Great Moments in Comics History: West Coast Avengers #6

In which state is this steamy scene transpiring? The answer is crucial to Tigra’s status within the justice system.

(Thanks to Jeff Reid for this disturbing meow mixer.)


  1. I sometimes worry about Jeff Reid. Sometimes.

  2. Pym hit that after

  3. aaaaahhhh yeaaaah! doin’ it kitty style!
    “BIG” boy? must be mighty cold on that planet

  4. Love the West Coast Avengers!!! Back in the day when Simon wasn’t crazy, and Bendis hadn’t gotten his grubby paws on them and destroyed the Avengers name. Good times.

  5. Those damn west coast liberals have no morals, I tell you.

  6. I kinda wish, when I was a kid, that this would have been my introduction to The Birds and The Bees.

  7. Have you ever heard 2 regular cats going at it? The thought of what this scene sounded like makes me cringe.

  8. Leave it to Tigra to bang the first cat guy she meets without even getting his name first.

  9. Listen… what your name? Grigar? Grigar.

    Listen Balkatar, Tigra has busy day tomorrow. Tigra text you next week, for sure. No, no, Tigra no want eggs. Tigra need to check on her car.

  10. The fact that “I LOVE it” is in a thought balloon is … Priceless!


  12. Ha!

  13. You are a filthy, dirty whore Tigra.

    I like to think Jeff has a warehouse full of comics like the Maroni’s in ‘The Long Halloween’. Just a huge warehouse with stacks of comics with no protection for it. He walks in, grabs an issue right off the pile, and throws it back in.

  14. The West Coast Avengers had Tony Stark, Tigra, Wonder Man and Hawkeye on the roster. I bet that place had orgies every other night.

  15. whoa whoa whoa… Tigra sleeps with every man she gets her paws on, but we question this? My 9th Amendment says cat-on-cat lovin’ is okay, regardless of which state she’s in.

  16. She was in heat!

  17. Y’know, as much as I enjoyed the Englehart run on WCA it’s goofy moments such as this that really kept it from becoming really great. Still, better this than what Bendis did to her with the Hood.