Great Moments in Comics History: Green Lantern #92

How Sinestro hasn’t just flat out murdered Hal Jordan by now is beyond me.


(Thanks to Kaarel J. for sending it in!)


  1. That made me chuckle

  2. This is what Sinestro saw in the Fear Lodge.

  3. Lol.  This is why I need to read more old comics.

  4. THIS is what Clint saw when he opened Wanda’s mystery door! And he never spoke of it again. #NeverAgain #MarvelvsDC

  5. I don’t even know what that means.  Feezes my soul.  I assume that’s a bad thing?

  6. Red-faced? Why they gotta go and bring race into this?

  7. I read this pretty recently… I had a good laugh at Sinestro’s expense lol

  8. Cannot WAIT for this part in the movie.

  9. Okay, Sinestro’s formation of the Sinestro Corps and grudge/vendetta against Hal Jordan is starting to make a lot more sense now.

  10. And yet the Green Lanterns are considered the good guys…

  11. Hal Jordan is such a dick.

  12. Where is Hal’s gigantic green accordian?

  13. To quote Chopper Reid “bloody drug  addicts!!”

  14. This doesn’t partially freeze his soul. It ABSOLUTELY freezes his soul!