Great Moments in Comics History: Daredevil #120

Another one of Dick Whitman’s aliases was “Matt Murdock”.



  1. That’s right. Show that pinko harlot who wears the spandex in this house.

  2. Don Draper = DareDevil

  3. Sexual harassment lawsuit on SOOOOO many levels.

  4. @Dan Do superheroes have HR departments?


    i love how it’s barely legal. if anyone is going to know how legal something is, it’s going to be Murdock.

  5. Why would he care… he’s blind, unless he has been lying this whole time.

  6. And bake me a pie while you’re in there.

    I knew I didn’t like Matt Murdock. 

  7. "Are you dressed slutty now? Okay. I’ll take your word for it."

  8. i wouldnt wanna take a whiff of that billy club.

  9. So Matt has a jailbait fantasy?

  10. Another awkward look in comics history. Fantastic.

  11. more proof that women love d-bags; and one that’s blind, insanely fit and is a superhero/lawyer??? INSTANT PANTY DROP lol

     P.S.: is this issue one of those villianous mind control issue or alien body snatching things, or is this the real matt murdock???

  12. For you kids out there- A woman who does not like a good slap on the ass is usually not very much fun.

  13. The good ole days.

  14. Why can’t we have this Daredevil roam around?

  15. HAHA! That’ll teach her!

  16. No wonder that the writer of such incredible panel, Tony Isabella, defines himself on his site (tony’s online tips): "America’s most beloved comic-book writer & columnist"… right…

  17. @Camden: You speak the truth!

    @TheNextChampion Because Frank Miller killed him and no one’s bothered to dig up his corpse?

    I love how Matt Murdock being a depressed loser is boring, but Peter Parker being a depressed loser is "classic."

  18. @Diabhol; Those two things aren’t nearly the same. Different characters, different circumstances, different levelsof loser. I would never classify Peter Parker as depressed, either.

  19. What’s the big deal? Looks like another day at my office. I get spanked all the time by my bosses.

  20. I don’t think the Black Widow would fall asleep before jacuzzi time.  Just saying…

  21. She gets punched in the face by supervillains all day but a smack on the ass makes her go "OW."


    What’s the backstory on this?  Do we chalk this up to "It was a different time" or was there some sort of lead-in to this?

  22. Honestly, after years of running around with women in skin tight leather or spandex, at some point you’re going to lose your mind for a second or two and smack something. 

  23. And yet when Hank Pym gives his wife a little tap, the whole world’s up in arms…

  24. Barely legal, get it? Oh Matt Murdock, we never tire of your law humor.

  25. Daredevil may be blind, but he knows where to place his hands.

    Comic Book Lamness: Since Daredevils powers are based on sonic vibration to some extent, wouldn’t a butt slap have been to much for him? Being both noise and movement and he’s touching? I think two of his senses would have gone mad!

  26. Have plenty of quippy comments for this one which I shall reserve.

    Otherwise someone will, inevitably, claim to be offended (as per usual).

  27. see, there’s no chance a sexual harassment suit would work. we all know Matt’s the only lawyer in the Marvel Universe.

  28. I don’t think you can file a sexual harassment lawsuit against someone your sleeping with. 

  29. Basically she had just told him that she didn’t want to be his sidekick. So he changed the subject by inviting her to a New Years party.

  30. Ya see? There was a time when the ol’hornhead wasn’t all crippling catholic guilt and horrible decisions, there was a time when he was all about jail bait and ass slaps…

  31. and then people wonder why he’ll turn evil on Shadowland, HE’S BEEN EVIL ALL ALONG!!!!!!

  32. Where did that Daredevil go? I would totally buy a monthly about him.

  33. @OttoBott: Me too.

  34. Wait.  That’s NOT how you should treat your girlfriends? 

    I’ve been doing it wrong for all these years?

  35. @Conor: I would. Parker was totally depressed over losing his job.

    I love how the writer felt that lettering *slap* was necessary. I for one totally thought that yellow glow forshadowed cosmic powers. Way to dumb it down for the youngsters Marvel.

  36. @Mangaman: Depressed and sad/upset are too completely different things.

  37. A Russian spy getting her ass smacked happens every 17 minutes in a James Bond film.

  38. @conor: O_o…. call me crazy but I think placing them both in a general pool of "not ok" was appropriate categorization. If not, let us all change public opinion to correct that.

  39. I mean I would think that they are similar.