Great Moments in Comics History: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Book II



Apparently Raphael was secretly a specist.


  1. I always meant to read those old TMNT comics and never got around to it. 

  2. What the hell is Raphael wearing?  Did he just get out of the shower?

  3. Yes, it’s a bath towel. 

  4. He didn’t even have time to put his little mask on.*  Now everyone is going to know his secret identity.

    *You know the little bandana with eye holes.  What do you call those things? 

  5. It’s this kind of genius that gets you Julie Strain.

  6. April’s still got it!

  7. How do we know it’s Raphael? Also, he’s looking a little pale.

  8. check out the entry from urban dictionary on the word specist,

    apparently, turtles are at the forefront of this issue 

  9. Even if he did get out of the shower, why would he be wearing the towel around his waist? Aren’t the Turtles’ pantsless? All they wear is a belt and a mask. What is he trying to hide?

  10. Sounds like April went to the same place where Rogue and Storm got their ill-advised haircuts…

  11. @ultimatehoratio – Thank you for giving one more reason to be insanely jealous of Mr. Eastman.

  12. So April was a painted jezebel in the comics? Gotcha.

  13. Wow, they colored these?  Damn, I feel old.

  14. First Comics released four colored collections with the first fifteen or so issues back in the 80’s when the cartoon hit.  I have volumes 2-4, they’re awesome.  I need to find the first one.

  15. what did the guy want to shave and dye orange?

    lovin the tmnt

  16. There’s just so many things wrong with this panel I can’t even begin to start.

  17. Being a fan of the TMNT movies as a kid first, and the comics later, it’s easy to forget the actual scale of the turtles compared to humans, so that’s what stood out to me first.

  18. Ah, the 80’s Jheri Curls on April. I like her yellow jumpsuit look much better

  19. I’m actually reading through these issues right now! They released the original b&W issues in a trade for the 25th Anniversary, they’re awesome. However, I haven’t gotten to April going all Lionel Richie yet.

  20. Aha..this was the first Turtle book I bought all those years ago.  I totally remember this panel!  I also remember thinking it was odd the human phrase was thrown in there.  I mean, they kinda were hot for her a bit, so there’s something there. 

    Thanks for the nolstalgia!

  21. @finbarbat
    A boner.

  22. Hey wait a sec?  A Ninja Turtles outfit is a mask and weapon.  So if he’s basically naked all the time, why the need for a towel?  Anyway, I really want to get the Collected Book 1.

  23. He’ll kill you with that towel five times before you hit the ground.

  24. Awesome, when I was about 5 or 6 my mom bought me this collection trade which contains the story where this panel is from. Man I feel so old now thinking back to that i ruined the artwork in between each issue which were it was black and white and I colored them hehe

  25. Raphael is being way too kind. April looks like a tarted up dustmop. For a human.

  26. That comic always freaked the hell out of me as a kid. I mean they first off gave all the turtles the same colored bandana then gave them immense ripped muscles and facial expressions only the punisher would have, then they cut off Raphael’s eye and gave him a bionic one, then they mutilated Donatello in the story and made him a cyborg, about the only thing that was awesome was Raph being the new Shredder.

    I was way more accustomed to the cartoon version of the turtles, the older ones not this new TMNT crap.

  27. So.. April was Cher?