Great Moments in Comics History: Captain America #45


One thing’s for damn sure, that chair is not from Ikea.


  1. It’s a cold, hard fact: Black Widow has the proportional weight of a spider.

  2. Also, whoever left their file folder on top of the shelf unit… they’re never going to find it.

  3. My level of showing off in a chair is standing leaned over n typing take that Spider!

  4. I want that chair!

  5. That is the most ergonomically incorrect typing position I have ever laid eyes on.

  6. That’s where Galactus spends his time, backing up information on all the people that hurt him. Just look at that giant folder. Also that floor needs washing.

  7. @Stuclach – agreed, Rish Management should be all over this

  8. I believe that chair will become the next body the Red Skull is downloaded into.

  9. @rjspring – You’d think Human Resources would at least get Ms. Widow a wrist rest.

  10. That just seems unnecessary.

    If it’s fancy Italian leather then why wouldnt she sit on it?

  11. @TNC – she can’t. Every time she sits in a swinging chair, she has to grab the armrests and act as if she’s firing a turret gun, while rolling all over the office squealing. It’s an OCD thing.

  12. She’s been perching on odd thing’s lately.  I want to know how she could sit on the wall like she was in Cap 600. 

  13. @ yamiangie – Spiders are sticky

    @ chlop – I thought it was a giant folder too, but look closer. 

  14. It’s a cost saving measure in her office.  1) Keep the lights low, and conserve on energy bills.  2) double up on chairs.

  15. @chlop: It’s only fun if you have a partner for that.

  16. This is just an example of Marvel’s technique to incorporate wire-fu into their comics.  They digitally removed the wires attached to Black Widow during post so you can’t tell.  It’s all very complicated.

  17. A little known fact: each of Natasha’s buttocks weigh 45 pounds. She uses her arse to balance off the rest of her making such feats possible. Bucky has unfortunately also had to replace his toilet seven times.

  18. I remember seeing this in the issue.  I was like…….ok? That is completley unnecessary.  Just sit in the damn chair.  Its on fucking wheels!  You dont even have to pick it up. 

  19. I don’t see what the big deal is. I do this all the time…

  20. I see a sailboat.

  21. She bought that chair at a yard sale, and it smells funny, and supporting a server farm leaves no budget for newspapers.

  22. That’s just not right.

  23. I think the only way you could have a more odd positioning for typing is if she was hanging upside down from the ceiling.

  24. That’s what happens when your parents are lazy and always want computer "assistence". You never turn on the lights and you try to avoid making the chair squeak. Are you on Faaacbook? You know there are pedophiles there. Hoooney, the computer won’t priiiint.

  25. Simply explained.  Leather body suit would stick to leather chair preventing possibly needed fast escape.  Also some stealth would be lost in the fart sound made in getting up from said stickage.  The No-Prize is mine!

  26. She’s trying to cover herself up. Tech support has been in her house, and due to recent events she’s cautious.

  27. FYI that’s how she goes poo as well.

  28. A schooner IS a sailboat stupid head!

  29. @cromulent – Black Widow uses the A.C. Slater approach to pooing?

  30. are there deleted panels of how she even got in that position? or got off the chair without breaking her neck? Are they saving that for the super special hardcover omnibus version?

  31. In Soviet Russia, Chair sit on you!

  32. (….)

    i got nothing

  33. What odd choices.
    The chair doesn´t even have shadows.

    Maybe it´s all a cover up 

  34. @Simon – it’s a Ferris Bueller thing, but she wanted to get all fancy and hi-techy and use a hologram. Now her parents will find out she bullies spider-man into doing her homework.

  35. look at the height of that monitor, it’s like it was designed to be used like that.

  36. fuck Canon.

  37. What the hell is that GIANT FOLDER on the floor? 

    This is a very strange panel. 

  38. That’s the file that’s on top of a shelf that was referred to earlier, but it does like like a giant folder on the floor. 

  39. That’s crazy.

  40. I wish my chair had such a strong locking mechanism.  It’s so old that if I lean just the slightest I’m staring at the ceiling.