Great Moments in Comics History: The Mighty Thor #341


Back before the people in charge of each company hated each other, these kind of stealth crossovers happened every now and then.


  1. So cool

  2. I believe there was a FANTASTIC FOUR issue where Peter Parker and Jimmy Olsen was one upping each on a splash page. I think it was during Loeb’s run.

    I always loved these as a kid. It’s sad we don’t see them anymore. Well… except for those two cops that keep recurring all over the place. What’s with those guys?


  3. I believe you (Conor), or someone else, already posted this in Great Moments. Still fun though.

  4. @Cedric  I think your right.

  5. It’s really to bad we don’t see this kind of thing happening anymore.

  6. I did a double take when I read that last year. Great stuff.

  7. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Cedric  That was me.

    Worth it through to compare the old and new coloring.  

  8. so who is teh guy in the glasses? i don’t get it

    and Paul beat you to it Conor. You need some communication in the office over there

  9. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer the original coloring. Well, I’d prefer it even more if the original coloring hadn’t bled through the lines around Lois’s hair, but aside from that I did like it more.

  10. “Ha ha ha. Someone call my lawyer”.-Bob Harras

  11. Only Walt Simonson can get away with that lol

  12. I just read that in the Simonson Thor Omnibus and laughed out loud for quite a while.

  13. Good god that new coloring is disgusting. Why must they ruin classic comics?

  14. Why would they change the coloring?

  15. Yeah – why change it?  Does it NEED to be redone for some technical reason in preparing these reprints/omnibii?  And if so, why not at least TRY to stick close to the original coloring?

  16. OK, who can tell me what the hell this is:

  17. Odd about the coloring. I can understand wanting to clear up the artifacts of inferior printing and paper, but it seems strange to outright change the color of clothes and what not. Seems like more work than necessary.