Great Moments in Comics History: Spidey Super Stories #53

Doctor Doom also rearranged Namor’s bookshelves and changed all the settings on his DVR.

(Thanks to Adam K. for the submission!)


  1. Blow Doom, Blow Doom. This is a pure sign of early writing…. I did not know Doom could really blow through his metal mask.


  2. hehehehehehe Doctor Doom TOOT’ed 😀

  3. LMAO! Great find! 😀

  4. “Check me out, I’m Gerry Rafferty!”

    “Fool! That is the sea horn!”

    “Fuck you, you’re a sea horn!”

  5. Mickey (@GeeksOfChrist) says:

    So Doctor Doom is that kid who messes with your stuff when you bring him home from school.

  6. Wasn’t Spidey Super Stories the series written by Joss Whedon’s dad?

  7. I think Doom is on the overnight cleaning crew that’s always messing with the toys on my desk.

  8. even though he’s tried to take over the world countless times, this is still the most douchey thing i can think of dr. doom doing.

  9. Man, I first read that line as “That smell! What is that?” – Doom does as he pleases…including insulting your fishy domicile!

  10. Megalomania? Check. Narcissism? Check. ADHD/ impulse control? Possibly.

  11. Haaaaaa!!!

  12. Still laughing.

  13. Hehe … toot.

    How did Doom get it down from there?

  14. I swear I think Ive seen the exact same scene on Spongebob with Mermaid Man and Patrick….

  15. Is it me or does Namor look like he is winding up for the mother of all bitchslaps.

  16. MarkCWarner (@MarkCWarner) says:

    This is a great segment. Hopefully it has legs

  17. I love this! It’s like he’s a child….that’s how he should be written all the time!

    Also, his chin seems to have enlarged dramatic in that last panel.

  18. Now I want EVERY scene with DOOM to include the line “FOOL! Doctor Doom does as he PLEASES!”

  19. Doom: “That shell! What IS it?”

    Namor: “You dont know how to use the three shells? DOOM doesn’t know how to use the three shells?”

  20. hahaha!! good find!

  21. LOL for 5 min great find