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Pick of the Week #264 – Justice League: Generation Lost #15

Show Notes

If you thought last week’s episode was wacky, wait until you get about 3/4s of the way through this episode. Whew. We may have another character meme to add to the library as Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and Ron Richards make some very inappropriate jokes about Thor’s personal life. Oh, and we discuss the comics that came out this week, you know how that goes.

Running Time: 01:00:55

Pick of the Week:
00:02:28 – Rebounding from last week, Conor deems Justice League: Generation Lost #15 as the Pick of the Week.

00:08:41 – Ron disagrees, thinking that The New Avengers #7 was the clear winner for his stack of books.
00:13:40 – Look out! They did it in Thor: The Mighty Avenger #7 as well as some muppets!
00:16:35 – Finally, the much anticipated 27 #1 came out to mixed reviews, but ultimately was enjoyed.
00:20:06 – Josh essentially bought a trade paperback with Fables #100.
00:22:13 – Despite it being a head scratching mini-series, everyone enjoyed Widowmaker #1.
00:25:37 – Josh thinks that G.I. Joe: Origins #22 is the clear must read G.I. Joe book currently.
00:27:01 – Despite the meaningless story in What If… Wolverine Father, Ron enjoyed the art.
00:28:07 – Conor thinks Mystery Society #5 may be one of the biggest surprises of the year.
00:29:43 – Ron and Josh were blown away by how good Starborn #1 was.
00:31:30 – And Echo #26 has a shocking final panel that makes Ron nervous.

User Reviews:
00:33:36 – Duraflametree really enjoyed the single focus on a rogue in The Flash #7.
00:35:42 – ThePunisherMAX isn’t buying the hype around Superboy #2.

Book of the Month
00:39:51 – Conor finishes out the year with the December Book of the Month, Absolute All-Star Superman.

00:47:23 – Tyson from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada wants to know our Top 5 books that AREN’T DC or Marvel.
00:48:49 – Kyle’s got some questions about super-hero cartoons and what we think of them.

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  1. This episode cuts off at about 25 minutes for me…

  2. Another great episode guys! If it weren’t for you guys I wouldn’t even be interested in the comics medium.

  3. Wow RBJ’s actually a good singer! Tony Stark’s got vocal chops, lol. Def will check out Generation Lost now! Hopefully there’s a trade out that I can pick up & jump on the series.

  4. Another great show.

    Haven’t read Generation Lost #15 yet, really looking forward to that.
    Did anyone review Generation Lost #14 from a couple of weeks ago? That was really good fun, especially seeing the “could be” future Justice League with Damian Batman, Blue Scarab and a withered old Martian Manhunter.

  5. I would like to see Judgemental Cap America speaking with Hulk Thor! 😀

  6. Okay. I figured out the mini-episodes. The first two episodes are original then the next four or five episodes are the mini-sodes re-edited into the half-hour format. It is really confusing.

  7. “Thor talk to roomate- she says she’s into it”

  8. WOW, that was… awesome. Man, every week things just get wierd at the end. I don’t know how you guys talking to each other is so entertaining every week, but goddamn, it is.

  9. So if Squirrel Girl/GLA is Marvel’s Ambush Bug, then does that make Dan Slott Marvel’s Keith Giffen?

  10. Conor – you mentioned that it doesn’t seem clear what Booster’s story is in Generation Lost. I’m taking it as they’re setting him up as the leader that he can be and that the team is finally starting to see him that way instead of a joke.

  11. Thor comes off as a mix between the Hulk and Don Draper

  12. Not only did I get my user review on the podcast, but I was laughing for 10 minutes from the hulk thor speak.  Thanks for a great episode.

  13. Loved this issue of Generation Lost. I’m not bothered by Booster’s lack of development. He’s there as annoyance/comic relief but it seems like he and Atom will be the last two standing kind of thing. 

  14. some think that the All Star Superman is the JLA: One Million Superman

  15. @UncleBob  He’s the Superman Prime from that story; we see the Justice Legion Alpha’s Superman in the story with the multigenerational Supermen.

  16. @Heroville:  Thor thanks you

  17. The penciler for Stan Lee’s Starborn  is Khary Randolph. I’m a fan of his work as well He has a deviantart page.

  18. music by Robert Downey Jr.? Ironman? What?

  19. Figures the issue I drop of NA is one of the most raved about lol. I still don’t think I am going to pull it though, I need to save some money.

  20. Thor said the safe word was waffles!!

  21. Thanks for using my review, guys! Great episode as always.

  22. Yes it’s time for Josh to jump right back into New Avengers…..with #7 being Stuart Immonen’s last issue on the title for some time.

  23. @ronxo I like it you say Rob Williams is an ‘alan smithee’ like name yet he did one of the ‘best comics of 2010’ in your eyes:

    One Month to Live. 

  24. @TheNextChampion  One Month to Live was a 5 issue event done by 5 different creators, so it’s ok that I missed that he worked on it


  26. Rob Williams is one of the better writers currently at 2000AD, but it’s understandable that he’s relatively unknown to American audiences as he’s only written the occasional one-off/fill-in, such as a recent Punisher Max one-shot.

    One to look out for.

  27. You know what Thor Like about women of Midgard? Thor get older, women of Midgard stay same age

  28. As far as Booster’s role in Generation Lost goes, I seriously suggest checking out his awesome solo title, not only because it’s a great read but because it fills in a few of the gaps as to what he’s up to. Even without it though, I think it’s pretty clear that his role in Generation Lost itself is as something of a leader for the group.

    Great show as always guys. Hulk-Thor! Why has no one ever thought of this before! 

  29. “Don’t you call Thor, Thor call you.”

    Meme of the Year.

  30. @TheNextChampion  For real? Deodato and Chaykin taking over? Without Immonen, there’s really no reason to publish New Avengers.

  31. @ron: It’s okay man I was just….how do you say it?….Oh yeah: “Busting your balls”. But Williams has mostly done random one-shots for Marvel lately. (Mainly Punisher MAX, Deadpool Team Up, and a Ghost Rider one-shot for Shadowland) Also, his main claim to fame was doing a Robocop ongoing for Dynamite.

    @Ottobot: Yeah I just found that on CBR only two days ago. The new arc with Deodato and Chaykin literally makes no sense to be in a NEW AVENGERS book. I mean if they’re teaming up with Nick Fury, fine. But from the solicitation it looks like it is ALL about Nick Fury and no one else. Shouldn’t that be in Secret Avengers more then anywhere else? 

  32. “Thor’s in the wet spot” killed me

  33. Great song choice! Awesome christmas song

  34. Thought you guys nailed 27.  I know I bought the issue hoping to see Hendrix and Cobain tempting some guy to join the club.  Still, it was enjoyable enough, just like you said.

    Widowmaker I differed with you.  Coming from Black Widow, which has been uniformly excellent in its 8 issue run, this story was a definite downgrade in art and mood.  I thought the art was pretty bad in spots, lots of characters posing, like look at Hawkeye when he and Mbird crash through the window.

    Am glad you keep highlighting how great All Star Superman was.  I’m like Ron, I suppose, I just don’t buy a lot of Super stuff, but this book was one of the best comics creations I’ve ever read.

    Great episode.

  35. @ron  I dig glamorpuss as well. I havent attempted to read the modeling stuff in a while, but i always marvel at the art. The real gem is the history of photorealism parts. Brilliant well researched stuff. Anyone who bicthes about phototracing should read this. I have also been digging “Cerebus Archive” which isnt carried by diamond anymore, but you can get print on demand issues from Comixpress. While even more self indulgent than Glamorpuss (is that possible?) its a wonderful chronicle of the beginning of the small press, and the direct market in general, from someone there at the beginning. Its a great contrast to the art in Glamorpuss. Seeing Sim’s work at the start of his career and comparing to the magnificent careful line work of today demonstrates how much decades of hard work can accomplish!

  36. Thor is very angry… You won’t like Thor when he’s Angry 

  37. I se that some folks have already commented in defense of Rob Williams but I have two words that should end all the Williams bashing.

    CLA$$WAR!  That series was awesome.

  38. I laughed so hard at the Thor lines. This was right up there with the drunk anniversary episode.

    “Thor called Jane a cab.”

    “Thor will call… really!”

  39. thor think, thor speak joke was ridden into ground.

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