Great Pages: SUICIDE SQUAD #10

From Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #10 (1988)

From Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #10 (1988)

When the Suicide Squad began, it was a secret operation. Figuring that the United States people wouldn’t be thrilled if they learned the government was giving super villains pardons if they went on top secret missions, the existence of the Squad was denied. Batman, however, got wind of it. In a bid to investigate both Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad, Batman went undercover as a prisoner in Belle Reve prison, the Squad’s headquarters. From there, he broke out of his cell and went exploring.

Written by John Ostrander, Suicide Squad was a deft balancing of politics, superheroes, and adventure comics. Luke McDonnell brought a down-to-earth style to his pencils that helped ground the adventures of characters whose gimmicks included boomerangs, a faux tiger head, and black energy portals. However, when given the opportunity to draw Batman at his most intimidating, he knocked it out of the park. The Batman caught on the security camera here is more of a black mass than a real man. It’s Batman at his most awe-inspiring that Ostrander and McDonnell are presenting here. Turning the lights on Batman when he least expects it proves to only make him angrier and no less of a force of nature.


  1. Never has there been a more accurate summation of the current situation.

  2. How many times has Batman gotten himself “imprisoned” in order to investigate the prison/asylum… Man, that seems like some old-hat now.

    “Oh, Batman, right… cell number 412… ummm… how about, no. We know what you’re up to. Take a walk, buster.”

  3. I love Batman. He is just the peak of coolness. He is so great, I even follow his shit comics, like the current ‘tec run or Batman Dark Knight. I like him so much, I have to own everything with in it. EVERYTHING!!!

    I know thats voting with my wallet and my walletscreams like a mutherukka “I LOVE ME SOME BATMAN!”

  4. i have to dig up my collection of Suicide Squad and just sit there and read them. No other comic compared and way ahead of its time. Not many give this book its due so I’m glad for this article’s reminder of that greatness.

  5. Jacen Chris (@jcbhatestweeter) says:

    I miss the way they used to draw the cape. God, now I miss Norm Breyfogle again.

  6. I love it when Batman is nothing but an outline in the shadows. Not many artists do that anymore…..OR make his cape ridiculously huge.

  7. Bruce Wayne should just take over as director of Arkham Asylum so he could monitor his enemies closer. Now there’s a thought: “Bruce Wayne: Director of Arkham Asylum”…

    You’re welcome DC.