Great Moments in Comics History: The Brave and The Bold #102


He might be a psychotically driven warrior of justice, but not even Batman is immune to the wonders of an early spring day in the northeast.

(Thanks to Jeff R. for the submission!)


  1. Sounds like Bats needs a lady friend.

    Also I love how no one seems to notice the guy in tights.

  2. Harlequin’s co-publishing venture with DC comics in the 70s turned out to be an utter failure.

  3. "Holy Bikini, Batman." (That’s a quote from Batman: The Movie!) I’m not entirely sure I like Batman casually walking down a street, the wind softly rustling his cape, and no one seems to be bothered by his presence.

  4. Delicious! I’m going to start finishing all my thoughts with a nice "Delicious!".

  5. Is this the Fabulously homosexual Batman everyone keeps talking about? Not that there’s anyhing wrong with that.

  6. According to the panel, he’s at least bi.

  7. There is a lot to like about this panel. 😀

  8. I can tell you this: Conor has never related to Batman as much as he did in this one panel.  This might be the major reason he loves the character as he does.


  9. At least Batman had some pleasant final moments before being eaten by Giant Businessman.

  10. At first I thought that was the old guys bubble. Then I scrolled down and had a nice WTF?!? moment.  That is the scariest I have ever seen batman.

  11. In his defense tight sweaters, miniskirts and knee length boots are " Sheer Magic"

  12. It’s weird to see Bats walking down the street in the middle of the day.  I blame sleep exhaustion.  

  13. The Brave, The Bold, and the Slightly Effete

  14. An early test-run of Dick Grayson in the bat-suit?

    Thanks for using my submission, guys! 

  15. @JeffR I can see that. An hour or so later Dick returns to the BatCave(tm) where an incredibly angry Bruce scolds him for taking the Bat-Suit ™ out without permission and in broad (no pun intended) daylight no less. 

  16. @Jimski Ha!

  17. You gotta figure, Gothamites are a jaded bunch.  One more crazy freak on the street won’t even raise their eyebrows.  This is one of Bruce’s more clever disguises.

  18. If you want a little context (which I know these single panel posts are intentionally context-less) check out..


  19. All he’s missing is a basket full of muffins as he skips over to Gordon’s office for tea time.

  20. Is that the Giant Businessman’s tie or his chest hair? Delicious?

  21. First, Batman is a total sidewalk hog. And "Spring pokes long green fingers" is an awesome way to start a sentence. 

  22. Is that Neco from The VU?

  23. I think Batman is Conor…

  24. Looking at this again, I want the "That Girl" theme song to be playing over it. Only called "That Bat!"

  25. I can’t help but feel that man pictured on the left is somebody from DC but can’t quite place my finger on who it is…


  26. Hahaha fantastic.

  27. I never want to see/hear/read Batman saying, "Delicious!" ever again.

  28. Apparently Spring and Hormones are in the air.

    I second the idea of Batman saying ‘delicious’ is a disturbing thing.

  29. How strange is it that this "creature of the night," who today goes so far out of his way to never appear on camera or be seen so he can keep up the appearance of possibly being an urban legend, is just frolicking down the sidewalk, in full costume, in the middle of the afternoon? and NOBODY is looking at him! 


  30. You know even if this does seem out of place for Batman…..Jim Aparo and Neal Adams does make it look really beautiful.

  31. @sonnysumo
    I want to eat all of that, die of a massive coronary, and go to bacon-lovers’ heaven. I know it’s sausage, but for simplicity/hilarity/bacon’s sake, I want to call it bacon stuffed bacon.

  32. I think it’s the work of Posion Ivy, Batman will now sing "Tiptoe through the Tulips"

  33. That’s really creepy.

  34. "now the only decision is who will be my next victim?"

  35. I think the Bats forgot to take off his costume after a long night of crime fighting.  Let’s hope he doesn’t use his "Bruce Wayne" voice when he walks into his office.

  36. That’s not from Brave and The Bold.

    That’s from the little known Ron Jeremy movie name "The Bat Pole" circa 1971.

    It makes more sense with the "Bow chicka bow bow" music in the background.

  37. I think people should stop worrying about Batman’s relationship with Robin. and start worrying about his relationship with Batgirl! Before we know it Batman’s gonna riding in the back of a police car yelling "I didn’t do anything wrong! Statutory rapes a victimless crime!!!"