Great Moments in Comics History: Detective Comics #198

That’s the strange thing?

(Thanks to Jeff Reid for the submission!)


  1. So many Bat Kilt Action Figures sat on shelves and collected dust…

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The first appearance of Grant Morrison, Alfred’s Scottish cousin.  

  3. Bruce owns a Bat-everything. It must be nice to have dead, rich parents.

  4. Bruce is badass at the bat bagpipes. 

  5. Going commando under those kilts must make crime fighting a bit more difficult.

  6. Grant Morrison and Judd Winick are working so hard to get us to respect Dick in his role as the new Batman and then Conor comes along and destroys all their progress.

    @NJBaritone – You can clearly see Batman’s manly tights, so we know he isn’t going commando.  Let’s give the man a little credit. Can’t say the same for Robin and Other Guy.  Is Other Guy supposed to be Alfred or is it Sean Connery:


  7. Wow. Just when I thought Batman couldn’t be any hotter…

  8. …and apparently Batman can’t take Robin seriously???

  9. It boggles the mind to even try to picture the moment in time when someone thought of this and considered that it was a good idea…go ahead just try and picture it…

  10. Bat-Kilts! That just made my day.

  11. Batman’s obviously hoping for a nice breeze to cross the moat, hence the very wide leg stance he has adopted here.  It gets hot under those kilts.

  12. I want Geoff Johns to explain this in continuity.

  13. The comments on this picture are hilarious.

  14. Wait wait wait…..Batman has a castle in Scotland!? Not Bruce Wayne, this is Batman’s own personal castle.

    @OttoBott: Either him or Morrison needs to bring this back. I want this in the new B&R book.

  15. @TNC: I can see it now…"McPennyworth,these haggis sandwiches are bonnie–I could eat them by the tonne"

  16. lord have mercy.  I like how they just put the kilt over there existing outfit.

    @odare77: I tryed to picture it but its like trying to explain an orgy to a eunuch, its just not working out

  17. Sadly, Green Arrow was never able to rip off the Scottish "Bat Manor" as everyone outside of the continental United States peppered him with questions about the location of his Merry Men leaving Oliver to feel inadequate to yet another fictional character.

  18. Oh Batman.

  19. Well great, guess I’ll have to shelve my fan fic: "Kilt Capers of Gotham".  Has every good idea been taken?  Oh well, I’ll just go back to writing Superman and the Lederhosen Legion.

  20. I’d at least prefer if Robin kept the kilt…the bare legs and bikini he wore was so damn revealing, made me kind of sceevy just looking at him. Cover yourself up!

  21. Thank god such prominance was given to the word ballons, while the characters remain securely as background. Maybe they can act as clouds or morning fog they’re so big.

  22. Banshee actually lives next door to Batmanor and you never saw him in a kilt….

  23. @ Fugmo: I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a comment before. Thanks for that!

  24. Dick thinks he’s hit the jackpot when a billionaire rescues him from a life in the circus, then one day he’s tossed a kilt…

    Suddenly being raised by carnies doesn’t sound so bad.

  25. Speaking of Dick, does he get this castle? I wanna see a list of things Dick has now inherited for being the new Batman.

  26. wocka wocka wocka

  27. Apparently the Joker has the bagpipes… 



  28. @target242 – it makes sense now. They went to Scotland to get used to the bagpipes. The issue where they’re trying to get immunity to rap music is hilarious in a stereotypical way.