Great Moments in Comics History: The Avengers #181

I… am… uncomfortable.


  1. Wow didn’t know the 1% thought of themselves that way.

  2. Hi Connor,

    Funny you should pick this. When I was a younger man figuring out my place in this world as a gay man, I strongly remember and identified with this book and this exact sequence of panels. I always found parallels between my own minority and mutants (and their lot) and found comforts there. These days there are parts of our country where things have really changed and society has “grown up”. I am so proud and happy for younger generations. Sadly that is only some but not all. There is a place in comics for strong, positive role models for everyone. Let’s hope we see more of it in all media.
    I’ll make it a point to say hello at the NYC COMIC CON sometime Friday. Peace.

  3. As a white male heading up a multi-billion dollar corporation, I’m the most oppressed of all!

  4. Tony Stark’s greatest innovation, the Iron Man mask that furrows it’s brow when you get angry

  5. I’d take that issue over any Avengers story we’ve had in the last several years.

  6. Good ol’ John Byrne…. errrr.

  7. Don’t try to help, Quicksilver. You’re only making it worse.

  8. John Byrne (ah the goog’ol Byrne and Austin Days of Past) should never have started to think he could write or ink his own work.He’s barely an honorable mention these days.

  9. Wow Mitt Stark really standing his ground there huh?

  10. “the Avengers is an Elite group… what’s next? Letting a woman join ?

  11. Not sure if anyone posting has read the original full story, but the Avengers were reacting to the enforced inclusion of the Falcon on the team, by government agent Gyrich. Falc wasn’t included because the government thought he was the best possible addition in terms of power, skills, etc., but rather simply to fulfill a racial quota.

    The Avengers’ point was that they already HAD minorities on the team, that in fact, it was made up almost entirely of them, and that the inclusion of the Falcon was an example of ‘political correctness’ that was done only for political, not strategic, reasons.

    I can hardly imagine any of them were against the Falcon BECAUSE he was a minority. Quicksilver is a mutant, hunted, persecuted and feared his whole life, Iron Man was friends and co-workers with Jim Rhodes, and Cap was the Falcon’s PARTNER, for Heaven’s sake!

    Just putting things in context.

  12. Oh, it was a joke?

    • @grandturk…no, I don’t think they were saying “we don’t need HIS kind of minority because we have other minorities”, I think it was more a case of “we don’t think he should be added just BECAUSE he’s a minority, which Gyrich basically admitted was the case. The Avengers were trying to say they didn’t need any “help” to be inclusive, because they already were! If they thought the Falcon’s skills would have best complimented the team, there’s NO evidence to suggest they would have cared what race, sex, hell, even species he was.