Great Moments in Comics History: Detective Comics #526

This is the point where the fans should have called in to kill him.



  1. Why would I kill him? IIT LOOKS TERRIFIC!

  2. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    I understand that Sinestro personally persuaded Jason to change his costume back. After all, Jason did steal Sinestro’s design. Slightly changing the color does not a unique costume make!

  3. I kind of like it. It doesn’t top the Tim Drake Robin costume by any means, but considering previously we had the “classic” bare-legs and green underwear Robin, I don’t this is that bad.

    I remember reading through these and feeling a bit disappointed that almost immediately after this Jason started dying his hair and wearing Dick’s old costume. It was also kind of creepy, “My first adopted son left me, but you’ll be Dick 2.0”

    • ^ he said “Dick”. Twice.

    • “We will be happy, together, forever. You will never leave me again, will you, Dick? Er, I mean, Jason. Jason. That’s a good boy.”

    • i hate to be the guy who butts in on a joke and says “well actually, fellas”, but i gotta be that guy.
      in batman #408, the joker shoots “richard” off a building where he is left hanging by his feet on the side. after which bruce sends dick away saying he doesn’t want a partner. same issue, he finds jason todd stealing the tires off the batmobile and decides to make him his new partner. i guess the dark knight has a thing for young boys being his partner.

      and if i’m not mistaken, that is a retelling of a previous batman story. 3hundred and something i think. it’s funny, jason didn’t have blond hair in the retelling.
      sorry for the history lesson. at least i only said “dick” once.

    • @sitara119: I’m confused as to what you’re trying to teach with your lesson. You are describing the Post Crisis Jason Todd. The Jason we see here, the Jason that JdRavnos is talking about, is the Pre-Crisis Jason Todd. He had red hair, his parents were also in the circus and they were murdered by Killer Croc. Pre-Crisis Jason Todd really was Dick Grayson 2.0. Thats why they changed his origin Post Crisis.

    • i was saying in #408 bruce sent dick away. perhaps i made the mistake of assuming the same happened pre-crisis.
      there were jokes talking about how bruce didn’t want jason to leave him the way dick did and i was pointing out that’s not necessarily so and that in fact, at least in 408, it was the other way around.
      i didn’t mean for it to be taken so seriously.
      it was less of an attempt to “teach a lesson” than be slightly informative with a touch of humor.
      there’s no accounting for bad humor i guess

    • also, instead of saying “retelling”, i should have used the terms pre and post crisis.
      sorry for the confusion. thanks for the intervention

  4. @JdRavnos I’m with you, Jason had his own look, his own identity. He even nearly went by Bluejay. Who knows, being allowed to be his own teen wonder might’ve stopped him cracking.

  5. I wish Gart Halgar was here to tell me: “If you spew, spew in this.”.

    Cause I just spewed…

  6. He just doesn’t want to be liked by anyone, does he?

  7. I think Mister Miracle. Just add a few “Kirby dots” and BAM…instant side kick.

  8. Why did they bring him back anyway.

  9. Mr. Miracle – Sinestro love child?


  10. This reminded me of the earh-2 Neil Adams Robin costume. I wish they would have went with that one.

  11. Also, the Robins have a history of odd costumes.

  12. “I’m sorry son, that does NOT look terrific.”

  13. I think it’s fantabulous.

  14. So, Jason opted for pants?

  15. There’s something strangely Ozymandias about this costume.

  16. @ Connor, i had no idea about Jason’s pre crisis origin…. interesting fact 🙂

    • @antooki If you can track the issues down, Jason’s journey is a really good read, even with the Dick-alike moments. There’s a fun intensity to his beginnings as Robin that felt like a shot in the arm for the Bat-books. His debut ran through issues of the then-intersecting Batman and Detective Comics of 1983, culminating in the giant-sized anniversary issue #526.

  17. I actually like this costume! Why didn’t he stick with it?

    Oh right….the fans.

  18. at least none of the new earth 2 costumes are this gawd-awful. this is just…terrible

  19. Perhaps he was making a reference to Mister Terrific…lol…The original MIster Terrific’s costume wasn’t much better!