie.

  20. this is the coolest damn thing 

  21. What movie was the ending converstaion clip was from?

  22. brilliant!

  23. We can only hope that squirrel lantern will appear in the real movie…

  24. that was awesome. was that sinestro towards the end, floating in the air? Epic.

  25. @Robby

    The only thing that I recognized was the part where they’re flying down by the cable. From the new Star Trek movie.

  26. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    From what I can tell, it includes scenes from (the new) Star Trek, Serenity, Firefly, The Matrix movies, Superman Returns, Iron Man, maybe Fantastic Four II (is that the bit with the vortex?). Is the cityscape from the video still taken from the Star Wars prequels (Coruscant maybe?)

  27. dude that was awsome. makes me regret that i cant do something like that

  28. This sufficiently fills my Man Crush for both Hal Jordan and Nathan Fillion.  Now if only I have a few hundred million dollars to get Warner Brothers to make it.

  29. It was pretty good. I wasn’t impressed with the Sinestro and used the skydiving footage from Star Trek *twice*, which wasn’t too slick. That said, I was fairly impressed with the added aliens, Oa, and that shot with Fillion as a Lantern. Well done overall.


  30. If you guys liked this, you should also check out the Thundercats fan trailer:

     I’m not sure, but it might have been made by the same guys who did this GL one…it’s every bit as impressive if not moreso because it makes the silly character designs almost work.



  31. i so now want to see nathan fillion as Hal Jordan…

  32. I really liked it alot.  It was as great as the "Grayson" mock trailer that came out a few years ago.

  33. I wish Hardware got as much interest as these trailers…lament. It’s a comicbook movie based on a 2000AD comic… watch that while you’re waiting for Green Lantern.

  34. I’m also a big fan of the Thundercats trailer that vogon mentioned.  If it was the same guy he just keeps getting better and better.

  35. Amazing, absolutely amazing. Great job at pulling things together and making it truly look like it’s a real trailer for a real film. After several watches, I admit that I think Nathan Fillion should totally play Hal Jordan, because he would look EPIC in the Green!

  36. i think i saw on twitter that even nathan fillion has seen this and he was pretty pumped about it

  37. So, is Nathan Fillion actually casted as Hal in the actual movie?

  38. That’s really, really impressive.  I’m sure Hollywood’s version will look nothing like this though.  I would love to see Nathan Fillion in that role though.  For shiz.

  39. You know, Nathan Fillion is a Great Choice for Hal, but I’m starting to think Jeffery Donovan(The Guy from Burn Notice) might be just a bit better. The main reason why the people want Ryan Gosling or Chris Pine to play Hal is because they want someone young(Which Defeats the Purpose of Hal Jordan, who is older than Batman) and I think Donovan has a Nice mix of Youth and Experience.

  40. There was also an audio clip from Lord of the Rings in there, with Hugo Weaving as Elrond. Also the ending conversation is from White Noise 2.

  41. One of my favorites is the Robin trailer called Grayson. The dude literally jumps rooftop to rooftop in one scene. Dangerous!

  42. Yeah, thanks to Brandon Crane for reading Newsarama like a lot of us did. 

     I think that for a fan trailer with basically no budget, it was good. Since I know about some of the movies he used to  cobble together the trailer, it doesn’t work well enough for me. 

     Natha Fillion obviously will  not become a live action green lantern, because he’s not young enough, but I definitely wouldn’t mind him

  43. @Vichus: Except that he actually contacted us with the link. So Brandon gets the commendation.

    I think that people dismissing this trailer for using found footage have never worked with video before. What this guy has done is extremely impressive from a technical standpoint.

  44. Really slick fan trailer, and I would love to see this GL movie. Fillion as Hal would work wonderfully as well.

  45. Was that some of ‘The Fountain’ in there too? Damn impressive work. They should make this movie solely based on the fact that it would be 100 times easier to find a good Hal Jordan than it would be to find a good Steve Rogers (unless Zombie Steve McQueen is available).

  46. Just get a good voice and CGI Steve… We can do it.

  47. i can’t stop watching this…  brilliant!  fillion IS hal!

  48. wow! that gave me chills!!!!

  49. amaaaazing, simply amazing

  50. @GreeLlantern2814 Interesting choice there and he’d be really cool, though I think it kinda defeats the purpose since I’m pretty sure Donavan is older than Nathan Fillion.  Besides, Nathan is much more how I imagine a real Hal would look than Jeffrey is.

  51. Wow this is fracking awesome I really hope they cast Nathan Fillion as Hal.

  52. @GreenLantern2814 & queenrikki: Rikki’s right.

    Jeffrey Donovan: 41 years old

    Nathan Fillion: 38 years old

    I have my fingers crossed for Chris Pine myself.

  53. I just checked on imdb and as of right now Bradley Cooper is listed as rumoured for Hal Jordan…I hope that changes : /

  54. Everyone is rumored to be playing Hal Jordan at this point.

  55. I"d buy two tickets for Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern.

  56. I think the guy could have gone all cg. I like the parts with the CG characters. I wonder if a real GL would have all these GL aliens in an actual movie. 

    BTW, how ’bout a little known or totally unknown actor to play GL so we don’t have to see the same guys we already know playing multiple roles in "geek" movies?  Hey, this is coming from a guy who doesn’t like to mix the food on his dinner plate.

  57. Is Nathan Fillion ever going to get the ultimate fanboy role we all want? I mean come one, we all know he’s great (Serenity, Wonder Woman, Dr. Horrible) when is the rest of the world going to see this?

  58. josh could play the squirrel green lantern (sorry)

  59. chris pine would make a PERFECT hal jordan. and hes at the right age for him too.

  60. That last clip still doesn’t fail to make me laugh. What film is it from?

  61. Does anyone want to take bets on the actual GL movie being even half as awesome as that?

  62. That last bit is from White Noise 2.

     Given DC’s history of non-Bat related movies, I’ll believe in a GL movie when the credits are rolling.

  63. Impressive. While it’s possible that the person who made this is an "amateur", I doubt it. There are an enormous amount of entry and mid-level SFX people who could do this in their spare time with a little effort.