Great Moments in Comics History: The Brave and the Bold #100

It may come as no surprise that Emo Batman is the worst selling of all the Batman action figures.


  1. Batman seems neither particularly brave nor bold in this panel.  False advertising?

  2. Really, Batman? The ONE time in your life you need your body, it craps out on you? Somehow, I think you’re exaggerating the situation slightly.

  3. Also, maybe it’s ok to leave the costume off as long as your confined to a wheelchair.

  4. Poor Alfred, i can just see Bruce before this panel, telling alfred that he needs to put on his bandages AND his suit AND then push him around in a wheel chair, around what i am presuming is Wayne Manor. do you think Bruce was on any good meds?

  5. I’m pretty sure Bruce Wayne action figures sell okay.

    That’s right. Soak it up.

  6. I wonder if he’ll get those special plates for the Batmobile.

  7. @weakleyroll thats ridiculous, bruce doesnt need alfred to push him…he has the bat-rascal.

  8. In the next panel, does Alfred roundhouse Bruce to the back of the head and then run up a set of stairs so he can’t catch up to him?

  9. Did nobody else think of the rock-guy from The Neverending Story?  "…these hands, they look so strong…"

  10. So this is the only time he’s needed these hands, these legs, every ounce and inch, every fiber of his being? What, he’s never had to open a jar of pickles before?

    Also, has he been watching a bat special on the Discovery Channel? How does he know a crippled bat doesn’t fly? Maybe the bat’s only a paraplegic. Sure, the landings would be tough, but flight should be more than OK.

  11. TAKE these BROKEN WINGS! And learn to fly again, learn to live so free!

  12. Do you think this is where Bane got the idea for his maniacal plot in Knightfall?

  13. Aren’t all Batman figures inherently Emo? Oh Batman… how silly, you apparently seem unparalyzed enough to raise your hands to your chest. 😉

  14. BARBARA GORDON: Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

  15. This wasn’t after Bane was it??  Could he be a bigger pussy??!!

  16. @marshak75: This was decades before Bane. 1972.

  17. You’d think he would’ve gotten used to getting severely injured at this point.

    Alfred: Well what did you expect fighting in a costume with super villains? Just a fucking tea party sir?

  18. Jim Aparo art, so its not all bad. But yeah I have this issue. Batman feels sorry for himself.

  19. I imagine the writer typing those words, leaning back in his chair with a satisfied smile, please at how profound he is.

  20. Is this real life? – Said Batman after he came sedated from the dentist.