Great Moments in Comics History: Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man

Superman vs The Amazing Spider-Man


Sepia toned are the days when every hero and villain had their very own personalized vehicle.


  1. Don’t badmouth the -mobiles. I’ll hop in my Economist-mobile and drive up there:
    P.S. Shouldn’t that be "every hero and villain HAD their very own personalized vehicle."?

  2. After all the time and money that Doc Ock spent on the Flying Octopus and Spider-man just starts talking mad shit? He’s so insensitive.

  3. "A New Era"?

    ah yes, the turning point in every supervillain’s ascension to greatness is a vehicle 

  4. I wonder what kind of crime Ock was planning on pulling with that thing? I mean, it must have cost a billion dollars! What exactly do you do to turn a profit on that one?

  5. @JohnVFerrigno – He must be preparing to rob the Vatican.

  6. It makes me wonder what else Doc Ock and Spidey discuss over coffee and those awkward morning chats before getting in their respective "-mobiles" and heading to work.

  7. Wait, Ock is just pursuing crime??  Isn’t crime normally the means to the end?  Isn’t it the short-cut instead of getting wealth or power in the more traditional/legal manner? 

    Now we know why he got caught all the time, the crime was all he was pursuing, so he never had a good exit strategy.

  8. Why are there two seats in the vehicle!? Was Doc Ock planning on bringing a date with him? Fantastic.

  9. Now I’m no expert on aerodynamics…

  10. I don’t understand why Doc Ock introduces the vehicle from outside.  Isn’t the point of a vehicle to provide protection?  How embarassing for Doc Ock when Spidey kicks his butt while his vehicle idles nearby.

  11. Let’s think about how much that thing probably cost to build. Now, let’s look for any sign of a gun on it. 

  12. Who needs guns when you have tentacles??? (8 of them)

  13. They’re technically arms. Octopi don’t have tentacles. 

  14. "Then, Ozymandias takes my original design and makes his improvements….no respect!"

  15. @Paul – Yes, but Doctor Octopus has tentacles:

  16. I cannot believe I just looked that up.

  17. This is the start of a porno, I just know it.

  18. @TNC:

    That sounds like some crazy stuff you watch. With octopuses and spiders…

  19. @Paul and stuclach-"I thought only boys have tentacles." -Bobby, Bobby’s World

  20. @PraxJavin

    The other seat is for Aunt May.  

  21. Wait wait wait. Can’t it impress people AND be a conversation piece? When has something dull and unimpressive ever been a conversation piece? I think spider-man meant to ask if it had a utilitarian purpose or was it a just a conversation piece. Spidey flubbed it, he knows it, and while he desperately tries to come up with a quip to save himself, Doc Ock decides there really is no point to continuing with his plan to ask Spidey to be his BFF and escapes.

    Why are their two seats in the Flying Octopus? Just look at those tears rolling down Otto’s cheeks and ask that question again.

  22. @drake –  I don’t get it. [What is Bobby’s World?]

  23. @stuclach-Sometimes I forget how old you are. Cartoon in the 90’s about a kid with crazy imagination and in one episode he confuses the word "tentacles" with "testicles".

  24. So what does that has to do with Superman?

  25. He’s not in that scene.

  26. @drake – Ahhhhh.  That is funny.

  27. what the heck is that dome for? it apperes to be useless. as for the two seats, I think ock just built the other one to make it look more like an octopus.


  28. Hey wait a minute, I’ve seen several anime shows that start like this.  Spidey better protect yourself.

  29. @drakedangers/stuclach: Bobby’s World FTW!!!!

    @supertrack: Oh the things I watch, you don’t wanna know. 😉

  30. Boo! You’re not original, Octopus! You stole most of that design from Brainiac.

  31. It is funny that Spider-Man (and essentially the writer) called out on how ridiculous this idea is.

  32. @ABirdseysView Supervillians are like sixteen year old boys in that regard.  Actually, the similarities don’t stop there, now that I think about it…

  33. It was a v8.