Great Moments in Comics History: The Avengers #16

Okay, so wait. Do they have a giant chair just at the ready? Where did they get it? Did they have to specially commission it once they got a giant team member? Couldn’t Hank just shrink back down to normal size for the press conference? Also, why are Giant Man and Hawkeye sitting awkwardly in chairs in the first place?  Why doesn’t The Wasp get a chair? Also, that guy has a seventeenhead.


  1. “Also that guy gas a seventeenhead” lol

  2. The Avengers got out one of the Hulk chairs from storage for Hank. They ordered them in mass because Hulk likes to smash. Also, it’s the 60s, the Wasp’s chair is in the kitchen.

  3. Not much of a mystery really- when you have someone named Giant Man on the team- yeah you have a few big chairs laying around.
    The real question is why it’s just a little too small.

    What’s a seventeenhead?

  4. This Giant-man look is one of the worst costume designs ever. You know how there’re costumes that only a really good artist can make look good? This is not one of them. No one made this look good.

  5. I assume Pym would just make any chair a Giant-Chair with some Pym-particles.

  6. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Jarvis does a little furniture work on the side. He’s a man of many talents.

  7. Man, Hawkeye can never catch a break

    With that quiver of arrows on his back he has to do that thing when ur wearing a backpack but sitting on a chair and half ur ass is hanging off

  8. Hysterical

  9. Maybe 17-Head is the Leader in disguise? And the rampant sexism of the Avengers back then…”you will stand and pat your husbands shoulder Jan, here Hawkeye, enjoy a finely crafted chair”.

  10. M.O.D.O.K. apparently took a few journalism classes.

  11. That second journalist is like, “Listen, Bill, I’m at the same damn press conference you are. It’s happening right now. I literally don’t know any more than you. When it’s over, if you still have questions, that’s the time to ask.”

    I’ve been like that at movies a few times when my friend asks dumb questions in the middle.

  12. No one is in the crowd is questioning why there is a press conference involving a Wasp Woman, a man in a tin outfit, an archer, and someone that has serious hormone issues.

    Also, we were only 12 issues into the classic Avengers line-up and it’s already been changed. That’s crazy.

  13. The Ironman armor use to be funny when it had those nipple rivets.

  14. Don’t question The Hank’s chair or you’ll get Pym-slapped!

  15. Why does Hank Pym look like he’s gonna crap himself any minute?