Great Moments in Comics History: Captain America and The Falcon #189


And then in the next panel it gets really awkward.

(Thanks to Elijah Webb for the submission!)


  1. It’s always awkward when you have to pee and see some couple getting it on in the bathroom.

  2. i love when characters are so weirded out that they call themselves by their full name in their head. comedy gold

  3. Tiberius?

  4. @Josh: I hope so.

  5. Titan.

  6. Falcon then proceedes to take out his electric guitar and do his rendition of "Foxy Lady" while circling Cap and that girl (who I think is Enchantress)

  7. When MY momma broke out the middle initial, I knew it was BAD NEWS. 

  8. @ Crippler

    The middle initial is bad but the full middle name is far worse. It’s like mammaggedon.

  9. @chlop – Awesome.  That is exactly what I thought when I saw Falcon.

    Where exactly is this taking place?  Is that a spotlight?  Are they on a stage?  Perhaps they are in Africa and that is a Mosquito net.

    According to wikipedia his nickname is Snap.  He should have said (in full Blaxploitation voice): "Aw, snap.  Cap done got him a Foxy Mama."

  10. This is the troubled days of Marvel. Where every comic had to be a porno just to get by. It wasnt their idea! They wanted to go to college and become communication majors. But with low money and wearing tight spandex….Well what would you have them do? 🙂

  11. Is she hiding a black hole in her giant hair?

  12. I love how the Falcon’s toes are pointed inward.  Poor bastard looks so awkward.  I hope Enchantress brought a friend…

  13. I must be doing something wrong…women never bend their legs back for me when I kiss them…..

  14. the T stands for Thomas

  15. @ron – Did you know that off the top of your head or did you have to look it up?  If you just knew it, then I am terrified.

  16. This could and should have been in Bru’s cap run.

  17. I think this one is my favorite!

  18. The next panel adds another thought baloon saying" I wonder what Bucky is doing".

  19. Falcon is just jealous of her, right?

  20. He must have out of his Falcon mind after seeing that!!!

  21. Next Pannel, *finger Cuffs*  Too much?  Yeah i guess…..

  22. having an auto focus party, huh

  23. @twooldridge-Too much for Cap and Falcon, but I wouldn’t put it past Enchantress. 

  24. That floor looks super slippery. I bet Enchantress had a hell of a time walking around with those smooth soles!

  25. The Falcon spots Captain America in the crowd and is worried about his true identity as one of the Isley Brothers being revealed. It planted the seeds for Civil War.

  26. Oh, man, I am dating myself, but I remember that we (my older brother and I) had this issue way back when.  I always remember that Sam and others would say "Oh spit!"  and "Oh snap!", in thinly disguised curses of the time.

  27. I think there might be a reason that Sam’s legs are crossing…and it’s not because he has to pee…

  28. *Goodbye Horses by Lazarus Q is played in the background*

  29. rofl thats so awesome

  30. Poor guy.  He looks like he just saw mommy kissing another man. 

  31. Get ’em Steve.

  32. Falcon:  "Cap STOP she’s evil, she will doom us all"

    Cap: " Quit yer c**k BLOCKIN, SAM"

  33. Lesson learned, a Wing Man is NOT always necessary for an enjoyable night!