Great Moments in Comics History: Thor: The Mighty Avenger #7

Art by Chris Samnee

I was originally just going to post the first panel and make a Post Coital Thor joke. But it had been so long since I read the issue that I forgot that the joke is basically RIGHT THERE already.


  1. Thor cannot be tied down!

  2. “Look out of the window.” She looks, nothing there. Looks back, Thor’s already gone.

  3. Occasionally the ladies aren’t biting and Thor is forced to resort to using his chloroformj√∂lnir.

  4. “Thor have to help friend move today, Thor have to get going”

  5. “Thor left oven on in apartment.”

  6. Jane, it’s the good year blimp!

  7. “Thor cannot be tied down… unless you are into that?”

  8. Jane, there’s an emergency at work, only Thor knows how to fix it. Help yourself to breakfast.

  9. “Thor just remembered…big meeting today…frost giants and…quinjet broken….Verily, that’s the ticket”

  10. This will never get old!

  11. “Thor free as bird now… and bird Jane Foster cannot change.”

  12. “Thor not like your Omelettes.”

  13. Jane: “Thor, I’ll make breakfast it’s only FAIR after all…..”
    Jane: ” I mean 6 orgasms AND you folded the sheets! Thor?,Thor?”

  14. Let’s be honest, how many of us really thought about Post-Coital Thor while watching the movie…..and to this day?

    • Unless you’re reading “Mighty Thor.” Then your ideas might be of pre-coital Thor. “Sif, I need warmed…”